Adventurers Of The Anomaly – Felix Solar, Mechwarrior

A lot of untested, desperate, things are done in time of war – but what was skipped was actually very minor. In the rush to send relief forces to assist with the defense of Skepptana a technician aboard the Jumpship Cormorant missed a potential short in the jump drive during the pre-flight maintenance checks. When the Cormorant attempted to jump, energy poured into the system and flashed over certain coils and circuits, creating an imbalance that twisted the jump field in ways that no one understood.

The Cormorant – its jump drive badly damaged, its reserves depleted, and its location unknown – appeared somewhere far outside known space. The local star would have been reachable – but there was something much closer. The local manifestation of the Anomaly – a light-years long strip of livable land hanging in space – had intercepted the Cormorant’s uncontrolled journey, and pulled it into a stable orbit.

The sensor systems of the Successor States (or even the Star League) are none too sophisticated, but there were fields and cities. Radio traffic. Trains and vehicles. Even what might be mecha. Supplies and refuge to be found. Just as importantly… no aliens had ever been discovered and the mysteries of what had been achieved by the Star League were just as unknown. The assumption that the place would be inhabited by humans was natural enough.

And explorers were dropped. The hottest, most independent, pilots available. The Cormorant was never meant to land, but if a port could be established supplies could be brought up to repair it. Even if repairing the drive (and figuring out a way to get home) proved impossible, the troops being transported and the crew would survive.

Felix is one of those explorers. A hotshot young pilot with a light scout mech, a persuasive multilingual tongue, an ability to inspire others, and a burning ambition to build his own legend… he was just about perfect for it. With luck, he will find help and the necessary materials. Even with less luck… he should at least be able to find a safe place for the dropships and crew to land.

Felix sees a marvelous opportunity for fame, lands, and founding his own noble household. This place has more usable land and resources than the entire inner sphere! Much of it apparently untouched!

And while he doesn’t really believe in Aliens or Gods – such things are obviously just more of Comstar’s Mysticism wrapped around Star League biomanipulations and the technologies that must have been used to create this place – he is certainly willing to poke around a bit.

Battletech Universe World Laws

  • Scrounging: Battletech characters may purchase the Armory, Gadgetry, Logistics, and Weaponry skills – although high-end Armory purchases tend to become large, clunky, war machines and Weaponry installed in such machines is upgraded in size. No matter how through the destruction, Battletechers will soon manage to put their equipment packages back together again (12 CP).
  • Resourceful: Battletech characters may add another attribute modifier to their Intelligence Modifier when computing their skill points for levels up to level four. In general, Pilots add Dex, Techs add Con, and Politicians add Cha – but the effect is pretty much the same regardless. (Augmented Bonus, 6 CP).
  • Hyped: Battletech characters are considered to have Witchcraft I for free, giving them (Str + Dex + Con)/3 Power. While most never put this ability to use, hot pilots, brilliant politicians, and such often have access to a personal boosting ability or two – making them impossibly clever, lucky, fast, or whatever their own little edge is. (6 CP).
  • Battletech is entirely non-magical; there are no magic items, no charms or talismans, no spells, and fairly little psionics save for flashes of insight and minor witchcraft knacks. Similarly, it has little Biotech. Magical and psionic items and powers beyond the minor stuff that the Anomaly itself enables generally won’t work for Battletechers.

Battletech is basically “Junkyard Wars” writ large. Very small forces of giant robots piloted by scions of noble houses fight the wars, while the vast majority of the populace and the industrial base remains totally uninvolved. Why? Because they live on thinly-terraformed alien worlds. allowing the infrastructure to get involved leads to mass death – leaving nothing to fight over and a population with nothing left but revenge.

So the noble houses frantically scavenge for the parts needed to keep their war machines running and claim to rule – while having little impact otherwise.

