World Tree: Noun Isomers

   For today, it’s some speculative World Tree Physics. Now, World Tree is an excellent game – but, like every game, it’s hard to say what’s going to happen when experimentive player-characters start trying to pry open the pandora’s box of unconsidered possibilities with their bare brains. Here is what they found in the box labeled “Higher Order Materials”.

   Now: we know that there are the basic materials of the twelve nouns, all relatively (very relatively in the case of Durador) easy to manipulate with magic.

   One of those materials – Herbador – also has a higher manifestation or isomer; the wood and sap of the World Tree itself. World tree wood and sap is highly (add 20-50 complexity) resistant to magic, is invulnerable to ordinary levels of force (although there are broken branches, indicating that it is not truly invulnerable), and is extremely difficult to ignite but tends to burn almost indefinitely once so ignited (there is little information available on whether or not such flames can be extinguished normally; the information on it burning indefinitely is from an author’s comment).

   Indirect arguments – as to durability, resistance to heat, and so on – can be made to support the idea that the glass which makes up the Sun is a similar higher-order Durador material, but the world tree book itself makes no direct statement on the subject that I can recall offhand.

   One can create a basic wooden object with a Complexity-10 spell. Making it permanent will require Sustenoc, and probably around +10 complexity.

   Permanently converting one type of wood into another is probably around complexity 20 as well.

   Ergo, making a basic object of World Tree Wood, or turning a wooden object into World Tree Wood, should be around complexity-40 to -70. Turning the tissues of a living plant into the equivalent of World Tree Wood might be even harder – after all, killing it would rather miss the point – so we could tack on another 5-10 points worth of complexity.

   Interesting, if generally not too practical.


   There are still eleven nouns to consider – Airador, Aquador, Corpador, Durador, Illusidor, Locador, Magiador, Mentador, Pyrador, Spiridor, and Tempador. Do they also have “Higher” states or isomers? If they don’t, why not? If they do, what are they like, and what effects does incorporating them into things have?

   For the purposes of the last game, it was assumed that such Isomers existed, and that World Tree Prime bodies contained at least modest amounts of elements other than Corpador, Magiador, and Mentador – most notably Airador, Aquador, Illusidor, and Pyrador – on the grounds that Primes had to breath, drink, and remain warm (in addition to eating) to continue functioning. Moreover, it was assumed that some of those other elements were closely linked to various attributes. Ergo, here is one version of the possible effects of the higher elemental isomers. Has anyone any other ideas?

