Your New Villains

   I’ve put up a page in the Encyclopedia section under Villain Groups for your new groups of spectral opponents – the Whermacht – and may be putting up a few more items today depending on the time available.


If anyone is interested, I’ve taken up the request for a campaign log.

The Hauntsman’s, er, version of events, starts here:

Player Logs and White Wolf

   The Hauntsman’s Player Log has gone live: the link is over on the blogroll on the right. That’s a bonus XP for the Hauntsman. That’s also going to be retroactive: Unlike posting some comments or requests as to what extra information you want, what you’d like me to put up next, plot suggestions and requests, or anything similar, putting up a worthwhile campaign log or other session-specific information is worth a bonus XP for that session. Currently, of course, that’s up to six for information from prior sessions and one for feedback on the latest one. Secondarily, I’ve put up the White Wolf page, and started it off with the advanced thaumaturgy rules for Exalted (the unannotated version is available in the download box). Next probably the Artifact Creation system.