Post-Industrial Human (31 CP / +0 ECL Racial Template):

  • Highly Adaptable: Racial Bonus Feat (6 CP).
  • The Quick And The Dead: Fast Learner Specialized in Skills for +2 SP/Level (6 CP). Homids are the preeminent masters of acquiring knowledge – even if they often do acquire inaccurate ideas just as easily.
  • Tribalism: Humans bond with other people to form close personal friendships, and intensely – loyal groups quickly and easily. They perform at their best when defending those relationships. Presence/+1 Morale Bonus to attacks, damage, saves, and checks, Specialized for double effect (+2 bonuses)/only when defending or assisting members of their family, tribe, or extremely close personal friends (6 CP).
  • Enduring Traveler: Celerity, +20′ ground movement, Specialized/only for use in calculating long-distance travel ranges and whether or not they can catch up with something (4 CP). The heritage of ancient migrations and persistence hunting remains a fundamental part of humanities genetic arsenal.
  • Projectile Predator: +1 Racial Bonus BAB with ranged attacks (3 CP). Two million years of throwing weapons leaves it’s mark.
  • Omnivorous Scavenger: Humans are tougher than vultures. They can handle horrific pollution levels, noxious food additives, and many other environmental insults with little harm. They get a +4 bonus on relevant Saving Throws (Resist II, 6 CP).

Low-Level Adventurer Template:

Everyone on the Anomaly gets either the NPC (adjusted for people who just want to live quietly) or the Adventurer version of the Template for Characters in a Low-Level World. Not too surprisingly, this character is getting the “Adventurer” version. To summarize it’s effects:

  • A -3 penalty on unskilled skill checks.
  • Slow level advancement, by direct session-based character point awards rather than experience points. Succeeding in goals helps, but killing things and taking their stuff does not.
  • A +3 bonus on five skills which suit their backgrounds and training. Sadly, this cannot be applied to active psionic or magical skills. These are, however, considered to be natural skill ranks.
  • Extra hit points equal to [12 + (2 x Con Mod)].
  • Two minor special talents or “knacks” appropriate to their home universe – one Class-A (roughly equivalent to the effects of a first level spell or power) and one Class-B (roughly equivalent to the effects of a cantrip). His are:
    • Gun Bunny (A-Tier): You threaten all squares within your normal melee reach when wielding a gun as if it was a melee weapon and do not provoke attacks of opportunity when firing.
    • Fast Draw (B-Tier): You may get objects out of pockets, off of belt loops, and similar as a free action.

Skill List:

  • Characters will be using the Condensed Skill List, complete with the various skills special functions. These may, however, be adjusted for world or origin; Sci-fi characters rarely spellcast, but often have other special talents. Skill Checks are normally made on 3d6, and characters may “take 15″ instead of “20″. They are normally assumed to get a “5″ for passive checks, such as to notice something in passing.

Felix Solar

Available Character Points: 72 (Level Two Base) +18 (Experience, level three working on level four) +6 (Disadvantages: Insane/refuses to accept the existence of aliens and Irreverent/doesn’t believe in Gods either) +18 (Human, L1, and L3 Bonus Feats) = 114 CP.

Basic Attributes: Str 10 (22 with Armor), Dex 16, Con 12, Int 16, Wis 8, Cha 14 (Pathfinder 25 point buy)

Basic Abilities (60 CP):

  • Hit Dice: 6 (L1d6, 2 CP) +8 L2-3d6, 4 CP) + 12 (Template) +5 (5 x Con Mod) = 31 HP (+40 with Armor)
  • Skill Points: 12 (Human Fast Learner) +18 (6x Int Mod) +12 (Human Bonus Feat Fast Learner) +18 (6 x Dex Mod, From World Laws) = 60 SP
    • Fast Learner (Human bonus feat from birth, 6 CP).
    • Adept: Thievery, Deception, Perform, Persuasion (6 CP).
    • Adept: Armory, Gadgetry, Logistics, and Weaponry (6 CP).
    • Augmented Bonus: Adds (Int Mod) to Armory, Logistics, and Weaponry (6 CP)
  • BAB: +1 BAB (6 CP), +2 BAB Specialized /Ranged Attacks Only (6 CP) (+4 to ranged attacks with racial bonus).
  • Saves:
    • Fortitude: +0 (0 CP) +1 (Con) = +1
    • Reflex: +2 (6 CP) +3 (Dex) = +5
    • Will: +2 (6 CP) -1 (Wis) = +1
      • Luck with +4 Bonus Uses Specialized in Saves (6 CP).
  • Proficiencies: As derived from his Armory and Weaponry Skills (0 CP).
  • Initiative +3 (Dex) = +3
  • Move: 30′.
  • Armor Class: 10 (Base) +3 (Dex) +3 (Kevlar Uniform) OR +6 (Power Armor) = 16 / 19.

