Manse 1: The House of Phantoms (Lunar Aspected)

   This tiny manse was originally simply a small cavern (later to be enlarged into a series of underground storerooms) adjutant to an old burial mound – a place long used by thaumaturgists for their rituals beneath the moon. Over the centuries, it began to resonate on it’s own, and developed into a tiny demesne.
   Now the carefully-warded chambers beneath the hill have been hidden for centuries, although the field has become a small park within a city.

   The manse provides a Hearthstone I (a Spell Stone) but is almost uninhabitable – being nothing but a set of stone-walled cellars, and not very big ones at that (Habitability 1). It thus has three Creation Points to spend.

  • Mundane Library/Lesser Archives (1). The manse has rather a lot of classical works, and – thanks to Charles – now has internet access and an awful lot of DVD’s and books on disc.
  • The Voices of the Tomes/Special (2). The manse can manifest the information available in it’s library as creatures – allowing visitors to do things like “Talk to Shakespeare”. Even if he is just a simulation based on what the manse has in its library, it’s still fun and a handy way to cross-reference and look things up. Such simulations can even serve as teachers for basic skills. One can take a course in painting with the Renaissance Masters, study Strategy with Clausewitz or Sun Tzu, or martial arts with Genjo Sanzo. Sadly, you still have to spend the XP to improve. (Maybe if you go to enormous trouble to make a particular class you can talk the GM into giving you an extra point or two. 

   The Hearthstone is a Spell Stone, a glittering opaline gem that provides a -2 on Occult skill target numbers.

   Of course, there is nothing whatsoever that prevents the “simulations” from wandering around within the boundaries of the demesne – most of the  park and a couple of surrounding blocks. Some of them even teach classes nearby, or go out to lunch, or attend showings of their own works.

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