Session Six: Trick Or Death

   With Darius busy recruiting students for his “School of Siege”, our heroes abruptly realized that they were in an orphanage full of children and it was Halloween. Oh well. Time to take them out. At least there were enough adults to split them up into groups of ten and still leave a skeleton staff, the Chauffeur could run overwatch, the werewolves were perfectly willing to come along and play guardians (although they had to be persuaded to wear costumes other than fur), and the Hauntsman could stick around to handle any problems that came up. There shouldn’t be much: after all, what could go wrong in a mansion overrun with random magic, hosting a crypt of death, filled with strange artifacts and spells, and watched over by the Hauntsman on the most shadowy and spirit-filled night of the magical year? Especially when Ranko had decided to invite an Aztec War God along when Trick-or-Treating with her infant son Isacora? Continue reading