Usual Attacks:

  • Melee: +7 (+1 (BAB) +6 (Str).

    • Power Armor Greataxe Hands: +10 (+1 BAB +6 Str +3 Personalized), 2d12+6 Damage, Crit 20/x3, +15 Damage to overcome DR only.
    • Personal Scimitar: +4 (+1 BAB +3 Personalized) 2d6 damage, Crit 18-20/x2, +2d6 Nonlethal (Electrical + Fortitude DC 16 to avoid being stunned for 1d3 rounds).
  • Ranged: +7 (+4 (BAB) +3 (Dex))
    • Power Armor Machine Guns: Range Increment 80′, 2d8 damage, Crit 20/x2, 250 Shot Magazines. May expend five shots in an attack for any one of 1) +4 to the Attack, 2) Hit 1d4 members of a group, or 3) Do double damage against double any applicable DR
    • Power Armor Laser Cannon: 120′ Range Increment, 4d10 Damage to a 10′ Radius (Can Crit at 20/x2, but only if targeting an individual, the increase does not affect the area effect), 50 Shots.
    • Power Armor Assault Cannon: 120 Range Increment, 3d10 Damage, Crit 20/x2, 100 Shot Magazine. May expend five shots in an attack for any one of 1) +4 to the Attack, 2) Hit 1d4 members of a group, or 3) Do double damage against double any applicable DR.
    • Personal Gyrojet Pistol, 40′ range increment, 50 shot magazine, 3d6 Damage, Crit 20/x2, Silent.
    • Personal Mini-Grenade Launcher: 5 Shots, 4d8 damage in a 10′ radius, 40′ range increment.

Mechwarrior Skills:

