Champions Log Session 21: Wherefur Art Thou?

   By the time everyone else got back, the situation was approaching total meltdown. None of the kids at the orphanage placed any trust in the Hauntsman any more (and were thinking about pooling their power to try a few major summonings), the kids out in Oregon – Theodore especially – kept using their communications systems to place frantic calls to Vasilko, to the Triplets, to the Chauffeur’s office, to the Crypt, and to Ranko’s answering machine pleading for SOMEBODY to came and rescue them (as well as considering trying various things on their own), Uncle Aldis was calling lawyers, the Triplets were considering trotting out their assassin-training, Vasilko was frantic, Arioch was missing, and even the Horses were feeling guilty about catching Theodore so that he could be taken away. They’d just assumed that he was running off to play hide and seek again…

   Even the Mr Smiths were pretty annoyed. They’d been too busy to deal with Aldis, and had assumed that even The Hauntsman would have been aware of both the strength of the soul- and pack-bonds, how miserable they’d be, and the potential disasters inherent in sending three children with werewolf tempers and powers, powerful magical weapons, and advanced technological armor off under the supervision of a normal human who didn’t understand them at all or even know about most of their powers, into a normal small town. Even if they hadn’t been in the middle of trying to reform the laws about werewolves it wouldn’t even require a super-villain showing up to either get the kids killed – lesser werewolves weren’t nearly as invulnerable as the kids believed – or to turn them into mass murderers. There was a REASON why they were keeping the super-powered children separated from normal people!

   The Hauntsman, feeling insulted – children BELONGED with their relatives! – went off with Lahatiel to get into trouble elsewhere.

   The White Necromancer got a sobbing call from Theodore the moment he got back – he wasn’t being allowed out of the yard, he didn’t like the tests and doctors, his Uncle was acting all nervous around him, etc, etc, etc… He decided to at least go and check on the boy and see if he did actually need rescuing and set off to test his new astral travel spell along the way.

   Ranko’s younger sister Yuki had also shown up looking for Ranko – and wanting to check out this place where she apparently spent so much of her time. She found it easy enough to talk her way past the kid at the gate (though she was impressed with his strength), promptly set out across the lawn, walked into a bunch of the kids spell-traps, and then got tackled by Vasilko – who thought she smelled like Ranko – and desperately wanted someone to help him rescue his packmates.

   They decided to borrow one of the Chauffeur’s helicopters and go together.

   Unfortunately, Oregon mostly turned into a shouting match. Between Uncle Aldis, Aunt Elinore, the Kids, Vasilko, and the Police, it was actually quite a relief when the Storms – minions/emissaries of The Red Dragon – showed up to collect Yuki and make her the Queen of the Thousand Hells. The White Necromancer had heard about that one – relative of Ranko’s, unwanted suitors, pursued by supernatural being… It was starting all over again.

   Overall, at least the resulting fight demonstrated to the local police that they didn’t want to have to deal with a werewolf pack and a bunch of superheroes and supervillians running around their town. The police persuaded Aldis that he ought to at least get full legal custody again – and come up with some way to handle things a little better – before he tried to collect the kids again.

   The White Necromancer and Yuki took the kids home, argued about necromancy, dealt with the collection of demonic tomes in the library, and did some research into Yuki’s ancestry: through the Egyptian gods by way of Anubis? No wonder the powers of the underworld were after her: she was in line to inherit the guardianship of he gates.


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