John Jack

   This is one possible version of John Jack, a L3 Maverick Secret Agent from the Federation-Apocalypse Campaign.

   Jack Jack is a 1960’s-style super-secret-agent-type. He’s supposedly a “mercenary-for-hire” but somehow always winds up working for the good guys – whom he insists usually repay him by trying to assassinate him. He’s very suspicious of super-science, magic, and psychic powers, and is thus paranoid about pretty much the entire core and manifold. Jack was blown out of his own realm into core earth Scotland in a weird-science accident and was recruited by the House of Roses on an experimental basis thanks to his success against a minor Dalek incursion there (“More funny robots. Fine. Where’s my gun…). After all, they wanted to investigate a report about urban combat involving the Ouratha, so an good, disposable, anti-robot mercenary fighter seemed like a reasonable addition to their novice agent team. Unfortunately, Jack didn’t work well with others – he’d always been a solo type – and he and the team soon went their separate ways.

   Race: Cinematic Hero (+1 ECL): +6 Int (highly skilled and always knows what to do, 18 CP), +4 Dex (fast and agile, 12 CP), +4 Charisma (movie-star good looks, 12 CP), and +2 Str (capable of many heroic feats, 6 CP), Universal DR 3/- (“a mere flesh wound!”, 6), Double Damage versus Swarms of Nameless Thugs (note that this will not work on the last one, 6 CP), Grant of Aid with +4 Bonus Uses (Specialized: only works at GM-chosen dramatic moments, 6 CP), Luck with +4 Bonus Uses (Specialized: only works at GM-selected climactic confrontations). Unfortunately, being a Cinematic Hero comes with some automatic disadvantages – Accursed (typecast: somehow almost always winds up falling into his [maverick agent] anti-hero role), Compulsive (chases women), and Obligations (is always on one or another bizarre “mission”) (-10). Effective Total: 62 CP. Note that, in accordance with the world laws of the setting, the cost of attribute enhancments has been halved.

   The disadvantages vary somewhat with the character type  for other cinematic heroes, but always suit the character for some stereotypical movie persona.

   Available Character Points: Disadvantages: Hunted (assorted enemy agents), Insane (invariably assumes that his employers are out to stab him in the back), and Poor Reputation (almost everyone he meets soon assumes that he’s crazy) (10 CP) + 2 CP/Level Duties (always works for some secretive organization, regardless of his complete distrust in them), and Restrictions (believes that the casting of spells or the use of studied psionic powers drives you mad and makes you throughly undependable and untrustworthy; he will never attempt to acquire such talents, +2 CP/Level), +72 CP (L2 Base) = 90 CP.

   Basic Attributes: Strength 18 (+4, gains +4/- universal DR), Intelligence 24 (+7, gains skill bonuses), Wisdom 14 (+2, gains +2 AC when unarmored), Constitution 14 (+2, gains 2 magic points), Dexterity 20 (+5, gains 10 CP worth of weapon proficiencies), and Charisma 18 (+4, gains 8 free contacts). (Rolled Attributes on 5d6/Keep 3: 16, 18, 14, 14, 14, 16).


  • Fortitude +0 (Purchased) +7 (Raving Paranoia) +2 (Constitution) = +9
  • Reflex +0 (Purchased) +7 (Raving Paranoia) +5 (Dexterity) = +12
  • Will +0 (Purchased) +7 (Raving Paranoia) +2 (Wisdom) = +9

Basic Abilities:

  • Hit Dice: L1d20 (16 CP) + L2d6 (2 CP).
  • Hit Points: 20 +5 +(2x Con Mod) = 29. +30 (Smartclothes) = 59.
  • Universal DR: 4 (Str) +3 (Race) +4 (Smartclothes) = 11/-
  • Languages: English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, Erdu
  • Proficiencies: All Simple, Martial, and Exotic Weapons (15 CP – 10 Dex Bonus Points) and Light Armor (3 CP).
  • BAB/Warcraft +1 (Purchased, 6 CP) + 7 (Int Mod, thanks to his special abilities)
  • Total Basic Costs: 34 CP.

