Eric Moore: Contacts

   Here we have some contacts and other important characters for Mr. Eric Moore, the engineer / Human Resources Representative / cybernetic killing machine.

Makio Yen, Mitsuhama “Special Recruiter”

  • A loyal and dedicated corporate climber, Makio-san found a niche in hiring special agents – shadowrunners – for whatever job Mitsuhama finds itself in need of. Although he’s not a monster, Makio isn’t particularly warm or friendly. He doesn’t really insist on much professionalism either. As long as it can’t be traced back to Mistuhama and is on someone else’s turf, he doesn’t care how the job gets done or what you look like doing it. If it’s on Mitsuhama turf, he’ll work closely with security on a plan and insist on close adherence to it. The bright side is that he offers better terms than most Mr. Johnsons, often offering superior support services. After all, it would be a dishonor to Mitsuhama not to pay appropriate combat bonuses and expenses to anyone it hires.
  • Although a thin, tall Japanese man in his late 40’s, Makio’s street appearance varies widely, from young caucasian women in trashy clothes to ugly black dwarves in business attire. He anonymously contacts body-rental services through the Matrix (with a masked deck), pays in certified cred from anonymous accounts, meets with his clients, then takes the body to a sleazy motel, where the owner wakes up, assuming the he or she was rented for a clandestine tryst. His discretion, or perhaps paranoia, stems from an early meet which went bad quickly. Given that this makes it impossible to build up any serious street connections of his own, he normally offers work through various fixers, who set up the meets and provide appropriate recognition codes.
  • Makio-san may have worked with the Yakuza himself at some point, and certainly has hired many Yakuza thugs for past missions. He usually deals with more professional shadowrunnners these days. He currently works in the large Mistuhama-Downtown complex. Eric knows Makio primarily because he had to ask for a few favors with regards to getting the Yaks off his back on several jobs. In return, Eric looked the other way when some job site materials (expensive power tools and a vehicle or two) went missing in order to repay some of Makio’s “special employees” with no official trail.
  • Physical: Male / Human / Oriental (Japanese) / 47 years old. / Black hair / Brown eyes
  • Identification: Bullet scars on left thigh

Jim Dougan, Mistuhama-Downtown Motorpool Chief

  • A friend of Eric’s, Dougan often came down to drink at a bar just down the block from one end of the complex. Jim isn’t a complicated man: he likes his beer cold and his scotch on the rocks, burgers and pizza all around. Something of a lout in public, he takes no small pleasure in loudly shouting down and cussing out those who borrow vehicles and damage them – at least as long as they’re company underlings.
  • While mostly uneducated, he does know his staff and his stuff. Dougan remains quite skilled at working on ground vehicles. However, he’s become sufficiently tired of manual labor over the years that he didn’t make any fuss when they promoted him to Motorpool Chief. He keeps his “boys” in line, and doesn’t much care what they do as long as the vehicles get fixed on time, a policy which doesn’t sit well with some of the upper management types. Fortunately, they almost never spend much time with the mechanics.
  • Although Dougan doesn’t have a lot of power, he can certainly lend vehicles, and even drivers or pilots, to people who need them. Given that Mitsuhama has a number of vehicle companies, he has a large variety of stock and might be able to order someone a vehicle at discounted company rates.
  • Physical: Male / Human / White Caucasian / 42 years old. / Brown hair (greying) / Blue eyes
  • Identification: No special attributes

Ellis Harlanson, Custom Gun Crafter

  • Ellis works near the Mitsuhama complex, making custom machined parts, particularly firearms. When Eric met Ellis, the latter was a machinist working quietly in a Mitsuhama factory. Eric, along with Jim Dougan and many other low-to-mid-ranking employees came to know Ellis at the local bar, which didn’t discriminate too much based on age.
  • Somehow or another, someone came up with the idea of sending Ellis to college. Due favors were pledge and deals made and palms greased, and Ellis got access to Mitsuhama’s online university program. Ellis studied some engineering, then left the school program and went into business advertising custom mechanical solutions, cheap rates, and local service.
  • He promptly got few small jobs for custom gunwork. The legality was definitely grey-market, but that didn’t matter much. He doesn’t deal in anything heavily nasty and won’t buy or resell illegal merchandise, but he’ll customize that pistol or put together precision machined parts with no questions asked. If they just happen to be easily assembled into a fully-automatic firearm, it’s no business of his.
  • Ellis is never happier than when developing a new item, and Eric stops by frequently to chat about new designs and weird ideas. It doesn’t matter much if they work – Eric has fifty failures for every one that works – it’s the fun of putting it together.
  • Physical: Male / Orc / White Caucasian + Oriental (Chinese) / 26 years old. / Black hair / Green eyes
  • Identification: No special attributes

Nicole “Nicky” Rourke

  • Nicky Rourke is the new breed of Mafioso, a hard-edged woman who negotiates brutally. As with the traditional mob, Nicky uses veiled threats to push her agenda, usually some very reasonable payments in exchange for your construction site not suffering a mysterious fire. In addition, she pushes the employment of Mafia-controlled businesses.
  • Nicky takes her job very seriously, and considers herself a Mafioso first and everything second. The Family is literally her family, because she grew up surrounded by Mafia members. With the changing face of the mob, she did not find it difficult to join and even attain a moderate rank.
  • Her negotiations with Eric Moore were unusually tense, because Mitsuhama has definite Yakuza connections. Tweaking them was tantamount to push the Yakuza slightly, too. However, the corporation was more interested in getting the jobs done and after some back and forth threats, things quieted down. Nobody really wanted a street war raging. Eric later had minor similar dealings with the Nicky in several other projects, which were happily less dangerous.
  • Physical: Female / Human / White Caucasian (Irish) / 31 years old / Red hair / Green eyes
  • Identification: Nicky appears twitchy and may have some kind of reflex enhancement

