IronWind Campaign Sheet

   The Ironwind Campaign is a d20 Future Point-Buy setting, designed for a campaign based around military mecha pilots. It’s mostly anime-inspired, drawing on the various Gundam and Robotech series, among others. It’s designed for use with Eclipse: The Codex Persona and The Practical Enchanter (also available in Shareware editions, HERE and HERE).


Ironwind Campaign Restrictions:

Earth Federation. 2699 AD.


   Military Package Deal: All characters are on active military service as Mecha pilots working for the Earth Federation and will be expected to have appropriate skills and abilities. Noncombatants are not acceptable. They will be using issued Mecha (although they may apply the customization rules) and get the Mecha Piloting, Mecha Weapons, and a bonus Military Feat for free. Point-based characters must adhere to the limitations of the general adventurer framework but may take Duties for +2 CP/Level. Class-based characters get an extra bonus feat at levels 3, 6, 9, and so on, instead. Everyone gets a personal kit (as per the Kits sheets), kits for any skills they happen to have at 10+, and a kit of their choice. They are also issued military smartclothes, a weapons pack, a survival pack, and another kit of choice (as long as it has something to do with a military job). The characters may add some additional minor items, but are presumed to be on military salaries unless they’ve arranged for some outside income somehow.

   General Notes: All magical, psychic, and other supernatural abilities are limited to L0 and L1 effects, at least for most campaign areas – although their ranges, and sometimes their areas of effect, are considerably increased. Races other than “human”, templates, and template abilities are not available.

   Modified Abilities: Block (limited to major – 30 point- resistance, no catch or deflections options), Expertise (mecha pilots may trade -1 on BAB for +1d6 damage with mecha weapons up to the usual -5/+5d6 maximum), and Fortune (minimum of one-quarter effect).

   Restricted Abilities: Action Hero (heroism option only), Adept (once per character only), Augment Attack (being in a mecha, or attacking one, does not count as a specific situation), Augmented Bonus (maximum of once per character), Blessing (must be specialized and requires special permission), Celerity (may add +10 to ground movement, may not add other movement modes), Damage Reduction (maximum of DR 5), Deep Sleep (no cosmic awareness, true prophet, or stasis), Doubled Damage (must be extremely specific, GM permission required), Dweomer (L1 limitation applies), Enhanced Strike (no hammer option or returning option on hurling available), Equipage (basic effect only, must be corrupted: won’t work if you’ve been searched/imprisoned/etc), Favored Enemy/Foe (requires GM permission, must be limited to a small subgroup of the campaign foes), Inherent Spell (L1 limitation applies), Imbuement (only works on personal weapons, not on Mecha and Mecha weapons), Immunity (generally available against ordinary drugs, toxins, and diseases, not available against defenses, range penalties, damage, or aspects of reality, requires specific GM approval), Innate Enchantment (maximum of 12 CP worth, maximum of L1 effects), Mana (the only available natural magic is resilience), Martial Arts (both the skill and feat based versions do not work while you’re in a mecha. Martial Art skills, including the master and occult techniques, do work in personal combat however), Mindspeech (no outreach, spell transfer, spell sharing, spirit speech, or skill sharing), Mystic Artist (performance arts only, no blatantly supernatural effects, such as freedom, greater summoning, puppet master, block, rule the horde, carrier, and dance of the trees. No great projection, seeking, or whispers basic modifiers and most advanced abilities are not available), Mystic Link (basic effect only), Occult Sense (requires GM approval, intuitive psychic senses are fine, actual new senses generally aren’t), Opportunist (requires GM approval), Presence (no superior version), Reflex Training (circumstances require GM approval, the 3/day version is fine), Rider (no might, advanced psychic bond, sensory link, or sharing), Ritual Magic (subject to the L1 limit, at least within the solar system, and so relatively useless), Rune Magic (subject to the L1 limit), Skill Focus (no stunts or epic stunts), Stoic (no juggernaut), Thaumaturgy (subject to L1 limit), Trick (requires special GM permission. Tricks in general do not work on Mecha, although there may be a few special mecha-only tricks which do), and Witchcraft (pacts require GM approval, there aren’t any spirits around, and advanced abilities are subject to review).

   Banned Abilities: Anime Master, Berserker, Blood Curse, Body Fuel, Bonus Attack, Chain of Ki, Channeling, Cloaking, Companion, Countermagic, Costly, Create Artifact, Create Item, Create Relic, Device Use (there aren’t any), Domain/Path, Dominion, Eldritch, Empowerment, Far Shot, Grant of Aid, Healing Touch, Hexcrafting, Hysteria, Invocation, Innate Magic, Karma, Leadership, Maneuver, Metamagic, Occult Combat, Occult Skill, Path of the Dragon, Power Words, Rapid Strike, Returning, Sanctum, Schooling, Shadowmaster, Shapeshift, Shaping, Siddhisyoga, Smite, Specialist, Spell Conversion, Spell/Power Resistance, Spell Shorthand, Spell Storing, Spirit Weapon, Test of Wills, Theurgy (both the Feat and the magical technique), Timeless Body, Traceless, Triggering, and Unity (not needed).

   The Issue Mecha: These are PL6, Huge (Str +16, Hide -8), 200 Hits, Hardness 10, AC +4 (40′ move, -2 Armor Check penalty), and have 7 external hardpoints and 11 equipment slots. They normally come with an external Beam Sabre and Flight System/Jetpack, internal Sensors (select your own functions), Shield (+6 AC), and Targeting (+3 To Hit) systems, leaving 5 external and 8 internal slots available for other equipment and weaponry. While these can be selected freely, multiple weapons and extra ammunition are strongly recommended.


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