  • Armory +6 (4* SP) +0 (Str) +3 (Tem) +3 (Int) +3 (Power Armor Speciality) = +15
    • Powered Battle Armor: Growth I (Large : +8 Str, -2 AC, -4 Stealth, 10′ Reach, built-in weapons are considered large) (3), +40 HP (3), +8 AC (4), Sensors (Nightsight, Flash, and Hearing Protection, 1), Environmental temperature control and breathing apparatus (1), +4 Str (2), Extended Magazines (any built-in weapons get double their normal magazines, 1) = 15 Points.
    • Felix’s original Scout Mech was Huge instead of Large (+16 Str, -4 AC, -8 Stealth, 15′ Reach, built in weapons are considered huge) (+3 Points), but was considered Medium Armor (Armor Check Penalty -2, Max Dex Bonus Four, -2 Points) and had problems with heat buildup (-1 Point). The redesigned version – using Star Wars and Star Trek technologies, and local tinkering – is a great deal more manageable.
  • Gadgetry +6 (4* SP) +3 (Int) = +9
    • Electronic Binoculars: up to 60x, light-amplification, flash limiter, rangefinder, recorder, infrared, and directional microphone functions (2), Flashlight, adjustable, dim to blinding, narrow to broad area, can focus to cut or weld (2), Medical Kit II (+3 to Heal) (2), Thieves Kit (+4) (3).
  • Logistics +6 (4* SP) +2 (Cha) +3 (Int) = +11
    • Explosives Supply, including Breaching Charges (3), Condenser/Filter/Heater Canteen (1), 12-Day Energy Bar pack (1), Spare Parts (Combat Armor, Five Crisis, 3), Ammunition (Three Crisis, 2), and Lifestyle (always lives well in civilized areas, 1).
  • Weaponry +6 (4* SP) +3 (Dex) +3 (Int) +3 (Tem) +3 (Laser Cannon Specialty) = +18
  • Power Armor Weapons (12 Points):
    • Slugthrower Machine Gun (Normally two-handed, but built into his power armor and so considered one-handed). Selective Fire, Increased Magazine II (III with Armor Bonus). Net: Range Increment 80′, 2d8 damage, Crit 20/x2, 250 Shot Magazines. May expend five shots in an attack for any one of 1) +4 to the Attack, 2) Hit 1d4 members of a group, or 3) Do double damage against double any applicable DR (2 Points).
    • Second Armor-Mounted Slugthrower Machine Gun (2 Points).
    • Medium Laser Cannon: Heavy Energy Weapon, “Explosive” III (Double damage in a 10′ radius), Built into his power armor and so considered two-handed, Increased Magazine I (50 shots) due to Armor Bonus. Net: 120′ Range Increment, 4d10 Damage to a 10′ Radius (Can Crit at 20/x2, but only if targeting an individual, the increase does not affect the area effect), 50 Shots. (3 Points).
    • 2x Greataxe Hands (“Primitive” Melee Weapons) (Vibro and Personalized): Net 2d12+Str Mod Damage, Crit 20/x3, +15 Damage only to overcome Damage Reduction, +3 bonus to hit (2 Points Total).
    • Assault Cannon: Slugthrower Heavy Weapon, Explosive I, Selective Fire, Enlarged Magazine I (II with armor bonus). Net 120 Range Increment, 3d10 Damage, 100 Shot Magazine. May expend five shots in an attack for any one of 1) +4 to the Attack, 2) Hit 1d4 members of a group, or 3) Do double damage against double any applicable DR (3 Points).
  • Personal Weapons (3 Points):
    • Gyrojet Pistol: One-Handed Slugthrower Small Arm, Enlarged Magazine I, Explosive I, Silent. Net: 40′ range increment, 50 shot magazine, 3d6 Damage, Crit 20/x2,
    • Mini-Grenade Launcher: One-Handed Slugthrower Small Arm, Cannot Critical, Improved Damage I, Explosive III: 2.5 lb, 5 Shots, 4d8 damage in a 10′ radius, 40′ range increment (1 Point).
    • Scimitar (Personalized, Electrified): One-Handed Blade, 2d6+ Str Mod,,Crit 18-20/x2, +2d6 Nonlethal (Electrical + Fortitude DC 16 to avoid being stunned for 1d3 rounds), +3 to Attacks (1 Point).
  • Unknown Weapons: Felix has 3 points worth of weapons left.

Note that these Occult Skills cost an extra 3 SP each – giving them a current cost of 4 SP each.

Other Skills:

  • Acrobatics +6 (6 SP) +3 (Dex) = +9. May take 3d4 damage to pull off a nigh-impossible stunt.
  • Deception +6 (3* SP) +2 (Cha) = +8
  • Heal +3 (3 SP) -1 (Wis) +3 (Kit) = +5.
  • Local Knowledge +6 (6 SP) +3 (Int) +3 (Tem) = +12
  • Perception +6 (6 SP) -1 (Wis) = +5
  • Perform +6 (3* SP) +2 (Cha) +3 (Tem) = +11, +5 (Skill Speciality and Emphasis in Oratory) for +16 (May employ the Emotion, Fascinate, or Block basic Mystic Artist abilities up to (Cha Mod) times per day, may make an excellent living). Covers Acting, Comedy, Dance, Oratory, Wind Instruments, and Singing.
  • Persuasion +6 (3* SP) +2 (Cha) = +8
  • Socialize +5 (6 SP) -1 (Wis) = +4. Provides two free Contacts.
  • Survival +3 (3 SP) +3 (Int) = +6. Is protected as if by “Endure Elements”.
  • Thievery +6 (3* SP) +3 (Dex) +3 (Tem) +4 (Kit) = +16 (May perform such tricks as a free action up to (Dex Mod) times daily and make use the skill at up to 30′ range up to (Dex Mod) times daily.
  • +3 Specialties: Armory (Power Armor), Weaponry (Laser Cannon), Perform (Oratory) (3 SP).
  • Languages Known: English, Japanese, German, and Spanish.

