Champions – Theodore, Ward of the Mandate

Theodore was an ordinary seven year old boy before his apartment building collapsed during the Twilight War. He and his two older sisters were pinned in the wreckage and slowly dying of internal injuries when Vasilko – a young russian master werewolf linked to Ranko of the Mandate – tried to save them. For good or ill however, while Vasilko readily got them free of the rubble, the only “medical care” he had available was to change Theodore and his sisters into subordinate werewolves – and let werewolf regeneration save their lives.

Theodore and his Sisters opted to live, and went with that, becoming subordinate werewolves in Vasilko’s pack.

Over the next few years Theodore and the rest of the pack stayed with the Mandate – and, like most of the rest of the children in their care were exposed to forces, experiences, training, and dangers, that normal children never have to deal with. Along the way he, received the blessings of a major power of the hundred realms or “mesoamerican god” and access to remarkable technologies. By now, at close to thirteen, he’s achieved a good part of his adult (100 points plus werewolf power package) abilities – although they’re a lot more esoteric than the usual werewolf’s. Like most adolescent werewolves he looks a few years older than he really is due to his shapeshifting – but he can be expected to look young-adult for quite some time as were longevity slows his aging process to about half normal after puberty.

Despite the extra personal power being a werewolf gives him, and the extensive magical training offered by the Mandate,Theodore has never mastered much beyond “Phone Magic” (a very minor, if handy, field), a bit of crafting, and the use of magical staves. He has channeled some of that extra power into an esoteric form of “martial arts” however; he’s not much for combat – but he’s hung around with the Mandate for years now, and he’s well aware that it happens and that it’s best to be prepared. Finally, while the pack has plenty of money available, he’s recently started making his own writing phone apps.


Theodore, Lesser Werewolf, Phonemage and Staff Master


Value Characteristic Points
14/30 STR 4
15/17 DEX 15
18/26 CON 16
8/16 BODY -4
8/14 INT -2
8/11 EGO -4
9/15 PRE -1
18/30 COM 4
6/9 PD 0
5/8 ED 0
3/4 SPD 5
11/14 REC 0
20/32 END -13
40/46 STUN 0
Total 20


Points Powers END
2 Elemental Control; Lesser Werewolf Powers (50 Points) (5-pt reserve); Lesser werewolves have many of the same abilities as Master – born – werewolves, but are generally weaker and are subordinate to master werewolves. Common limitations used to pay for the new abilities are shown below, select a total of 50 points worth including the required limitations.
Their powers are mystically conspicious and show classical werewolf indicators in human form (-.25), are Always On (-.5), are restricted to Werewolf Powers only (-.5), and are reduced by roughly 50% in human form (-.25)
a-4 Armor (7 PD/4 ED)
b-6 Regeneration (1 BODY/5 min.); Regenerate: From Death, +20; Activation: 11-, -1; Unless slain by silver of course.
c-2 Supernatural Senses
(2) Enhanced Perception (all) (+2 to PER)
(2) Ultraviolet Vision
d-4 Enhanced Scent
(4) Tracking Scent
(2) Discriminatory Sense (Smell)
e-3 Shape Shift; Wolf/Wolfman/Human (Single Form); Reduced END: Zero, +½; Side Effects; Animalistic Instincts.: 30/Half, -½ 0
f-3 Running (+4″, 15″, NC: 30″); Non-Combat Multiplier: ×2, +0; Non-Combat (MPH): 12; Reduced END: Zero, +½ 0
g-3 Damage Reduction (Physical, 25% Resistant); Not vrs Silver, Magic: -1
h-3 Damage Reduction (Energy, 25% Resistant); Not vrs fire or mystical attacks: -1
i-7 1d6 Killing Attack (HTH) (Total 2d6); Range: 0; Reduced END: Zero, +½ 0
j-2 Power Defense (10 pts); Automatically protects against any attempt to remove werewolf disadvantages or abilities: -½
k-3 +10 STR; Reduced END: Half, +¼ 1
l-2 +1 SPD
m-2 +5 CON
n-2 +5 BODY
o-2 Survival 14-
15 Martial Arts Multipower (30-pt reserve); Generic Limitation (Martial Arts Powers Only): -½; Linked (To Werewolf Powers): -½
m-2 +20 STR; Doesn’t Affect Figured: -½; Reduced END: Zero, +½; Generic Limitation (Only for combat purposes; cannot life massive weights, rip apart entangles, etc.): -½. 0
m-3 Hand-to-Hand Attack Nerve Strike (4d6, Total 7d6); Range: 0; No Normal Defense: +1; Reduced END: Zero, +½. 0
m-2 Hand-to-Hand Attack / Martial Strike (6d6, Total 12d6); Range: 0; Reduced END: Zero, +½. 0
u-1 1d6+1 Killing Attack (HTH) / Iron Hand Strike (Total 2½d6); Range: 0; Reduced END: Zero, +½. 0
m-2 +10 DEX / Practiced Kata; Doesn’t Affect Figured: -½.
u-1 Running / Light Foot (+5″, 15″, NC: 30″); Non-Combat Multiplier: ×2, +0; Non-Combat (MPH): 15; Reduced END: Zero, +½. 0
u-1 Superleap / Light Foot (+10″, 16″, NC: 32″); Non-Combat Multiplier: ×2, +0; Non-Combat (MPH): 30; Reduced END: Zero, +½. 0
u-1 Enhanced Perception (all) (+10 to PER).
6 2d6 60-Point Available Equipment Allowance Aid (Fade/week, Max. 60); Range: 0; Affects: Single Power of Special Effect, +¼; Extra Time: 1 hour, -2½; Only activates in armories, labs, or between outings: -1½; Personal Only: -1; Difficult to Dispel: ×2, +¼; Increased END: ×10, -4; Only to GM-specified items: -2; Actual point total of equipment available limited by GM decision.: -2; Must actually locate gear, availability is not automatic.: -2; This allows a character to haul along 60 CP worth of customized gear. 30
6 +6 CP to All Attributes Blessing; Modifications to Primary Attributes do not affect secondary attributes. Aid to Defenses has half effect per standard rules. 1d6 Aid (All attributes) (Fade/turn, Max. 6); Range: 0; Affects: All Powers of Special Effect, +2; Reduced END: Zero & Persistent, +1; Always On: -½; Personal Only: -1; Increases maximums only, does not speed healing: -1; Aid to Defenses is halved per the standard rules. Aid to primary attributes does not affect secondary ones. 0
40 Total Powers  


