White Wolf

This page and its subpages host the material for the various White Wolf games – Vampire, Werewolf, Changeling, Wraith, Mage, Mummy, Aberrant, Exalted, Trinity, Scion, and all the others. Sadly, while there’s plenty of material in my files, it’s only going to be posted here as I get around to it.

Current Listings include:

World of Darkness:

  • Timeline. A unified timeline for Vampire, Werewolf, Wraith, Changeling, Mage, Mummy, Gypsy, and a selection of the other World of Darkness supplements.
  • Point Buy Rules. A condensed universal system (in PDF form) for all the Storyteller System and World of Darkness character types, including Heroic Humans, Occultists, Thaumaturgists, Aeon Trinity Psychics, Gypsies, Cyborgs, Demon-Hunters, Holy Men, Martial Artists, Werewolves, Gurahl, Bastet, Mokole, Vampires, Mages, Mummies, Fey, Changelings, Revenants, Immortals, Superheroes (Novas and Aberrents), Hengeyokai, Kuei-Jin, Mythic Creatures, Demons, Angels, Exalted, Scions, Shih, Highlanders, Fomori, and so on. You’ll still need the setting books of course.
  • Psychic Powers. This covers all forms of “fast” numina, including Totem Magic, Nymic Magic, and several other forms. At least in our games, Hedge Magic referred exclusively to ritual forms.
  • The Force be with Garou. How to make Garou who think they’re Jedi Knights, “Highlander”-style “Immortals”, and so on.
  • A list of Merits, both Generic and Specific, broken out from the general Point-Buy rules.
  • Mild Insanities for Slightly-Cracked (yet playable) characters.
  • Richard Mc’Andrew, Vampire – and his Acquaintances, Ether Flyer, assorted Equipment Packages (including the justly-valued Vampire Survival Pack), a new Discipline, assorted items of Special Gear, and a brief history.
  • McAndrew’s Notebooks I: Garou Genetics, Curing Metis, and Regenerative Mechanisms.
  • Egyptian-Themed Rites for Garou and Thaumaturges.
  • Sunheart – and unusual Locus and some related rites.
  • Gifts from Astral Spirits – again, with an Egyptian theme.
  • Bruce Damien “I Am Not the Prince of Darkness!” De La Vega: A spiritualist-detective.




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  1. I can’t download the World of Darkness Point Buy Rules. Is there an alternative? Thanks.

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