Natural Leadership (17 CP):

  • Mystic Artist (Oratory): with Rapid and Echoes, Corrupted / only for Inspiration and Synergy Abilities (12 CP). Plus Skill Emphasis (Perform), Corrupted for Oratory Only (2 CP). Known Mystic Artist Abilities: Emotion, Block, Competence, Greatness, Excellence, and Mass Greatness.
  • Reflex Training (Three Actions per Day variant) with +2 Bonus Uses, Specialized and Corrupted / only to use Oratory (3 CP).

Hotshot Pilot (18 CP):

  • Fortune (Evasion Variant, 6 CP). Takes no damage on a successful Reflex Save.
  • Witchcraft II (13 Power) (6 CP), Basic Abilities: Hyloka, Hand Of Shadows, and Witchfire, all Specialized and Corrupted for Increased Effect / each only allows the use of three specific abilities costing 1/2/3 power, all abilities must be combat focused, none may be blatantly supernatural.
    • Hyloka, Specialized and Corrupted for Increased Effect / only provides (Int Mod, 1 Minimum) specific abilities:
      • 1) Adrenal Surge: Spend 1 Power when rolling Initiative to gain a +5 Enhancement Bonus on it.
      • 2) Combat Fugue: Spend 2 Power as Swift Action to gain +1 Attack at your full BAB each round for 3d4 rounds.
      • 3) Fight Or Flight: Spend 3 Power as a Swift Action to gain a +4 Alchemical Bonus to Dexterity for 3d4 rounds.
    • Hand Of Shadows: Specialized and Corrupted for Increased Effect / only provides (Int Mod, 1 Minimum) specific abilities:
      • 1) Expert Shot: Spend 1 Power as a Swift Action ignore the penalties for range, less than total cover, and less than total concealment for 3d4 rounds.
      • 2) Precision Shot: Spend 2 Power as a Swift Action to gain a +10 insight bonus to your next Attack check.
      • 3) Firestorm Surge: Spend 3 Power as a Standard Action to make one attack at your full BAB against every desired target within one range increment. Such attacks may only be made with a Semi- or Full-Automatic Slugthrower Small Arm.
    • Witchfire:
      • 1) Reserve Power: Spend 1 Power as an Immediate Action to keep a vehicle, weapon, or other device that you are operating functioning for 3d4 rounds after it would normally shut down for overheating or for lack of fuel/power or ammunition.
      • 2) Jury Rig. Spend 2 Power as a Standard Action to use the equivalent of Make Whole (Greater) on a technological device – although the effect only lasts for 3d4 rounds unless you then spend that time tinkering to make it permanent.
      • 3) Deflecting Attack: Spend 3 Power as an Immediate Action to use a weapon to shoot or strike down an incoming attack or effect with a target within one range increment or within reach. The attack or effect is considered to have struck an opaque ten foot by ten foot ectoplasmic wall with hit points equal to twice the damage output of the weapon used.
  • +3d6 Power, Specialized for Increased Effect (21 Power), only to power Witchcraft Abilities (6 CP).

Felix actually has 19 CP left over – but the player hasn’t really decided what he wants to buy with them yet, although he was considering starting down the “Blue Mage” path.

Felix is a splendid demonstration of why I allow those who play more dedicated mages to get away with various sorts of cheese in high-technology settings. The ability to throw a Fireball just means a lot less when the fighter can easily pick up a bandolier of phosphorous grenades and an assault cannon. When they can get powered battle armor… throwing a low-level party up against a giant or minor dragon looks a lot more like an even match-up.

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