Points Skills, Talents, Perks Roll
10 Phone Magic
(1) Immunity / Having to answer to know who is calling; Frequency: Rare
(1) Immunity / Having to wait for the phone to ring before answering; Frequency: Rare
(1) Immunity / Having to actually use a phone to be on the phone network.; Frequency: Fairly Common; Always On (Can be annoyed by pesky callers): -½
(1) Immunity / Having to know someone’s number to call them.; Frequency: Fairly Common; Concentrate: 0 DCV, -½
(1) Immunity / Needing a Signal to get on the wireless network; Frequency: Fairly Common; Activation: 14-, -½
(1) Immunity / Needing Passwords to get into things.; Frequency: Common; Extra Time: 1 turn, -1
(1) Immunity / Needing a Data Plan to use the Network; Frequency: Rare
(3) Immunity / Having to actually have a smartphone to browse and run apps and such; Frequency: Common
7 Computer Programming; Unsurprisingly, Theodore writes a lot of phone aps. 14-
5 Money (Well Off)
3 Stealth 12-
3 Enchantment 11-
2 Knowledge / Magical Devices 11-
30 Total Skills, Talents, Perks  


Cost Equipment
4 Advanced Military Electronics Package; Computer: Int 13, Dex 0, Spd 1 (-27 Points Base).
(1) Elemental Control: Electronics (3-pt reserve); All abilities Conventional Technology (-1)
a-3 Radio Listen and Transmit ; Usable By Others: Simultaneous Use, +½; Invisible (Scrambled: Detectable, but untranslatable.): One Sense Group, +½
b-2 Infrared Vision ; Usable By Others: Simultaneous Use, +½
c-3 Telescopic Vision (Sight, +4 to PER) ; Usable By Others: Simultaneous Use, +½
d-2 Flash Defense (Sight, 5 pts) ; Usable By Others: Simultaneous Use, +½
e-2 Flash Defense (Hearing, 5 pts) ; Usable By Others: Simultaneous Use, +½
f-2 Detect Health of User (+1 to PER) ; Time Required: Instant, +2; Range: Touch, +0
g-2 Enhanced Perception (all) (+2 to PER) ; Usable By Others: Power Lost, +¼
h-3 Eidetic Memory; Always On (Memory is either perfect or utterly gone): -½
i-2 Basic Computer Functions
(1) Absolute Time Sense
(1) Inertial Locator/Bump of Direction
(1) Lightning Calculator
j-2 Detect Environmental Hazards (+1 to PER) ; Time Required: Instant, +2; Range: Touch, +0
; Detects Chemical Weapons, High Radiation, Etc.
k-4 GPS/Heads-Up Map Display: Navigation 14-; Usable By Others: Power Lost, +¼
l-7 +3 level w/Rangefinder/Targeting System: Ranged Combat; Usable By Others: Power Lost, +¼; OCV Only: -½
m-4 2d6 Aid: Programs/Databases (Fade/week, Max. 12) 3; Range: 0; Affects: Single Power of Special Effect, +¼; Extra Time: 1 min., -1½; Activation: 11-, -1; Must have program available to load: -2; This allows the user to load maps (area knowledge), mission information, and so on. All of it should be Usable By Others/Power Lost, so you can load a total of 10 points worth of information.
(3) Programs; 1) Monitor instruments and transmit information to user and command systems. 2) Place call for emergency assistance if serious health issues are detected. 3) Refuse to activate without proper identification of authorized user. The first two programs normally run continiously after boot-up. The third runs at boot-up but shuts down once satisfied.
(1) English (Basic Conv.); Literacy: Standard, 0
