Session Three: Castles In The Sky

   Unfortunately, in the darkness and confusion, no one had realized that Darius was a lost dimensional traveller – and was desperately in need of a little guidance. He wandered off on his own – and started looking for a castle to set up in. There was one in Central Park, but it was more of a mockup than an actual fortification.

   He eventually settled on a minature golf course, somehow reaching the conclusion that the people there were studying some form of warfare. Possibly it was just due to a lack of other explanations – but his offer to help build up the defenses, inquiries after who represented “the lord” in the area, and offers to buy the place – paying with the services of his Death Golems – caused some confusion. The police found the episode difficult to fathom as well, but eventually got hold of Ranko – who settled for helping Darius buy the place before going bowling.

   Meanwhile some of the dinosaur eggs had started to hatch, the Super Bum had discovered – thanks to his random mystical senses – that foolish people were dabbling with the pools of dark magic left over from the Darkstorm War in pursuit of their own minor obsessions, curiosities, or insanities (and dealt with some stray kids, a drug dealer, and a crazed old man along the way), and Morgarif – a minor summoner who considered Ranko a rival – had attempted to summon something that could handle Ranko, called at random into the void between the worlds, and had unleashed Tetzcatlipoca and Camazotz – old enemies of Ranko’s Husband, Huitzilopochtli.

   Of course, while Camazotz could use all the darkness magic about, Tetzcatlipoca needed a focus – and Ranko’s infant son would do perfectly. Then, once he had a body, he could unleash his power across all of New York City – changing every potential warrior into a Jaguar Knight. Once again, the rivers of blood would flow in sacrifice.

   Unsurprisingly, Ranko, the White Necromancer, Darius, and the Hauntsman came in pursuit. Fortunately for them, Morgarif fled as quickly as possible, calling on more controllable elemental spirits to cover his tracks, while Camazotz – god of Treachery and Paranoia – abandoned his erstwhile “ally” as soon as matters started to become difficult. Meanwhile, Ranko, despite her misgivings about attacking her infant son – even if his body was hosting, and transformed by, a quasi-deity – managed to restrain Tetzcatlipoca for long enough for Super Bum to (rather unexpectedly) batter him into momentary unconsciousness, allowing the Hauntsmans prepared exorcism to work. Overall, a fair amount of teamwork and not that much damage. A great improvement over the last outing.

   Unfortunately, the Darkmage – apparently under the influence of Tyrannon the Conquerer – had taken advantage of the portal Tetzcatlipoca had opened to return to Earth.


   4 XP all around.

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