Federation-Apocalypse Session 148b – Dispatches from the Core, Part II

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One of Kevin’s special research projects had turned up… pretty much a complete blank. There had been plenty of “lost world” expeditions, and attempts to reach wherever-it-was the spirits of the dinosaurs hung out, attempts to find out if evolution was working out in the manifold, searches (both in Core and in the Manifold) for possible traces of pre-Sapiens intelligence, and more – with universally negative results. Lots of phantasms, lots of fictions, and occasional animal spirits uplifted to sapience (who tended to remain that way thereafter), but no detectable traces of pre-primate Core sapient races. If there had ever been a race of sapient dinosaurs or some such thing, they’d been non-technological, hadn’t spread very far, and had left no legacy.

As far as genuine Alien visitations went… there was no real evidence that anyone had been by the Earth for the last couple of geological ages at least – and the moon would have done pretty well at preserving traces. There were a few signs of very ancient aliens out in deep space and in other star systems. Some of those traces were recognizable in form and function, others… not so much. Most of those signs had turned up in space around old biospheres, and might have been simple surveyor probes. There hadn’t been much since the dates when the Ourathan had started limiting interstellar travel and exploration – which fact had explained a number of things.

A few worlds had been found where sapient species might have developed and gone extinct, whether via war, disaster, or by slipping into their own Manifolds – and if they’d vanishes into their own Manifolds, they’d effectively closed the door behind them and thrown away the keys unless they were to be reached through really fundamental concepts, deep inter-Manifold exploration, really powerful effects, or slowly growing into unified entities.

The otherworldly dragons of Excession had been occasional visitors to Kadia, and to other worlds using Kadia as a transport hub, and had allowed a limited number of visitors to their world. They seemed to be taking a survey of various worlds to see what did and did not work so that they could properly guide the evolution of theirs. They seemed to be simply a relatively small group of ensouled dragons doing a getting-the-world-ready thing on behalf of the local powers.

Baelaria was doing pretty well at picking up the pieces, and Spellweaver had been making appearances from time to time. The locals had been wanting him to take a more active role in things, but he’d been resisting.

There had been some aggressive probing at Kadia’s defenses from the Abyss, but they’d been repelled pretty readily. The Divine Alliance bunch had made a few “official” visits to “assess” things, while the more modern deities had mostly been taking a “wait-and-see-while-encouraging-good-behavior” attitude.

On the alien front, the Ourathan wanted to supervise the Midnight Gardener project, and to help in the selection of a test bed somewhere isolated. The Taractocoli also wanted to supervise the process. Well, they were, of course, quasi-immortal, and just as active in and out of the Manifold – so they would probably be turning up quickly enough.

On the legal front, roughly 90% of the Thrall-offices – at least in the realms with serious courts and civil rights laws and such – had been forced to hire contingents of local lawyers to argue an apparently-endless stream of cases derived from their recruiting attempts. Eventually Kevin was going to be having to either close up in some worlds or go and testify.

Dimento/Shyan had been sighted in the New Imperium, Baelaria, the Stargate systems, and most recently in the Nazi occupied realms – even if they didn’t have all that many real inhabitants.

Finally, quite a few Thralls had been assigned to help keep ATE functioning as well as possible in Ryan’s absence.

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