Exalted – The Sakoda Springs (Water Manse *)

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Well, it's out of the wind...

Given that Charles Dexter Ward has claimed a number of minor manses, they now get full writeups – even if some of them are low-grade enough to be fairly simple.

This small manse consists of little more than a series of twisted pillars covered in moss and tiny, trickling, streams of water and shallow, mossy, caverns surrounding a modest – if cheerfully roiling – pond with a bottom and borders of fine white sand. A few of the caverns are larger, and have been carved out into small complexes of rooms which can serve as habitations, storerooms, and readily defensible shelters at need – but the manse is not a very convenient place to live in.

It is surprisingly serene, however; since the manse keeps away most minor pests. That doesn’t make it comfortable, but it could certainly be worse.

The pool was once used to wash away poisons from people and foodstuffs that were bathed in its waters – but with the decline in the areas population and the wyld energies which once tainted it, that function lost its importance. With the pool no longer needed, it’s careful geomancy soon went unmaintained – and was allowed to decay. It’s minor Hearthstone just wasn’t enough to draw the attention of the few remaining essence-wielders to it’s remote location in the chaos of the reshaping.

Fortunately, the Sakoda Springs Manse stabilized itself without exploding.

The Sakoda Springs has Maintenance *** since it’s smaller pillars require regular adjustments to their patterns of moss and water flow to accommodate the endless shifts in the underground water flows that feed the spring (+3 MCP) and has Habitability * since it’s cavern chambers offer – at best – water and a few skylights/holes for smoke with crude wooden doors (+1 MCP) – for a grand total of six manse creation points to work with. Those pay for:

  • Magical Conveniences (1): The waters of the pool cleanse and purify anything placed within them. They’re always fresh, clean, clear, and good to drink. If something toxic or disease-carrying is washed in the pool, the number of successes required to resist its effects is reduced by one. If someone who’s afflicted by a disease or toxin bathes in the pool, the number of successes they’ll need to resist it’s effects or recover is similarly reduced by one.
  • Magical Conveniences (1): Minor vermin and animal annoyances, such as dangerous (but more or less ordinary) snakes, annoying (or disease-carrying) insects, wolves, and similar creatures, are repelled from the area, and will never bother anyone who stays at or near the manse.
  • Mutagenic (1): Any normal creature who bathes regularly in the pool will gradually (over many years) develop the ability to heal as an Exalt and an extended lifespan – although that ability will fade once more if they depart the area and is never hereditary. Thanks to this function, the Sakoda springs entered later legends as a “Fountain of Youth”.
  • Guardian (3): The Springs are the home of a powerful Water Elemental – a creature powerful enough to match a second circle demon. The Manse (as usual for manses with such abilities) will re-manifest this guardian if it’s destroyed – given time. Unfortunately, the guardian simply wasn’t shown how to keep up with the delicate adjustments that the manse maintenance requires. It could probably manage it pretty readily if a skilled thaumaturgist ever took out a few weeks to show it how.

The Hearthstone of the Springs is a Stone of Radiant Purity-1.


3 Responses

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  2. […] Sakoda Springs (Water-1):  A minor manse now known as the Fountain of Youth. […]

  3. […] Sakoda Springs (Water-1):  A minor manse now known as the Fountain of Youth. […]

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