Star Trek Star Fleet Templates II

   Today it’s a few more Eclipse the Codex Persona (available in print HERE or in a shareware version HERE) classless d20 power packages for the Star Trek universes. Once again, most of these are built on 24 CP or less – and hence are suitable for first-level characters, or as minor Identities in the Manifold setting.

   The Captain and the Second-In-Command or Science Officer are virtually always a complimentary pair: one a brash adventurous spirit, one a cautious planner. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell which is which, since they can trade the roles at a moments notice. Either way, they pretty much always get things right when the chips are down.

  • Luck with +2 Bonus Uses (9 CP)
  • Knowledge Speciality: Starfleet +3 (1 CP).
  • Blessing: Specialized and Corrupted: Only to share the remainder of the command package with the remaining member of the pair, no conscious control (the roles swap at the whim of the GM, 2 CP).
  • Package One, The Kirk:
    • Privilege/Attracts Opposite Sex (3 CP)
    • Innate Enchantment (Armor +4, Shield +4, Enhanced Vitality [+12 + (2x Con Mod) HP], +2 Charisma, +2 Competence Bonus to All Skills, all continuous, and Moment of Insight [+20 to a skill check] once per day, 9 CP).
  • Package Two, The Spock:
    • Opportunist (whenever time is critical, the player may take an extra moment to plan the characters actions – as well as an extra set of free actions of asking for information about the environment and giving directions, each round. 6 CP).
    • Innate Enchantment (Moment of Insight [+20 on any knowledge skill check and unlimited use. Unfortunately, this has only a 3 in 4 chance of working on any given questions, and renders the user’s mind completely blank when it doesn’t. The user can either provide absurdly precise and detailed information, or the answer is simply “unknown”], +2 Competence Bonus to All Skills, Life Booster [+12 + (2x Con Mod) HP], 6 CP).

   The Transporter Officer is usually a minor and boring role: He stays in a room and provides transportation for more interesting and important characters. Appropriately enough then, it’s also a cheap one. It only costs 6 CP to learn to work the transporter room – and 8 CP to fully master the role.

  • Skill Speciality: Greeting Protocols +3 (1 CP)
  • Skill Speciality: Star Fleet Equipment +3 (1 CP).
  • Sanctum: The Transporter Room (6 CP). Within the Transporter Room a Transporter Specialist gains access to
    • Inherent Spell with +4 Bonus Uses (12 CP), Specialized (requires masses of complicated equipment) and Corrupted (occasionally causes wild plot-device effects – people stranded in transport, splitting people into good and evil halves, etc, etc – at the whim of the GM). That takes this up to 15 Uses per day of a L9 power – in this case a variant of “Gate”.
    • Mindspeech (Specialized, only as a prerequisite, 3 CP), with Mindlink (+3 CP), with up to 9 characters (+6 CP), all Corrupted (requires communications gear) (8 CP).
    • Occult Sense/Location of anyone the user is Mindlinked with, Specialized: Requires masses of complicated equipment (3 CP).
    • Skill Speciality/+6 to noticing when something dangerous is being transported aboard. Specialized for double effect: requires complicated transporter instruments (1 CP).

   The Counselor is not, perhaps, the final sign of the apocalypse – but when they become major characters, they’re a certain sign that you’ve entered the realms where drama, relationships, and artistic conventions are going to take priority over realm consistency and logic. Far more importantly, however, you can’t make any significant section of the audience – including the ones who aren’t paying much attention – feel stupid. Ergo, The Counselor’s deep psychological insights tend to have all the profundity of fortune cookies and their ability to recognize abnormal behavior – while far superior to that of anyone else on the crew – merely allows them to recognize things that should be blindingly obvious to any ordinary five year old. You can buy the necessary abilities for a mere 8 CP:

  • Immunity to Script Blindness (Common/Severe/Minor, Corrupted: while this ability allows the user to recognize The Infiltrator, telepathic manipulations, addictions, and characters with similar powers, it still usually requires 1d6 personal encounters to take effect. 4 CP).
  • Skill Speciality/Generic Inspiring Platitudes +3 (1 CP).
  • Specific Knowledge/Familiar with normal Crew behavior patterns (1 CP).
  • Knowledge/Psychology +2 (2 CP).

   Mystic Counselors are usually even more annoying, since their psychobabble comes with the backing of more-than-human powers. In general, they maintain careful self-control and observe a strict code of ethics to keep their powers under control. Still, Mystic Counselors do cost another 16 CP on top of the base 8 CP cost – making them a full 24 CP package.

  • Basic psychic “Witchcraft” package (18 CP), plus the Path of Air/The Sight (6 CP). Fortunately they get a couple of Pacts to reduce the cost – Duties and Karmic Links (-12 CP).
  • That leaves them enough to buy an extra 2d6 Power (4 CP) and still come in at a mere 16 CP.

   The Doctor is another relatively easy one. In fact, it’s so easy that a hologram can do it. You take some basic medical skills, and a big box full of advanced medical gear, and you patch people up. An cranky attitude, a tendency to disregard rank and privilege, and a dedication to demonstrating how nice the Federation is by patching up dangerous entities that no sensible physician would go near are near-obligatory extras. Becoming a Doctor only costs 16 CP, which allows them to also take the Transporter Officer or basic Counselor options with the remaining 8 CP if they so desire.

  • Innate Spell with +2 Bonus Uses. Specialized for double effect (Heal spell and 5 Uses/Day): requires masses of medical equipment for full effect (without them, the various healing effects are much reduced) and the Game Master is entitled to pronounce any given injury as being a plot device – beyond treatment without some specified mcguffin. (9 CP).
  • Privilege: Physician. Can talk back to anybody, pronounce people dead, and gains access to a wide variety of medical toys, drugs, and information (3 CP).
  • Medicine +1 (1 CP).
  • Biology +1 (1 CP).
  • Psychology +1 (1 CP).
  • Specific Knowledge / Star Fleet Medical Technology (1 CP).

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