Masterclass Spells

   The Masterclass Enchantements are an extension of the Cabalastic Esoterica Multipower – and thus assume that the user already has a magical multipower with a 62 point reserve and limitations totaling at least -1. If you want to adapt them for use with a multipower with differing limitations, you’ll have to check the individual spells for conflicting disadvantages. As a note, the Masterclass Enchantments are – at least in theory – all available via Ritual Magic.


   MasterClass Spells are not exactly “ultimate powers” – but they’re generally about as close to ultimate as a playable mage ought to have routinely available. Spells this potent necessarily involve a slight enhancement of the user’s multipower reserve; +28 points to multipower reserve, with this multipower’s basic limitations (-1). In addition, the user must have at least fifteen points worth of magic from each of the elemental realms (-.5), and may only learn three spells using this enhanced reserve (This helps ensure that any master mage will be unique, -.5). Furthermore, any MasterClass spell always requires at least one full phase to cast (-.5), and has at least -1/2 in additional limitations (IE – “Variable Limitations”, -.25), for a net cost of seven points for the enhanced reserve.

   Unlike most of the lesser spells, MasterClass Spells are often unique to particular magi – at least in their original forms. Master magi are rare to begin with, and commonly have (wildly) eccentric personalities and styles – factors of great importance in magic of this level.


Master Enchantments : Element  Res;  Cost
01 (The) Ban Of Hours Fire  90    2
02 Chain Of Destiny Earth  90    2
03 Cutting The Thread Void  75    1
04 Foam Upon The Sea Water  90  16
05 Gates Of Myriddyn Void  90    8
06 Hand Of Morpheus Air  90    8
07 Heart Of Silence Water  90    6
08 Ieyasu’s Greater Warding Earth  90  14
09 Master The Storm All  90  14
10 Mind Like Moon Air  90  20
11 Mind Over Matter Air  90  14
12 Nymic Magic Fire  V.    9+
13 Power Words All  V.  12
14 The Spiral Dance Void  90  14
15 Uttermost Sphere Of Night Fire  90    8
16 Walking The Wheel Water  90    4
17 Way Of The Gods Earth  90    6
18 Wings Of Night All  90  10

THE BAN OF HOURS allows the user to alter history on a global scale – at least in relatively “minor” ways. While subtle, such a power has terrifying ramifications – as well as a vast array of applications. Fortunately, most wide-spread modifications tend to be noticed – but even little, “localized”, modifications can make life a great deal easier.

1) 1D6 Minor Transform (Induces minor modifications in memories, records, and evidence. For example, it can be used to alter someone’s social status, make everyone remember a dangerous mystic nexus as a toxic waste dump to stay away from, or to make everyone forget you. This is still, however, a “limited class” of results, +.25), Cumulative (+.5), Invisible to Sight and Hearing (Visible to mystic senses. +.75), 16 Uses (-), Personal Immunity (+.25), 3″ Radius (+1) and 21x extended radius (Global, +5.25). The effect can be reversed by anybody who knows what happened (IE; Was off-world, has power defense, or whatever. “Fixing” your parking tickets is unlikely to attract “attention” though, since no such individual is likely to notice), and who can find the caster and make him / her reverse the spell. Requires a full turn (-1), Expertise (As noted, -.5), and No Range (-.5).


CHAIN OF DESTINY subtly manipulates probabilities to guide events towards a desired goal. Unfortunately, the more specific and demanding the spell user becomes, the wilder and more unpredictable the required coincidences become. While the spell’s power is not limitless, it’s unrelenting manipulations often make it seem so. On the other hand, the caster is in no way immune.

As a rule, asking for reasonable, “generic” outcomes – or for results of very limited scope – is safe enough in most cases. Giving your friends good “luck”, winning the lottery, or arranging to have a stray child adopted by some really nice people, are all straightforward – and don’t require any unusually unlikely outcome (Even in a lottery. SOME numbers have to come up, and one set is just as likely as another). More grandiose, but vague, prophecies are also fairly safe – especially if they’re distant or lack a time limit. “Gloat if you must, but you shall, in the end, no triumph see” is fine. “Gloat if you wish – but within a year you shall perish at the hands of the children of Thanatos!” may well fail – and even if it comes to pass it may well be in some utterly unexpected fashion, or at some terrible price.

