Legend of the Five Rings Player Handouts

   Someone has opted to anonymously complain to Box.Net that the “Compiled Campaign Handouts pdf” violates an unidentified copyright. Since whoever it is hasn’t tried to use the contact information in the file, and since everything in it is either original material, simply a list – usually consisting of phrases such as “The Common Major Schools: Crab: Martial: brute force and incredible durability. Shuganja: Driven exorcists. Courtier: Manipulative merchantalists…” with considerably fewer details than are found in reviews or the online wiki, or has been entirely rewritten, and the artwork is all public domain (unless whoever-it-is is complaining about the map – which has been freely posted as a play aid, and so seems unlikely to be the offending article) – I’m not sure what whoever-it-is feels is in violation. While I try to get that straightened out – or at least determined so that I can repost the compiled version sans whatever whoever-it-is is upset about – I’ve set the links to redirect to here and will be posting and crosslinking the entirely original sections of the handouts. If there is a problem with something, hopefully someone will comment and let me know what it is so that it can be fixed.


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