1) Prehistory

-13.7 Billion Years; The Big Bang. Inflation. Domain Walls collapse into the “Hundred Realms” at wildly varying zero-point energy levels – becoming “Cold Dark Matter”. The photonic era ends, and the remaining cosmic strings stabilize as the universe cools.

-13.4B; The “Second Dawn” as the first stars begin to shine. The VMO and Hypernova Era begins. Protogalaxy formation. The Firstborn – Luathon, Mistaril, Et Al – come to being in the cores of detonating hypernovas. As the first avatars of life they will set the pattern for many of the life forms to come. The song of creation.

-13.2B; The first full-sized galaxies take form in the relativistic “wakes” of cosmic strings.

-12.9B; The expanding hypersphere of space-time intersects the far older hyperdomains of the Elder Ones. The Firstborn investigate – and several are lost. The Elder Ones begin to probe the rich new universe now open to them.

-12.8B; The “Darkstorm War”. Several million galaxies – and many of the Firstborn – are destroyed before Elder Luathon organizes the construction of – and merges with – the Great Barrier. The excess energies of the project dissipate as Quasars. The domains of the Elder Ones are walled away.

-12.7B; The Death Dragon, a corrupted Firstborn Elder, emerges from beyond the Great Barrier – but is defeated by Mistaril. It’s indestructible essence is scattered across the cosmos. The Firstborn learn that they can be corrupted, and take precautions against it.

-12.6B; The Verrin originate in the electromagnetic flux of the first major galactic collisions; the Firstborn welcome them as younger siblings.

-12.5B; The battle lines stabilize. The era of large-scale campaigns draws to an end, and the Elder Ones turn to infiltration and corruption. The Firstborn, having accepted the necessity of perpetual guardianship, organize their society along semi-military lines. They will not Transcend while the universe depends on their protection.

-11.9B; First-generation planetary systems form around population-II stars. Thanks to the shortage of heavy elements, cold “jovian-style” planets are the rule.

-11.6B; Planetary lifeforms develop, and are soon discovered by the Firstborn; There’s debate, since such radically-different and undeveloped lifeforms will inevitably provide dangerous opprotunities to the Elder Ones – but the Firstborn undertake their protection as well. Those few among the Firstborn old enough to remember the second dawn, and the song of creation, are deeply saddened that the question should even be asked – but a billion-year war will change even a race of near-immortals.

-11.2BY; Planetary biospheres develop to levels capable of stabalizing young Firstborn without the constant attendance of their elders; “Fostering” – leaving children temporarily embedded in planetary energy fields while the parents are busy elsewhere – becomes common. The practice spreads spores, and thus planetary life, rapidly. It is soon discovered that children born within planetary biospheres bond with them, allowing them to sense disturbances and to use their powers fully within them without disrupting them – but also rendering them vulnerable to any disruptions that occur there before adulthood.

-10.9BY; The PTol, the first sentient planetary species, develop. They transcend, and pass beyond, about the time the Milky Way galaxy forms. In token of a hundred million years of friendship and alliance with the Firstborn they create and leave behind the Arith Vaya – a bioengineered species of immense space stations/sublight generation ships designed to serve as galactic gene-banks, refuges and lifecraft for the lifeforms of endangered or fallen worlds, diplomatic waystations, and memorials. The Firstborn ensure the spread of the Arith Vaya across the cosmos.

-10.8BY; Infalling hydrogen forms the Milky way. Massive, and thus short-lived, blue stars begin to enrich the interstellar medium.

-9.7BY; As space becomes more dangerous, and the need for local guardians more apparent, planetary births become common among the Firstborn.

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