1) 1D6 “Minor” Transform (Makes minor modifications to “guide” the course of events towards a desired goal or alters the probabilities of various results, a “limited class” of results, +.25), Uncontrolled (This effect can be shut down by simply rendering the desired “result” impossible, +.5), 0 End Cost (+.5), Cumulative (+.5), 3″ Radius (+1), and 21x extended radius (Global, +5.25), 12 Charges (IE; This effect can only be started 12 times a day. This is probably far too often, -.25), Expertise (As noted, -.5), Requires a Full Phase (-.5), and No Range (-.5). As a note, this effect is “visible” to various magical and psychic senses – as well as to any form of “precognition”. While sensitive individuals, as well as time-travellers, may catch an initial prismatic “ripple”, the action of this spell is not otherwise detectable by normal senses. It’s just as well, otherwise it would get in everybody’s face.


CUTTING THE THREAD; If multiverse’s magi should ever hold a contest to select the “Most Malicious and Reckless Spell Of All Time”, “Cutting The Thread” would be a/the likely winner. This spell – if successful – not only obliterates it’s target, but it “burns back” along his/ her timeline to the moment of conception, unmaking him, her, or it, from the beginning. In essence, the target will never have existed. Of course, as a “side effect”, the works, records, and memories, of the target – and any descendants – will be expunged as well. If said target happens to have once saved a planet, that world will go too. While errors – bits of unaltered reality – aren’t too uncommon, even the caster is not necessarily immune to the side effects of his, her, or it’s, own spell.

1) 1D6 Major Transform (To Nothingness) Penetrating (+.5), Cumulative (+.5), Continuous (+1), Zero End Cost (+.5), Uncontrolled (+.5), “Difficult” To Dispel x2 (As 300 Active Points, +.5), Affects desolids (+.5). The transformation “reverts” if someone who still remembers the victim (IE; Someone who was out-dimension when this spell was cast – or who has hardened, persistent, power defense) can convince at least five million people that so-and-so actually existed. This will usually require a massive writing or publicity campaign. The limitations on this monstrosity include Side Effects (One pip Major Transform, to “As it would’ve been without “X” (Limited Class, +.25), Cumulative (+.5), “Uncontrolled” (+.5), 0 End Cost (+.5), 2″ Radius (+1), NND (Vrs hardened power defense, +1), “Invisible” (+1), Affects Desolids (+.5), Sticky (+.5), Continuous (+1), 2x “Difficult To Dispel” (600 Active Points, +.5), and 87 Levels Extended Radius (The entire universe, +21.75). This transformation only occurs if the target of the spell is actually destroyed by it, and reverts to “normal” if the target of the spell is restored to existence. This is a -2 limitation), Can only be activated three times per day (-1.25), Requires a full phase of 0 DCV concentration to cast (-1), and yet more Side Effects (Anyone who knows this spell had best be very, very, careful about ever revealing it. Nobody likes having their UNIVERSE recklessly tinkered with, and most magi and cosmic beings feel that anyone using this spell is irresponsible, probably mad – and very powerful. Even KNOWING it is likely to get them on your tail. All of this counts as a massive “Watched”, -1). The usual “Expertise” (-.5) requirement applies – if it matters.


FOAM UPON THE SEA draws upon the seething mutability which underlies reality – the infinite possibilities of change and transformation that are normally barred from expression by sheer unlikeliness. Tipping that balance allows wild improbibilities to erupt from quantum chaos into the mundane world.

-The multipower slots which make up this spell share several common limitations; they require one full phase (-.5) and great expertise (As above, -.5) to cast. More annoyingly, it is extremely difficult to deny the chaos inherent in such magic. Most of these slots will either suffer from activation rolls (And often side effects) – or require special measures and limitations to avoid that bothersome unpredictability.

A) Anchor The Flux; 1D “Major” Transformation (Back to “normal”), Penetrating (+.5), 32 Charges/Day (+.25), 3″ Radius (+1), and 13x Extended Radius (24,576″ Total, +3), No Range (-.5), Requires one full turn (Additional -.5). As a note, this can also be used to repair damage from battles and disasters.

