Thrall, Lesser Dark Lord

   Thrall, a Lesser Dark Lord of Atheria, is a high-end power build – and necessarily so, since he’ll be regarded as anathema throughout most of the campaign setting. Thrall uses the d20 point-buy rules from Eclipse: The Codex Persona and the Wealth Level Template and Charms and Talismans rules from The Practical Enchanter (also available in Shareware editions at RPGNow – Eclipse Here and The Practical Enchanter Here, and in the download box on the lower right). As a jackal-barbarian, suitable images for him will turn up on any image search for “Anubis”.

   Jackal Barbarian Dark Lord, Atheria Campaign, Level 6.

   Jackal Barbarian Racial Bonuses: +4 Strength (8 CP), +4 Constitution (8 CP), +2 Dexterity (4 CP), and +2 Wisdom (4 CP), Occult Sense/Scent (Specialized: -2 on saving throws vrs strong scents, 2 CP), and Immunity/Poison (Common/Major/ Minor: unaffected by minor poisons and irritants, +4 on saves versus stronger ones, 4 CP). All abilities Corrupted (powerful animalistic instincts and anthropomorphic animal form).

   Level Based Bonuses: +1 Con (L2), +1 Wis (L4) and +1 Cha (L6), Fast Learner (L1, Specialized in Warcraft for +2 CP/Level), Grant of Aid (L2, automatically healed of 1d8+5 damage or 1d3 points of attribute damage or 1 negative level once per day per three levels or part thereof), and Inherent Spell ((L4 and L6, 1x L3spell 1/day. Immortal Vigor II at +1 level to last 1 Hour/Level, +2x Multiple. Corrupted: self-only, totals 9 uses/day, normally two at a time (for +24+4x[Con Mod] HP), 12 CP/2 Feats).

   Disadvantages: Restrictions (armor and heavy clothing: prefers a light kilt or nothing, +1 CP/Level), Duties (delegated Lord of Darkness. Is responsible for accepting suitable offerings [via his Equipage abilities], granting some minor requests using his own powers, for persuading uncertain individuals to make greater pacts, for acting as a channel for the powers of Darkness, and for opposing Demons, +2 CP/Level), Secret (anathema wielder of black magic), Greedy (suffers a -3 on rolls versus bribery, resisting casual temptations, etc), and Hunted (The Alarian Imperial Church) (net +10 CP).

   Totals: 168 CP (Base) + 10 (Disadvantages) + 1/Level (Restrictions) + +2/Level (Duties) + 2/Level for Path of the Dragon (Fast Learner) +12 CP (Current Experience) = 220 CP.

Basic Attributes:

  • Strength           18 (24)    +7

  • Dexterity          16            +3

  • Constitution   20           +5

  • Intelligence    14 (16)   +3

  • Wisdom            16           +3

  • Charisma         14 (16)   +3


  •    Reflex +3 (+11 Total) (9 CP)

  •    Fortitude +5 (+15 Total) (15 CP)

  •    Will +3 (+11 Total) (9 CP)

Warcraft +3 BAB (18 CP), Additional +3 BAB with Spear (9 CP)

Hit Dice: L1 d12 (8 CP), L2-6 d6 (10 CP)Hit Points 64 + 3 + 44 = 111

Move 30

Initiative +3

Armor Class 10 (Base) +3 (Dex) +9 (Force Armor with Wealth) +9 (Force Shield with Wealth) = 31

Proficiencies: All Barbarian Weapons (9 CP).

Languages (3): Ikunn, Havril, and Illerian.

Initial Wealth Level: Poor, initial skill bonuses: Survival +4, Bluff +2, and Gather Information +2.

Current Wealth Level: Wealthy (From L3): Weapons/Armor/Shields +2 Wealth, +2 SP and +1 HP/Level, 7 Charms, 3 Talismans, +2 Charisma, enhanced pets and mounts, +2 Diplomacy, Gather Information, and Intimidate. All weapons count as Adamant or Silver.

Basic Costs 85 CP

Usual Weapons

  • Tulthara +9, 1d12+9 Damage, Crit 20/x3, 110′ Range Increment. Appears as hurling crystal shards.

