The Chronicles of Heavenly Artifice XXXV – Fishing in the Land of the Lost

Part Seen - Part Imagined

Manifestations of the Loa

Charles was musing… When someone stored stuff elsewhere, and got killed, the stuff was usually lost forever. OK, sometimes a new incarnation – whether of soul or Exaltation – would manage to pull something out, but that was rare, and it wasn’t uncommon not to have a “next life” anyway.

Most of the stuff would be Raksha junk of course. The Raksha stowed all KINDS of stuff in Elsewhere – and HORDES of them had gotten zapped in creation (mostly during the Balorean crusade) with no reincarnation for them.

There really should be SOME way to fish it out!

Hm… He’d probably need to use a manse to get the necessary power and anchorage.

Changis – his assistant for the next few hours – could just see THAT one…

(Imagined-Charles) “Oh yes, I have this huge pile of random junk… Oh, hey! Here’s the Sword of Balor! Very historical! Neat! Hang that up somewhere in the museum! It will be educational!”

After all, Charles wouldn’t have any use for the thing. Tourists would be taking pictures of the Sword Grace of Sword Graces, and (having been wielded by an Ishvara) it would no doubt be very impressive indeed. – but there was no knowing what kind of effects having a thing like that around would have! It probably embodied a good chunk of Balor’s story!

Zap! “What happened?” “I was dusting, but now I am the new Attila the Hun!”

Maybe he should carefully try to suggest to the boss that he set up a storage facility for things like that somewhere OUTSIDE of his soul? Charles was just too impulsive about a lot of things! He just tended to assume that it would either be all right or that he could improvise some solution to any problem! Sure, it had worked so far, but then he also hadn’t attracted too much official scrutiny until recently… And he was so tired that he kept letting people see more than they should! Look at those two financial investigators! He’d let them see that he was obviously capable of designing high-order manses – AND had let them conclude that he had a supply of manse seeds! That could make all kinds of trouble for him later on! It might even cause a major stepup in the investigations – if only to find out just how a child learned that so fast and so early.

That would take them to Mrs Rosa Cress – and “he was already a skilled thaumaturge at five, and could attune and work with manses before he can really remember that far back”.

She’d probably been doing her own investigations already. That level of geomancy would sound a bit beyond even most adult thaumaturges – at the very least!

Hm… Was Charles LOOKING to get at least partially exposed? It would let him be a lot more honest, and work a lot more openly – and he might want to get things breaking his way by having things start to come out before any of the investigations could dig TOO deep.

Oh well! The boss was amazingly good at finding ways to turn anything that happened to his advantage somehow. It didn’t even seem to be any kind of magic… just a knack.

Mrs Cress actually had been investigating, albeit in her (strictly limited) spare time- and that had led to her going to her student, Mr. Montague, to find out about his meetings with the boy – and to Mr. Montague telling her that HE thought that Charles might be a Primordial, or at least a Primordial Half-Caste. It wasn’t just his talents, and the way that Dudael had responded to him, or even his resources! That “I’m not allowed to use the big forge yet!” comment had been so offhand and assured…

And not a week ago, the child had casually stopped by with some booster-artifacts for his own manse – six fourth-rank boosting devices individually and specifically designed to fit the manse and to boost it in the most convenient possible ways! Those hadn’t come from any primordial treasure-horde! His manse wasn’t that old – and the Primordials didn’t have much of a need for artifacts like that in any case! Even if the boy had had “special help” getting them made, he had to have analyzed the design of the manse during his brief visit – perhaps while eating cookies…

Yes, he’d asked if any more could be obtained – and had been told that making them required very special help, although “I might be able to get you a set…”. But so FAST. And with hints of all kinds of energies about them, including the wyld… Had the boy actually gone to Autochthon – or at least to some of Autochthon’s higher souls – to have them made? Was he using a gate and some lost art to pull them directly out of the Wyld?

He’d told his Sifu about that as soon as he could, only to find that she too was looking into the mysteries surrounding the child – and that he seemed to stand outside of fate and to vanish from creation every so often

The Silver Faction – and the lunar representatives – had been unhelpful, but it was obvious enough that they were taking an interest in the boy as well. The Bronze wanted the kids help – and even the Golds were taking an interest.

It was too bad that surveillance in Dudael was so difficult! The boy seemed to center an awful lot of his activities there! Very soon, they’d have to start sending in some non-employees to purify themselves and have a look around. That would make watching the boy a LOT easier!

Sadly, Charles had carefully left so many different (and probably incorrect, but fascinating) answers lying around that it was going to take quite some time to sort things out – unless someone made a breakthrough – or got a lot more methodical in their analysis than was at all usual. Even then there were so many unknowns that it would be a heck of a big guess!

By the time anyone was sure… he hoped to be indispensable to half the universe. Still, he DID want a little Sidereal assistance on his Stargate project. That was a mutual interest anyway! Many of the Siereals would like their interstellar missions to have a minimal time of less than ten days.

Charles, meanwhile, was expanding Aden again, completing his circle of third-circle soul impersonator manses, continuing to tinker with his elsewhere-fishing, and working on his assorted projects. He’d decided to wait for a Sidereal to ask to see him; that way he’d have a small distraction at the ready! Mrs Blossom had wanted to talk about the Nocturnals and Catherine anyway – and might well suspect that he had something to do with the one who’d vanished, turned up briefly with Catherine saying that she’d been rescued and was going into hiding, and then vanished again.

They would be coming, backlog or not. After all, the news that he’d designed high end Manses was out – albeit still not public. Setting up the simulation-Bazaar for Arcosanti had given that away; even if the plans were in the archives, they have to be customized to the site; manse seeds didn’t do that… Ergo, Charles was at least capable of designing fourth rank manses in relatively little time – and he was connected to Gri Fel, an old Bronze Faction ally.

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