(4) Easy Interface: Computer Programming 12-; Usable By Others: Power Lost, +¼
2 Elemental Control: Microfiber Clothing (18 points) (5-pt reserve)
; All abilities -.5 OIF (Uniform), -1 (Conventional Technology Only).
a-8 Armor (8 PD/8 ED) ; Hardened: ×1, ¼; Always On: -½
b-4 Life Support Systems
(1) Life Support: High Pressure/Vacuum
(1) Life Support: High Radiation
(4) Need Not Breathe
(1) Life Support: Intense Heat/Cold
c-2 Instant Change (can look like any clothing) ; Clothes: Any Set, 10
d-2 +3 level w/Stealth (Camoflague)
2 Contraceptive Amulet: Immunity/Parenthood; Frequency: Common; OIF: -½
32 Staff of Power; Focus: Obvious Accessible, -1; Gestures: Instant Power, -¼; Extra Time: full phase, -½; Extra Time Required: Only At Startup, ½; Generic Limitation (All powers only rechargable with sufficient ambient magic.): -¼
(3) END Reserve (60 END, 2 REC/turn).
(23) Multipower (62-pt reserve).
u-2 Staff Combat; +5 level w/DCV, Hand-to-Hand Attack (6d6, Total 12d6) 0; Range: 0; Reduced END: Zero, +½.
u-1 2d6 Aid (Prepared Spells) (Fade/turn, Max. 62) 2; Range: 0; Trigger: Changeable, +½; Points fade instantly after power used: -½; Affects: Single Power of Special Effect, +¼; Extra Time: 1 min., -1½; Generic Limitation (May only prepare seven spells.): -½. This basically imbues the staff with seven one-short “spells” for him to use, although this takes about ten minutes per spell.
u-1 2d6 Aid: Adding Multipower Slots (Fade/week, Max. 12) 3; Range: 0; Affects: Single Power of Special Effect, +¼. This allows him to add some temporary reusable (as long as the endurance battery holds out) powers to his stave.
u-1 Superleap (+35″, 41″, NC: 82″, 3 End); Non-Combat Multiplier: ×2, +0; Non-Combat (MPH): 104; Reduced END: Half, +¼.
u-1 Force Wall (10 PD/10 ED) 5; Range: 250; Width: 10″, +0; May only protect area behind spinning staff: -1.
56 Total Equipment


50+ Disadvantages
100 Werewolf Package Limitations
Physical Limitations
(10) Subordinate to Vasilko (Infrequently, Greatly)
Psychological Limitations
(15) Animalistic Instincts (Very Common, Moderate)
(20) Pack Loyalty (Very Common, Strong)
(20) Vulnerability; Silver (1½× STUN and BODY); Attack: Common, +10
; Not actually all that common, but everybody knows that silver hurts werewolves…
(15) Reputation (Everyone knows about werewolves) (14-)
(10) Accidental Change; During Full Moon (11-)
(10) Distinctive Features; Werewolf; Concealability: Concealable, 10; Reaction: Noticed and Recognizable, +0
60 Personal Limitations
(10) Phys. Lim; Underage (Frequently, Slightly)
(10) Dependent NPC: Girlfriend (Normal, 8-); Skills: Normal, +0
(15) Honorable (Common, Strong)
(10) Public Identity
(5) Rivalry: Other Male Werewolves; Situation: Romantic, 5; Position: Equal, +0; Rival: NPC, +0
(10) Watched: Police (8-); Capabilities: More Powerful, 15; Non-combat Influence: Extensive, +5; Geographical Area: Unlimited, -0; Only Watching: ×½; Punishment: Harsh, 0
60 Total Disadvantages


COSTS: Char. Powers Total Total Disadv. Base
20 + 70 = 90 185 = 60 + 125


OCV DCV ECV Mental Def. PD/rPD ED/rED Phases
6 6 4 0 24/15 20/12 3, 6, 9, 12


Race: Modified Human

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