B) Wing Of The Butterfly; 1D Minor Transform to Any desired weather (+.25), Cumulative (+.5), with 125 Uses (+.75), No Normal “Defence” (Versus no atmosphere, +1), 2x Difficult To Dispel (+.5), Invisible to both Sight and Hearing (Visible to mystical senses, +.75), Radius (5″, +1), 13x Extended Radius (40,960″, +3.25), Activates on a 14- (-.5) and takes 2D6 seconds to take effect (-.5), only works on weather (IE – you can’t get rid of people by turning them into a weather pattern, -.5), and a “Side Effect” (The same thing, but the weather shifts are not under the caster’s control. Coupled with the delay this can complicate things, -1). No Range (-.5), Won’t work in sealed or controlled environments, (-.25,), and cannot exceed the range of effects that can be produced by the planet’s natural weather (-.25). As a note, truly major weather patterns always require time to build up; a fog takes very little, but a major storm takes a minimum of a few minutes – even after conditions have been set for it. This would probably count as another limitation – if it mattered.

C) WildSphere; 3D6 “Major” Transform (Increases the probability of any specified event, +.25), Nonselective Radius Effect (6″, +.25), 14- Activation (-.5), 12 Uses (-.25) and Side Effects (Roll the transform body, consult the chart below, and pick a bizarre thing to have happen. Given the level of reality which this spell operates on the GM can virtually do whatever he / she pleases. As a rule, however, the effects of misfires are indirect – defenses do apply if there are any relevant ones. -1).

While it’s something of a stretch of the rules, this spell “transforms” the probability “fields” that govern the outcome of a situation. While powerful, this has a built-in limitation; probability is not certainty. As a mechanic, events can be rated from one “Body” (Trying to force an event that would almost certainly happen in any case) up through 10 “body” (Something that’s flatly impossible. That really isn’t very much). For example; 2; Making a reckless driver skid off the road, altering an activation roll. 3; Causing slip-ups and accidents, or making someone drop something. 4; Causing technological items – or biological systems – to malfunction, setting off some explosives. 5; Getting complex devices to work by banging on them, making complex biochemicals in your kitchen by mixing together basic compounds. 6; Making a crowbar “spontaneously” bend or break, making something get hot or cold. 7; Making the air suddenly “rush” into one corner of a room, suddenly reshaping an object thru molecular rearrangement. 8; Reassembling something via regathering it’s molecules, spontaneous creation – and 9; Transmutation via spontaneous subatomic shifts, opening a “wormhole”, or teleporting things via quantum shifts. Effects which are basically attacks normally have about 60 active point effects.

D) Star Of The Magi; 2D6+1 “Major” Transformations, Variable Trigger (+.5), To “Anything” (+1). Requires a full minute (Additional -1). Requires – and temporarily depletes – a massive source of mystic energies (A major energy nexus, magical artifact, powerful spirit, really huge personal reserves, or the energies of a great many people (Such as a crowd of cultists at a ceremony) will do, -1), 4 uses (-1). This exotic spell “crystallizes” pure, raw, “mana”, creating lovely, iridescent, gemlike talismans of solidified mystical energy ready for later use – whether to be manifested as enchantments or as an expression of raw power. (In “game terms” this spell creates 36-point “items”. The delayed effect means that you needn’t specify what you make until you want to use it. In general, such items are functionally independent but get no bonus for it and usually only last for a few days at best (Of course, if someone pays the point cost for it, it’s theirs permanently). If the trigger is set to “holder’s verbal command” these may be the basis for tales of “wishes”. After all, if you simply ask for an effect you’ll probably get it. (One charge which does not recover, -4, for a total of 180 active points. This is enough for most things, although very complex things may require time (1 week “Extra Time”, -4) – and may even have quite unexpected consequences (Side Effects, -1)).

E) Dance Of The Tides; 3D6 “Major” Transform to any (+.25) Magical Effect, “Damage” Shield (+.5), 2 one-day Charges (+.25), only works vrs incoming magical effects (-1).

Once again, this stretches the game mechanics a bit; This spell transmutes incoming magic into other effects of the caster’s choice. In general, the limits of this effect are (Body rolled – Power Defense of whoever cast the spell to be transmuted)x5 active points. Thus, if a 10D6 Magical “Energy Blast” is coming in, and it’s caster has five points of power defense, the user will have to roll 15 “body” to seize control of that power and channel it into something else.

F) Hand Of Chaos; 1D6 Major Transform to “Anything” (+1), Cumulative (+.5), 32 Charges (+.25), Radius (+1), Selective Target (By groups. EG; The user could change “Trucks and Automobiles” to “Wagons and Carriages”. +.25), with 8x Extended Radius (1024″, +2), Activates on a 14- (-.5), “-.5” in “Variable Limitations” (-.25).

