Kevin in Inversion – The Voice of Gaia

   Here we have another one of Kevin’s Identities in the Federation-Apocalypse game – in this case, one less of his design and more what the world he is visiting demands of him.

   It is the nature of gods to be foci for belief and the massed energies of men, to change their aspects over time, and to be different things to different people in different times and places.

   Kevin, with his dimensional adaptability and his darkness-derived tendency to answer when called upon, is even more prone to channeling local forces than most deities are.

   In Inversion – a dying world in ecological collapse, a realm of billions of souls who know in their hearts that things are not as they should be, ruled by the oppressive power of a demonic entity claiming the name of “God”, and tormented by his servants, he is a voice crying out from the desolate wilderness.

   The Voice of Gaia is a level seven Identity worth 56 CP. Thanks to his Dimensional Adaptability, this only counts as a level one identity for Kevin. It provides:

  • Unity (6 CP): At least locally, Kevin can use his magical techniques as psychic powers and vice-versa.
  • Enhanced Channeling:
    • Glorious Touch/Empower, Specialized for Double Effect/Weapons Only (6 CP).
    • Divine Wrath/Smite, Wrath (Specialized, only as a prerequisite), Cleansing (Specialized and Corrupted for triple effect, only for casting out infernal and controlling energies), and Final Death (21 CP).
  • Enhanced Mystic Artist Abilities:
    • Artistic Mastery/Acclaim, Song of Power, and Touch the Soul, Corrupted/Requires Mass Media (12 CP).
  • Immunity/Being seen as being out-of-place (Very Common, Minor, Minor, 8 CP). This will let him pass most checks, casually step into social roles, and so on, unless level 4+ checks are in place – and even then, it provides a +4 bonus on attempts to get around such security. As an avatar of the world, he fits into it everywhere.
  • Knowledge/History of Inversion (+1 SP).

2 Responses

  1. Soo… Inversion is real-life?

    • Well, I’d hope not.

      In terms of the Manifold setting… Inversion was a science fiction setting published in the twenty-second century, and was a major cultural phenomena at the time. The as a manifold realm it is especially vital, and hosts many souls descended from enthusiastic fans who reincarnated there. There’s more detail on it as a setting over here:

      And someone most unpleasant was messing with the place, thus requiring the player characters to undertake helping out a bit.

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