Game Night Again

   Tonight’s game night: Expected characters include Castellion and his Death Golems, Ranko Anchienkienda and her Camera Drones, The Hauntsman and his Shadow Hounds, The White Necromancer and his Crypt of Death, The Super Bum and his Cardboard Mansion, and the Chauffeur and his Children of the Silver Twilight.

   As a quick summary of our current chapter:

   Session One: The Regathering. Earth’s own corner of the ancient Darkstorm War was over – although the reverberations would hinder higher-order magic and psionics for some time to come. Many of the great heroes had fallen, or had sacrificed themselves to forever close the Gates of the Silver Twilight– among them the White Necromancer, the Brick, Adrian, Neo, and Ogun the Iron Master. China has shattered under the weight of the Demon Floods and the War; while still supposedly a unified nation, it is in fact many smaller kingdoms and fiefdoms.

   The White Necromancer lingering at the border between the final realms of death and the fugue plane, has passed a substantial portion of his power on to his young apprentice – and the youngsters long journey back to the living world has begun.

   Darius Metaxis, the Castellion, had participated in a great battle against the forces of chaos: helping hold the Crossroads of the Eleven Planes against them – but he had been lost in the void in doing so.

   Ranko, needing a place for her young son to stay – and used to operating out of the Maximilian Mansion, now an orphanage for the Children of the Silver Twilight, returned there, at least on a temporary basis.

   The Hauntsman, “slain” during the Darkstorm War, returned as he always does – manifesting once more among the people he had chosen to defend. The Zombie Rave did not, however, give him a good impression of the world to which he was once again returning.

   After a bit of confusion – and sensing a powerful mystical ritual underway (again) at the Metropolitan Museum, Ranko and the Hauntsman had their near-inevitable introductory confrontation when one found the other bending over an unconscious security guard. The real problem turned out to be that the Black Scarab had hired The Black Mist and Tantrum of Plunder (a mercenary group of super-thieves) to stand guard while he attempted a ritual summoning of Anubis. While Ranko and the Hauntsman managed to interrupt the rite, the villians escaped with little difficulty. Ranko – having fought Plunder before – was quite annoyed, as well as a bit transfomed by her absorption of a bit of the energy of Bast during the fight. It gave her a whole new look. After a few explanations for the police and Dr. Midnight, Ranko returned to the Maximilian Orphanage to explain things there – and to try and deal with the children.

3 XP all around. 

Stay tuned for Session Two: The Children of Chaos.

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