G) The Twisted Realm; 1D6 “Major” Transform, to any desired “setting” (IE; Steaming jungle, mediaeval city, etc. People and items will be transformed to fit, +.25), 32 charges (+.25), Cumulative (+.5), Radius (+1), and 12x Extended Radius (12,228″, +3). Activates on a 14- (-.5) and requires “-.5” in “Variable Limitations” (-.25).

H) Metamorphosis Arcane; 4D6+3 Major Transform, Any Magical Power to any other Magical Power (+.25). Sadly, this only works on a 15- (-.25) and has a most annoying side effect; a 16+ indicates that this spell still goes off – but the result of the transformation is in no way under the caster’s control. Instead of dissipating that wall of flame you may just have detonated it, turned it into a major summoning, or created a huge choking cloud of smoke. (-1), 16 Charges (-).

-For the mechanics of such a “power transformation”, see “Dance Of The Tides”, above.

I) Waters Of Change; 1D Major Transform; Cumulative (+.5), Continuous (+1), To “Anything” (+1), Penetrating III (+1.5), 16x Five-Minute Charges (Oddly enough, this can be shut down by nothing more then immersion in some liquid for a turn or so. Apparently the energies of the spell wind up expending themselves doing really strange things to the unresisting liquid instead, +1). Requires gestures (-.25), activates on a 15- (-.25), and takes -.5 in “Variable” limitations (-.25). It must be noted that this spell is sufficient to change almost anything into anything, to add or strip away powers, or to do really, really, weird things to large buildings. (“Surrender! Or I shall transform the Eiffel Tower into BLUEBERRY JAM!!” – Villainous Mage. “Whatever this guy’s on, I want some!” -Dr. Rainbow, Hippie Mage).


GATES OF MYRIDDYN opens the doors of the otherworlds – whether to pull something through, to throw something out, or simply to open a gate, is pretty much up to the caster.

A) The Doors Of Magic; Extra-Dimensional “Movement” (Earth reality and the mystic planes, 30 points). Usable By Others (+.25), One Hex Area Effect (+.5), Continuous (+1), and Difficult To Dispel (+.25). 3x 1-hour charges (-), requires a full phase (-.5) of gestures and chanting (-.5 total), Expertise (As noted, -.5), and “Open at both Ends” (QV; Mystic Masters, -.5). The user can close the gateway in a phase, other mystics may do so with a turn or two of ritual.

B) Interdict; Extra-D Movement/The interdimensional void. Any being lacking interdimensional travel powers of it’s own will be automatically drawn back to his/her own realm in short order, Usable versus others (Can not affect beings that are native to the plane of casting – unless they’ve been “summoned”, in which case they will still be tainted with dimensional energies. Such beings will, however, wind up back wherever-it-is they belong, +1), Radius (+1) – and 6x Entended Radius (256″, +1.5). Expertise (As noted, -.5), Requires a full phase (-.5), of gestures and chanting (-.5 total) and “Dramatic License” (Powerful beings can resist this spell for a bit – thus getting a chance to try and drag someone with them, lay some dire curse, strike at the caster, or simply make a good speech before going. In addition, the effects are somewhat variable and always extremely flashy; the arms of imprisoned demons reach up from cracks to drag their adventurous brethren “home”, a blazing tornado of flame sweeps up the targets, and so on. All in all, -.5), and 12 charges (-.25).

C) Call The Great; Summon, any member of some group (User’s choice when this spell is acquired. While this is commonly used to call major elementals, versions can be used to call guardian spirits, potent undead, demons from the underworld, or various others, +.25), of up to 210 points (Plus disadvantages). Multiple creatures may be called – at -25 points per doubling of their number. Expertise (As noted, -.5), requires a successful use of a relevant contact/knowledge skill (-.25), incantations (-.25), Requires a full minute (-1.5), OIF (Seal, Rune, Medallion, Sigil, or some other talisman as appropriate to the type of being to be summoned, -.5), four charges (-1).

D) Grasp Of The ArchMagi; 2D Major Cumulative (+.5) Transform to Anything (+1), 64 Charges (+.5). May only be used to “create” various inanimate items (-1), which may come with disadvantages and plotlines attached at the game masters option (-.5), Requires full turn (-1), you only get the item you really wanted on an 11- (-1), and Expertise (As noted, -.5). Please note, that while the game effect is “creation”, this spell actually involves “fishing through the dimensions” in search of something and “pulling it through” when you find it. In general, powerful items come with complications. Pizza and beer generally does not.