Combat Information:

Armor Class: 10 (Base) +2 (Wisdom) +5 (Dexterity) +4 (Smartclothes) = 21

Usual Weapons:

  • Machine Pistol: +15/+15/+10 (+8 BAB, +4 Martial Art, -2 Rapid Fire, +5 Dex), 2d6 Damage, 3.2 lb, 100 shots, 2d6 damage, Crit 20/x2, 40′ range increment, selective fire. Quick Draw and Mighty Blow (automatic knockdown on a critical) modifiers.
  • Mini-Grenade Pistol: +15/+15/+10 (+8 BAB, +4 Martial Art, -2 Rapid Fire, +5 Dex), 4d10 damage in a 10′ radius, cannot critical, 5 shot magazine. 40′ range increment. Quick Draw available, 2.5 lb.
  • Heavy Missile Launcher: +13/+5 (+8 BAB, +5 Dex), 5d20 damage in a 10′ radius, cannot critical, 5 shots, 120′ Range Increment, 24 lb.


Purchased Abilities: (56 CP)

  • Raving Paranoia: Advanced Augmented Bonus x4: May add his Int Modifier to all Saving Throws and to his BAB (48 CP): Specialized: Only works as long as he assumes that everyone around him is plotting against him, takes almost everything in the worst possible light, and insists on provoking people. Net cost: 24 CP.
  • Inherent Spell and Advanced Inherent Spell I (Specialized: Only as prerequisites, 6 CP), Advanced Inherent Spell II (Anyspell, produces any technological-gadget effect of up to L3, 6 CP), +4 Bonus Uses (6 CP). All Corrupted: Use occasionally causes gratuitous explosions and can be prevented by taking away all of his equipment. Net Cost: 12 CP. Jack has been known to pull out antidotes for various toxins (specific Neutralize Poison), mini-grenades (Fireball), Short-Term Jet Packs (Flight), Breather Masks (Water Breathing), universal passkeys (Knock), Communicators, laser cutters, and so on. Lesser gadgets – as in: effects of below L3 – may be used more than once: L2 effects can be used twice, L1 effects can be used three times, and L0 effects can be used four times.
  • Extraordinary Returning (6 CP, Half Cost due to Setting): Jack can only be killed by being captured and then being put into a an absurd death trap and failing to escape or be rescued: otherwise his body simply disappears, or he turns out to be gravely and inconveniently wounded but not dead, or he otherwise returns in a few sessions – usually at some critical moment.
  • Action Hero/Stunts Option (6 CP)
  • Skill Points: 8 (CP Spent) + 35 (Int Mod x 5) = 43.

   Broad Skills (All +7 Int): Acrobatics +13 (1 SP + 7 Dex) , Climb +16 (1 SP +4 Str +4 Gear), Pistol Expert Martial Art +13 (1 SP +7 Dex), Physical Stealth +17 (1 SP +5 Dex +4 Gear), Karate +13 (2 SP +4 Str), Security Systems +15 (1 SP +7 Int), Lockpicking +13 (1 SP +5 Dex), Knowledge/Military +15 (1 SP +7 Int), Gadgets +13 (1 SP + 5 Dex), Electronics +15 (1 SP +7 Int), Disguise +17 (1 SP +5 Cha +4 Gear), Spot +18 (5 SP +2 Wis +4 Gear), Listen +14 (1 SP +2 Wis +4 Gear), Knowledge/Underworld +15 (1 SP +7 Int), Saboteur +13 (1 SP +5 Dex), First Aid +10 (1 SP +2 Wis).