  • Airador: Enhanced Airador is flowing, always in motion, and never vitiated. A few breaths of Enhanced Airador will obviate the need to breathe for weeks or months – or support a fire similarly. If trapped inside something, it will remain a constant whirlwind of activity, more closely related to lightning than to ordinary air. Infused into a body, Airador is related to Strength and Consciousness or Perception: everyone knows that suffocation will render you weak and increasingly unable to move, just as it will render you less and less aware of the outside world. A creature infused with Enhanced Airador will gain substantial bonuses to Strength and Perception. They also tend to occasionally emit sparks and to make an Orren in a wild rush look calm, still, and collected. Without the countermeasure of Enhanced Aquador, the energy in them is almost impossible to contain.
  • Aquador: Enhanced Aquador is quiet and lazy, almost impossible to boil, and capable of absorbing vast amounts of other material – dissolving salt , sugar, and dirt by the pound, absorbing fire, and even absorbing magic, allowing the creation of “potions” or storing cley. Still, everyone knows that it’s aquador that keeps flesh flexible (just try bending a piece of dried meat). Creatures infused with Enhanced Aquador gain bonuses to their Dexterity, and become virtually immune to poison, but suffer minor penalties to their Agility and tend to become slow, stolid, and must draw twice for initiative and keep the worst card unless they are also infused with Enhanced Airador.
  • Corpador: Enhanced Corpador is tough, virtually incorruptible, extraordinarily nourishing, and terribly slow to digest. If you somehow manage to eat a meals worth, you should be good to go for the next year or two – although, like burning World Tree Wood, digested Enhanced Corpador yields normal remains. Creatures actually made of Enhanced Corpador gain greatly increased Stamina, innate armor, roughly double their vitality, and become stiff and slow – suffering minor penalties to their Dexterity and Agility.
  • Durador: Enhanced Durador is generally more of the same – even tougher, stronger, and more resistant to magic than Durador is normally. In fact, it tends to cleave through normal materials like they’re barely there – it’s so resistant to magic that the normal “matter” of the tree offers little or no resistance to it. Of course, that means that it’s almost impossible to make or work with, and practically impossible to hold onto unless it’s held by other enhanced materials.
  • Illusidor: Enhanced Illusidor does not loose detail with distance. A sign put up using Enhanced Illusidor will be no easier to locate from a hundred miles away – but once you look at the spot, you will be able to make out the details clearly. A similar sound from miles away would be very faint – but if you heard it at all, you would hear it with perfect clarity. The effect may or may not extend to people’s memories of such things however. Creatures with Enhanced Illusidor aspects always make an impression, their words and demeanor are unforgettable, and they gain substantial bonuses to Charisma.
  • Locador: As a rule, Locador is found around creatures, but isn’t directly associated with them – unless they happen to be powerful enough to carry around their own pocket-realities. Enhanced Locador is of a higher dimensionality, and can thus overlap numerous areas of mere three-dimensional space at once. Thus Enhanced Locador can be used to travel from place to place without the bother (and risks) of mystical gates and can even be used to allow creatures and objects to manifest in more than one place at the same time. Of course, this also allows things to come to you, and for you to be assaulted from various locations at the same time. Not only is this very dangerous, but without Enhanced Magiador it becomes extremely confusing.
  • Magiador: In the external world, Magiador seems to blend smoothly into the Higher Isomers; more powerful spells become more and more enduring, more effective, improved in various aspects, and harder to disrupt. Still, items infused with Enhanced Magiador become far easier to enchant, and will often demonstrate magical properties and functions when simply prepared in the proper fashions, similar to Formula Enchantments. Others will actually accumulate reserves of cley on their own, similar to a Glory. Creatures which have been infused with Enhanced Magiador gain a moderate bonus on all their magical skills, immunity to cley overcharge problems, and a fair power bonus on every magical effect they create. They may or may not be able to transcend some of the normal limitations of magic: there is some speculation that it would allow the user to act as a patron for lesser mages, granting them a certain amount of power in turn. Unfortunately, they will find it near-impossible to graft boxed spells made with normal Magiador and are similarly immune to most lesser magical effects – no matter how helpful.
  • Mentador: Enhanced Mentador is – of course – associated with things that think, although it also appears in devices that operate under programs, in which case they will be able to develop their own responses to new situations. In association with spells and devices it provides extraordinary flexibility and a limited amount of volition. In association with places, it carries memories, records emotions, and stores information, all powerfully enough to overwhelm lesser minds who experience them. Living creatures infused with Enhanced Mentador gain substantial bonuses to Memory and Wits. In addition, their thoughts are durable enough to survive unattended: they leave psychic impressions on objects, their drifting thoughts may inspire ideas and dreams in others, and their minds will survive after death, drifting around as programmed specters which exist to pass on their information.
  • Pyrador: Enhanced Pyrador will consume normal elements with terrible speed, easily ignite World Tree Wood and burn other enhanced elements normally, and is almost impossible to extinguish through normal means. Now, everyone knows that people who are chilled become stiff and clumsy, thinking and reacting slowly. Creatures infused with Enhanced Pyrador gain substantial bonuses to Agility, and become resistant to extremes of temperature, but also tend to need enormous amounts of food.
  • Spiridor: While creatures infused with Enhanced Spiridor gain substantial bonuses to Faith and Will, the most impressive effect is that their spirits do not need to be anchored in a body of some other element. If you kill their material body, they may continue to hold their nonphysical aspects together as free spirits – thinking, recalling old memories, casting spells, wandering about, and otherwise making a nuisance of themselves. Unfortunately, without Enhanced Mentador to provide discipline, the emotions of creatures with Enhanced Spiridor tend to run amuck.
  • Tempador: Enhanced Tempador broadens the normally one-dimensional stream of time. Things that exist in this state experience multiple realities, and the results of those realities, simultaneously, and may decide which ones to make real. They have the privilege of existing in many ways outside of normal time – able to survive or evade most attacks by simply selecting a reality in which no injury resulted, able to act with incredible speed by simply choosing those lines of time in which they act when desired, and so on. Certain powerful divine artifacts – those indestructible things at the center of incredible strings of coincidences which seem to manipulate the fates of all who come in contact with them and appear and vanish seemingly of their own wills – exist in this state. Living creatures which attempt to exist in this state invariably either reflexively select a state in which they never made such an attempt or go utterly mad if they aren’t also infused with Enhanced Mentador and Enhanced Spiridor at the time. Even then, it will usually require eons by normal reckoning before they can effectively pull together the facets of their new minds to act effectively in this state.

   Unfortunately, effective experimentation with the higher isomers requires extraordinary magical skills and powers – to the point where – if you can play with this sort of thing – you’ll find that your vast powers just became slightly more vast. Ah well.

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