Ronin (or Nezumi) Technician Bushi School

   Here we have something for the Legend of the Five Rings game – a school from the Empire of 2218 (which they are currently visiting). In this case, it’s a school that is freely available to Ronin, Nezumi, and pretty anyone else who wants to take it.

   This is a bushi school, if a somewhat disreputable one. You really can’t let the peasants drive war machines, fire siege weapons, operate the military communications systems, or monopolize “guns” (technically not guns, since gaijin pepper is generally not involved, but the general idea is the same). Someone has to fix the tanks and use weapons less honorable than swords and bows. You need quartermasters, engineers, sea-captains who can get wallowing cargo ships filled with supplies through to the troops, demolitions experts, and masters of traps and security systems. You need people who can operate off the grid if necessary.

   The Ronin Technician School focuses on all the practical, dirty, greasy, and mechanical bits of running a war – and (usually) on skills such as “firearms” (also covering crossbows and magical equivalents) which most Samurai are unlikely to spend much time on.

   The school itself isn’t that focused on direct combat, although it’s practitioners are notorious for once-off tricks and risky strikes – sometimes succeeding marvelously, at other times failing utterly – if they wind up stuck in hand-to-hand. It’s focused on getting things working right NOW – and with minimal tools and resources – and (at higher levels) on making things work that really shouldn’t – getting better performances than is reasonably possible out of their weapons and equipment. Of course, each such expert has his or her own specialities.

  • Benefit: +1 Void, Glory 1, Status Special, Wealth 3, Honor 1.5.
  • School Skills: Athletics, Craft (any two), Defense, Hunting, Investigation, Stealth, and any three other Combat, Merchant, or Low skills of choice.

School Techniques:

  • First Technique/With Swift Hands: Easy to Learn (The techniques of this school can be picked up by simple observation and self-teaching, and thus are readily available to Ronin, Nezumi, and to any Clan Samurai who opts to take them up) (5), Immunity to the time normally required to repair items (5), Immunity to the need for tools and parts to repair or build items (5), gain a pool of free raises equal to the user’s Void/2 per skirmish (day if not involved in combat) (5), +1K0 considered Skilled with all Low and Merchant Skills (6), and, since the school is considered disreputable, -1 to the user’s effective Status (-5).
  • Second Technique/The Foundations of the Art: Easy to Learn (5), The user’s free raise pool is now equal to his or her Void (+5), add another +1K1 (net +2K1) with all Low and Merchant Skills (9).
  • Third Technique/Master of Improvisation: Easy to Learn (5), Immunity to the need to actually possess a given hand weapon to be able to use it’s statistics to attack with (10, -5 because the user must spend at least a few minutes cobbling together some substitute, net 5), and add another +1K1 (net +3K2) with all Low and Merchant Skills (+9).
  • Fourth Technique/The Expert Craftsman: Easy to Learn (5), May gain (School Rank) free raises on any roll using a school skill (Void) times daily (10). The user is so attuned to the spirit of his or her equipment that he or she effectively gains a single non-Void based Techynic Field of Study, 4 Construction Points, and the ability to use effects of up to level two within that single field (a level two self-powered Innate Supernatural Power, 6) and may trade up to two rolled dice for kept dice when using an item he or she personally crafted (5, -5 for specialization, net 0).
  • Fifth Technique/The Master Builder: Easy to Learn (5), The user is now so attuned to the spirit of his or her equipment that he or she effectively gains a second non-Void based Techynic Field of Study, 6 Construction Points to use within it, and the ability to use effects of up to level three within that single field (a level three self-powered Innate Supernatural Power, 9). The user also gains an extra attack when using any weapon (or imitation thereof) that he or she personally crafted (5) and can clean and polish things by simply running a hand over them (a level one-half self-powered innate supernatural power, 1). Note that the user may opt to upgrade his or her original field of study and call the new one the secondary field. This costs exactly the same amount, and so is quite permissible.

   Rank Three Techynics with two Fields of Study would cost 48 experience points – but, for a Rank 5 character – would normally supply a minimum of 27 Construction Points, access to Level 3 effects in both fields of study, and allow further advancement. This costs 19 points (after adjustment for the 25% point surcharge for buying techniques) and provides about a third as much power with no prospects for further advancement – which seems fair enough. It might even be a bit underpowered.

   Note that – since Firearms is a Low Skill, and point-and-shoot weapons get a +3K1 bonus, which stacks with the schools +3K2 bonus on Low and Merchant skills for a total of +6K3, most Ronin Technicians – being practical types – will cobble together some “non-firearm” device that uses firearm statistics at rank three, and the more combative ones will usually boost it with their Techynics powers – however minor – as soon as they possibly can.

2 Responses

  1. nezumi cant attend this school

    • That is – as is noted in the first technique – a part of what the “Easy” modifier does. It allows pretty much anyone to learn a school, with no instructor required.

      Secondarily, while Nezumi cannot use Void Points, they do indeed have Void Rings, and thus can use techniques that rely on the value of their Void Ring.

      Finally, while they cannot learn spellcasting, they can learn techniques, including supernatural ones, since some of the techniques in their own schools are supernatural.

      Of course, since this is a custom school for a local game, it wouldn’t really matter even if it did violate one of the usual limitations on the Nezumi anyway.

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