  • Spear +16/+11, 3d6+10 Lethal or Stun Damage, Crit 20/x3, 30′ Range Increment. Double damage when set against a charge, 4 Attacks of Opportunity, DC20 Reflex Save to block missile attacks, -3 Con to do 2d4 attribute damage with an attack (DC13 to resist), -2 Con for DR 4/-, remaining conscious, immunity to pain, and immunity to stunning for 1d6 rounds. Has 6 “phantom” Con points available to power these abilities. 

  • Unarmed +12, 1d12+9 Damage, Crit 20/x2, Breaking (Use Str + Martial Arts Skill to break objects) and Sunder (may attack people’s items without drawing an attack of opportunity and get a +4 to hit when doing so).


The Eye of Arithur (Starting Relic, 4 CP): This amulet provides

  • Immunity/Dispel Magic (Common/Minor/Major, 6 CP)

  • Self-Development/+2 Intelligence (12 CP)

  • Spell Turning (6 CP): May reflect a spell back on its caster with a successful counterspell.


Other Abilities (112 CP worth out of 124 CP allowable):

   Path of the Dragon (39 CP Total): Shaping (6 CP), Pulse of the Dragon and Heart of the Dragon (Specialized and Corrupted: can only be used to create Illusion, Enchantment, Transmutation, and Shielding effects, user must make a DC 15 fortitude save or take 1d8 damage per level of the effect produced each time a spell is cast. Triple effect: may summon up to 3 spell levels worth of energy from the environment each round and may create spell effects of up to level 3, 24 CP), Blood of the Dragon (Specialized as a prerequisite only, 3 CP), and The Dragon’s Bones (may maintain up to [Int Mod] spells without effort, Specialized as per Pulse and Heart above, 6 CP).

   Spells Normally Maintained (All L3): Force Armor (+7 Armor Bonus), Force Shield (+7 Shield Bonus, Immunity to Magic Missiles), Greater Warding Rune (+4 + Caster Level/6 Resistance Bonus to all Saving Throws), and Cloak of Night (Nondetection at a briefer duration but +5 on the effect, to provide spell resistance 28 to divinatory effects). With the Eye he can also maintain Eldritch Weapon (+1, +1d6 each Force and Sonic damage) on his spear and Enhance Attribute/+6 Strength.


   Mystic Artist/Con Artistry (normally used with Bluff, Corrupted: the user is detectable as using black magic, 22 CP total), Subliminal (6 CP, targets need a DC 24 Int check to notice that they’re being supernaturally manipulated by your art), Conditioning (6 CP), Fame (Specialized: only as a prerequisite, 3 CP), Wealth (effective minimum level of Affluent, 6 CP), and Bardic Immunity (may get away with outrageous behavior, 6 CP).

   Basic Mystic Artist Abilities (x6, usable once per level per day): Fascinate (Will Save, DC 13), Hold Audience (Will Save, DC 15), Suggestion (Will Save, DC 16), Emotional Auras (Will Save, DC 18), Block, and Emotion (Will Save, DC 13).

   Adept (Bluff, Sense Motive, Knowledge/Arcana, and Knowledge/Religion, 6 CP)

   Inherent Spells (2x L1 spells 2/day each: Serpent’s Tongue [Moment of Insight/+20 to a Bluff check] and True Strike [+20 bonus to an attack] with Multiple [+4 bonus uses each, 6/day total, 12 CP).

   Reflex Action (2 CP): Specialized in using Inherent Spells, Corrupted for use with Serpent’s Tongue and True Strike only. May use an Inherent Spell as a part of another action three times per day.

   Martial Arts (3 CP): Considered Armed when Unarmed, 1d4 Base Damage.

   +2 Caster Levels (Corrupted: only for use with inherent powers, 8 CP).

   Immunity/Aging (Uncommon/Major/Minor. Normally 4 CP, reduced to 0 due to relatively rushed timescale of campaign).

   Luck with Bonus Uses (Corrupted: detects as calling upon black magic, 8 CP): May either “Take 20” in advance on any roll or reroll after the fact five times per day.