Dr. Mark F. Caine, Biosurgeon

  • Marcus Caine is an old hand at the relatively young art of advanced bioscience. Although he has a medical degree, his education goes far beyond that. He prototyped some cyberware, but jumped onto the bioware bandwagon as it was getting started. He currently works for Yamatetsu, but has previously contracted with half a dozen major corporations. His services were not always acquired without kidnaping, and he remains a little leery of the shadowrunners who so love his products.
  • Dr. Caine was instrumental in implanting Eric’s brain into the shell, but he didn’t design the body. Instead, he created a new biofabric sheath for the brain to keep it safe, warm, and healthy. Afterward, during Eric’s physical therapy sessions, the two played chess. Dr. Cain promised he could grow Eric a new body when the time comes, and Eric definitely intends to take advantage of the offer. Eric also wants to use Dr. Cain’s services to devise a better combination of all-natural bioware implants.
  • Despite the odd nature of his work, Mark Caine is a fairly genial man, and doesn’t worry too much about personal conflicts. Few of his staffers and coworkers are so relaxed in the compete-or-die corporate world of 2050.
  • Physical: Male / Dwarf / White Caucasian (Swiss) / 52 years old / Brown/Graying hair / Brown eyes
  • Identification: Thick German accent; Is followed by a light, musky personal scent (from personal bioware)

Rival: Hiroshi Akihito

  • Hiroshi Akihito is a persistent thorn in Eric’s side, although its not exactly just Eric he’s messed with. Hiroshi-san apparently despises non-Japanese and non-humans and women, and Eric is at least one and a half of those. It’s not entirely clear why or how Hiroshi became so angry about it, but the man seems to consider the idea of anyone different from himself somehow intrinsically inferior, or even unclean. The man has a chip on his shoulder the size of a watermelon, and never passes up an opportunity to screw with non-Japanese employees. Despite this, Hiroshi Akihito gets results, probably because of his slave-driving employment practices over “inferior races”, and he’s favored by the home offices in Japan which don’t experience his wrath.
  • He also happens to be Eric’s direct superior, although not the only one with an interest in his work. Hiroshi definitely dislikes Eric, even more now because he has to watch and keep track of Eric’s goings-on, including the various regulatory headaches. He loves to dock people’s pay whenever possible and insists that employees are completely replaceable as needed. Since he can’t get away with that in Eric’s case, he has so far stuck to trying to mess with the man’s image to superiors.
  • Physical: Male / Human / Oriental (Japanese) / 47 years old. / Black hair / Grey eyes
  • Identification: Light Japanese accent; Heavy acne scars on left cheek

Hiroshi Hayate, Slacker

  • Hiroshi Hayate dislikes his father more than his father’s employees, which says a lot. Hayate is basically American (or whatever) in outlook and hates corporate life with a passion. Although he has a low-level office job, he takes off as much as possible. Hiroshi Akihito covers for him (probably out of a sense of family obligation), but the two share a mutual animosity not often seen in human beings (rabid wolverines, yes) Hayate mostly hangs out with a group of thrill gangers called the MudCatTeam (a pack of Mitsuhama brats), although they don’t get into any real fights. Although Hayate is intelligent, even something of a leader, he seems to disdain that kind of role, perhaps because of his father’s bad role-modeling.
  • Physical: Male / Human / Oriental (Japanese) / 17 years old. / Black hair / Gold eyes (Cybereyes)
  • Identification: Gold cybereyes; MCT tattoo on the back of his left hand

Ex-Wife: Christine Tsiunektl

  • Christine married Eric while he was working on a large project in Tsimshian. The two were young, not very wise in the ways of the world. He was lonely on a long project in a racist land run by a tyrannous government, while she wanted to leave a poor and corrupt homeland where she had no future. The two never really clicked, but they both needed something. So they got married.
  • It never really worked out. Neither was quite mature enough to get married, and neither had family to help guide them through the transition to married life. As time went by, things sort of faded quietly. Christine left, and started working on her own. Ironically, the two are probably friendlier than ever.
  • Christine has no particularly great or useful abilities, but she has a good heart. Christine works close to the MCT compound and still has many friends there. Among other pastimes, she enjoys knitting and quilting, and frequently gives her work to friends. She is at least nominally religious. Her taste in books is horrible, and the mark of a good book is that she hates it; this would not be a problem except that she expects others to share her taste in god-awful novels.
  • Physical: Female / Human / White Caucasian + “Kwakiutl” (supposedly) / 26 years old / Black hair / Blue eyes
  • Identification: Bowl cut black hair and thick retro-style glasses

   I did have to remove some references to unions in these contacts. In Shadowrun, Unions have pretty much gone the way of the dodo. Between massive unemployment and the ability to provide basic skills cheaply, “we’ll all quit at once!” is no longer much of a threat.

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