   Narrow Skills (All +7 Int, +5 Training): Escape Artist +18 (1 SP +5 Dex), Swimming +21 (1 SP +4 Str +4 Gear), Gambling +17 (1 SP +4 Chr), Driving +18 (1 SP +5 Dex), Etiquette +17 (1 SP +4 Chr), Piloting +18 (1 SP +5 Dex), Pre-2200 Core Earth History +20 (1 SP +7 Int), Cryptography +20 (1 SP +7 Int), Seduction +17 (1 SP +4 Chr), Boating +17 (1 SP +4 Str), Demolitions +20 (1 SP +7 Int), Interrogation +17 (1 SP +4 Cha), Photography +15 (1 SP +2 Wis), Knowledge/Wines +20 (1 SP +7 Int), Slight of Hand +18 (1 SP +5 Dex), Mountaineering +17 (1 SP +4 Str),

   +3 Specialities (1 SP Each): Gambling/Cards, Seduction/Enemy Agents,

   Usual Gadgets: Smartclothes with armor reinforcement (7), his three weapons (3), and three points worth of other items.


Pistol Expert Martial Art (Dex):

  • Requires Weapon Proficiency (Pistols, Small Arms, or Similar), Dex 14+.
  • Basic Abilities: Attack 4, Power 2, Toughness 2, Defenses 2
  • Advanced and Master Techniques: Mighty Blow, Prone Combat, Rapid Shot, and Quick Draw.
  • Occult Techniques: None (The price of minimal requirements)
  • Known Abilities (7): Attack 4, Rapid Shot, Quick Draw, and Mighty Blow.

   Given how many different opinions there are on Karate, the design of that martial art is being left up to the individual player.

   Classic Cinematic Shticks: Note that ALL of these are available through the Action Hero/Stunts power – or you can simply pay for them, and use them whenever you want.

  • Dramatic Slow Motion: Abruptly the scene drops into slow-motion, while you somehow accomplish more in a moment than any human being has a right to (Reflex Action/Extra Actions variant, 6 CP)
  • Dialogue Editing: 1d6 Mana/Reality Editing Option, Specialized “in Changing What I Just Said” only (Double Effect, 6 CP).
  • Amazing Intuition, Cue Card, Flashback, or Dues Ex Scriptwriter: Inherent Spells, True Strike and True Skill, twice per day each (6 CP).
  • Brilliant Insight or Cut Scene: Inherent Spell, Specialized (Double Effect: Only works when the GM feels like activating it for a L6 effect up to 1/day), shows some important or informative scene happening elsewhere in space and nearby in time, which the user simply deduces must have happened, be happening, or is about to happen.
  • Penetrating Strike: Inherent Spell (L2, usable 2/Day): one attack ignores all modifiers for cover or penetrates any single obstacle without hindrance (6 CP)
  • Going Ballistic: Berserker with Enduring and Odinpower, Specialized: only usable when seriously injured or when avenging some horrible offense (Half Cost, 6 CP).
  • Climactic, Replayed, or Multi-Angle Blow: Enhanced Strike/Crushing (6 CP).
  • Smashing Stuff: Augmented Attack/Shattering Blow (6 CP).
  • Working Off Frustrations: 3d6 Mana/Reality Editing Option: Specialized (only to cause a gratuitous fight scene, double effect) and Corrupted (always produces people who want to attack the user, 1.5x effect) (6 CP).
  • Focused on the Action: Inherent Spells/Personal Haste and Expeditious Retreat 2/day each (6 CP).
  • Special Effects/Pyrotechnics/Stuff Blows Up: Inherent Spell/Fireball with +2 Bonus Uses. Corrupted (2/3’rds cost): must attack something which is at least remotely plausible as the source of an explosion for this to work (6 CP).
  • Special Coaching: Double Enthusiast (Specialized in Skills for double effect: +4 SP worth of Floating Skills) (6 CP).
  • Product Placement: Equipage with Purchasing. Specialized for half cost: the user may only specify (Int Mod) items which he or she will be “pushing” during this game session. (6 CP).
  • Catch Phrase: Improved Superior Presence: Specialized and Corrupted for 1/3’rd cost: may only be used for up to (Cha Mod) turns per day.
  • Reshoot: Luck with +4 Bonus Uses. Specialized for half cost: may only be used for rerolls, not to “take 20” (6 CP).
  • Too Famous to Die: + 3/- Universal DR (6 CP).
  • Favors, Contacts, and Old Associates: 2d6 Mana/Reality Editing Option, Specialized in “knowing someone helpful in the area” (Half Cost, 6 CP).


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