   Equipage (Purchasing and 80% Returns, Corrupted: detects as calling upon black magic, q.v. Disadvantages, 12 CP).

   Thrall has 3 CP left to spend.

Available Skill Points: 16 CP + 27 SP (Intelligence) + 6 SP (Wealth) = 49 SP.

Major Skills: Appraise +8, Balance +3, Bluff +14, Climb +7, Concentration +5, Diplomacy +9, Gather Information +7, Knowledge Arcana +14, Knowledge Nature +6, Knowledge Religion +14, Martial Arts: Adamantine Fist +13, Falcon’s Eye +5, Shadow Spear +16, Sense Motive +12, Survival +12

   Read/Write (native language is free, others cost 1 SP Each). Ikunn and Havril (1 SP).


On being a Lesser Dark Lord:

   The Forces of Darkness are forces of selfishness, secrecy, greed, and treachery. On the other hand, they want to own the world – not to destroy it. They may be evil, but they’re just as much against Chaos as the Forces of Light. Unlike the Light, which intervenes on it’s own but does not usually answer a summons, the Forces of Darkness must be called, and must be paid, but always answer. If you need to escape an abusive master, to feed your family, or want the affections of a particular individual, and can perform an appropriate ritual and offer payment, the Forces of Darkness will respond.

   Of course, that means that they’ve got to take what you’re paying. The Forces of Darkness want power, minions who can stand against Chaos, mystical items, secrets, and favors, life force, bound spirits, and so on. Sadly, most of the people calling on them want to pay with money, sex, incense, wines, spices, and foodstuffs, bits of life energy, slaves, their own (fairly useless) services, bearing or raising children, and honorific rituals.

   On the other hand, powerful mortals with impressive abilities often place a high value on money, sex, slaves, et al. Ergo, the greater Forces of Darkness delegate: mortals become (lesser) Dark Lords, being paid for their services to the Greater Darkness (and fulfilling minor requests from lesser petitioners) in exchange for a share in those offerings.

   It’s a pyramid scheme, but – in a world where mystical power really does flow from cosmic principles – it works. Most of the major religions disapprove of course. The Alarian Imperial Church regards the Forces of Darkness and the lesser Dark Lords as Anathema – to be hunted down and slain. This may have something to do with their regular problems with Chelm. The Varnic Church disapproves, but sees Demons as a far greater menace, as do most of the other great faiths.





Personal Gear:

   Assorted jewelry and ornaments, light leather harness and several small pouches, spear, knife, seal-ring and wax, wineflask, a medical kit, and minor personal items/souvenirs. Anything else is either carried by his bearers or simply produced at need via Equipage.


Charms (7):

  • All-Weather Cloak (is always warm and comfortable)

  • Amulet of the Stallion (enhances male potency)

  • Glittering Disk (casts a Hypnosis spell when swung 3/day, does not work in combat).

  • Horned Amulet (black magic, boosts wealth level by +1)

  • Vanishing Cloak (provides a few seconds of invisibility L/3+3 times per day).

  • Flux Iron (shifts forms to act as various tools)

  • Merasin Vapors (provides instant makeovers)


Talismans (3):

  • Dao Sigil (boosts healing by 1d6 HP and 1 attribute point per day, given a few years it restores lost parts and organs).

  • Tulthara (as per a composite long bow, looks like shards of dark red crystal)

  • Venom Blade/Spear (stores 12 doses of poison, releasing one on a hit as desired. Currently sleep poison, DC 13, causes unconsciousness for 1 minute/2d4 hours).


Animals and Slaves: (These are fairly minimal for a wealthy barbarian).

  • Hunting Hawk

  • Hunting Cat (Cheetah)

  • Medium Warhorse 

  • Rilthane. Male Fox-Barbarian, Age 7. Personal attendant/ body-slave/page. He carries Thrall’s grooming kit, personal scents, makeup, and fur dyes. He’s also a fairly tolerable flutist.

  • A kid who takes care of the pets and serves as a groom.

  • A couple of pretty young concubines.

  • 10 bearers/servants (gelded horse-barbarians) who carry and set up his gear, cook, serve meals, and so on. They carry his pavilion, cooking supplies, furs, amber, and other barbarian-style treasures and supplies.


Barbarian Martial Arts:


Shadow Spear (Str):

   While there are minor variants – and names – specific to each tribe, Shadow Spear is one of the more common forms taught to young barbarians. While fairly basic at first, it focuses on striking at vital organs later on.

  • Requires: Improved Weapon Focus/Spear or equivalent point buy.

  • Basic Techniques: Attack 1, Defenses 3, Power 3, and Strike.

  • Advanced/Master Techniques: Combat Reflexes, Deflect Arrows, Mighty Blow, and Reach.

  • Occult Techniques: Inner Strength, Focused Blow, Resist Pain and Serpent Strike.


Iron Spear (Str):

   This highly defensive form focuses on defensive maneuvers, using the spear shaft to parry and block, and launching attacks only when safe opportunities arise. It’s favored by those who value their hides above inflicting damage.

  • Requires: Weapon Focus/Spear or equivalent point buy.

  • Basic Techniques: Defenses 4, Toughness 4, and Strike.

  • Advanced/Master Techniques: Combat Reflexes, Deflect Arrows, Improved Disarm and Mind Like Moon

  • Occult Techniques: Inner Strength, Iron Skin, Ki Block, and Light Foot.


Falcon’s Eye (Dex):

   This straightforward hunters art focuses on taking targets down with a single shot, preferably from ambush.

  • Requires: Weapon Focus/Bow or equivalent point buy.

  • Basic Techniques: Attack 3 and Power 3.

  • Advanced/Master Techniques: Crippling (Con), Sneak Attack II (2d6), and Rapid Shot

  • Occult Techniques: Inner Strength, Focused Blow, Ki Focus (Dex), and Overburden.


   On Atheria, the Barbarians also practice Adamantine Fist, Wind Dance, and a variant on Phantom Blade


Thrall’s Current Martial Arts Abilities:

  •    Adamantine Fist (7): Power 4 (1d12 unarmed), Breaking, Sunder, and Inner Strength (+6 “Phantom” Con points)

  •    Falcon’s Eye (3): Attack 1and Power 2.

  •    Shadow Spear (8): Power 3, Strike, Combat Reflexes, Deflect Arrows, Resist Pain and Serpent Strike.

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2 Responses

  1. Per request, here’s a breakdown on how some of the numbers were derived:

    His hit points are derived from his base rolls and constitution (64) + his wealth modifier (+1 HP/Level since level three, for a +3 + an Immortal Vigor spell and his Constitution (the spell is found in The Practical Enchanter).

    Reflex Save +3 (purchased) +3 (dexterity) +5 (maintained Greater Warding Rune spell at current caster level)

    Fortitude Save +5 (purchased) +5 (constitution) +5 (maintained Greater Warding Rune spell at current caster level)

    Will Save +3 (purchased) +3 (wisdom) +5 (maintained Greater Warding Rune spell at current caster level)

    Attack and Damage Bonuses:

    Tulthara (a minor item which replicates a weapon with an exotic special effect: in this case a Composite Long Bow. Since it replicates a bow, it is usable with the Falcon’s Eye martial art. +3 BAB, Falcons Eye bow art (+1 to hit, increases damage from a d8 to a d12), +3 (dexterity), +2 (wealth template bonus). Damage +2 (wealth) +7 (strength).

    Spear: +3 BAB +3 (spear-only BAB bonus) +2 (wealth) +7 (strength, since he normally used it as a melee weapon) +1 (maintained eldritch weapon spell) = +16/+11. Damage 1d6 (Base) + 2d6+1 (eldritch weapon) + 7 (strength) +2 (wealth) = 3d6+10. If Thrall was using his melee martial art, he actually got 1d12+2d6+10 damage, but he rarely worried about it – and the player usually forgot to bother. Thrall was a competent combatant, but his goal was generally to escape.

    Unarmed: +3 (BAB) +7 (strength) +2 (wealth). Damage: 1d4 damage raised to 1d12 by martial art +7 (strength) +2 (wealth).

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