E) The Hidden World; Extra-Dimensional Movement Vrs Others (+1), Radius Effect (+1), and 6x Extended Radius (Total of 256″, +1.5), one charge (-2), requires a full five minutes (-2) of gestures (-.25), and incantations to cast (-.25), as well as Expertise (As noted, -.5). This powerful enchantment shifts a substantial area, and all it contains, out of normal reality and into a tiny pocket dimension of the caster’s own design. The volume left behind is usually replaced by either a lake (One reason for all the legends of magical isles in odd lakes) – or by a small section of primaeval wilderness.

-A second, associated, slot allows the caster to set up gateways to and from the private little world he/she has created. Extra-Dimensional Movement (Earth/Hidden World, 20 points), Continuous (+1), One Hex Area Effect (+.5), Usable By Others (+.25), Zero End, Persistent, and Uncontrolled (+1.5), Difficult To Dispel (+.25), 3 uses daily (-1), Requires a full five minutes (-2), of total concentration (0 DCV, -.5), to cast, OAF (Equipment for inscribing various mystic sigils, -1), Gestures (-.25), and Incantations (-.25). Such gates can be shut down by any mage with a small ritual or a specific counterspell – but otherwise last indefinitely. Note that a “hidden world” can become a sort of “transportation hub” if the user sets up gates to (and from) it from various sites. Investing a few points in variations of this spell will allow it to become an interdimensional hub.


The HAND OF MORPHEUS channels and manipulates the wild power of the “Dreamzone” – an interdimensional realm of pure psychic energy which links every mind that dreams. While few reach the gates of greater slumber – the wall which marks the boundry beyond which one may opt, or be forced, to abandon the body for the fantastic, eternal, realms of the great dreamers – The sophoric energies of the Dreamzone possess great power over all who dream.

-The multipower slots which make up this spell share several common limitations; they require one full phase (-.5), of concentration (0 DCV, -.5), and great expertise (As above, -.5) to cast, as well as “-.5” in “Variable” Limitations (-.25).

A) Caress Of Night; 2D6 Fully Invisible (+1) Energy Blast, No Normal Defense (Life Support / Need Not Sleep +1), Continuous (+1), Personal Immunity (+.25), 8 five- minute uses (+.5), “Difficult To Dispel” (+.25), Radius Effect (+1), 12x Extended Radius (16,384″ Maximum, +3). A subtle spell, which gently, pleasurably, and swiftly, induces first drowsiness, and then slumber.

B) DreamWeaving; 2D6 Mental Illusion. The “NND” is versus being awake, and it has the Variable Trigger (+.5) advantage (Allowing the user to plant dreams for later) since making a mental power invisible is only +.5. The advantages are otherwise the same as “Caress Of Night”, above. It should be noted that sleeping people are very very suggestible – and that almost anything seems quite reasonable in a dream.

C) DreamSlayer; 18D6 Mental Illusions, 16 uses (-).

D) DreamGate; Extra- “Dimensional” Travel (Into any dream realm), Armor Piercing (+.5), 5″ Radius (+1), 32x Uses (+.25), and Selective Target (+.25).


HEART OF SILENCE draws upon the deep alienation, and distance from normal humanity, which distinguishes many magi – turning that chill emptiness of their heart into a terrible vortex of psychic energy, capable of numbing the minds of anyone about them.

A) Winter Of The Mind; 1D6 Def 2 Entangle, based on ECV (+1), does “Body” (+1), with Backlash (+.5), Damage Shield (+.5), and 80″ Radius (+2). 3x 1-hour charges (-), Requires a full phase (-.5), Expertise (As noted, -.5), Side Effect (Emotional numbness; the user becomes cold, uncaring, ruthless and throughly detached from the rest of humanity, -.5), Side Effect cannot be avoided (-.5).

B) Chill Of The Soul; +90 Presence. Three one-hour charges (-), Requires a full phase (-.5), Expertise (As noted, -.5), Side Effects (Emotional numbness; the user becomes cold, uncaring, ruthless and throughly detached from the rest of humanity, -.5), Side Effects cannot be avoided (-.5).

C) Armor Of Uncaring; Invisibility, vrs; all sight, hearing, radio, smell/taste, radio senses, and “unusual”, senses, as well as mental awareness, with no “fringes”, one hex area effect (+.5) on sight and hearing aspects, area effect only conceals the source(s) of the caster’s powers (-1). 3x one-hour charges, Requires a full phase (-.5), Side Effects (Emotional numbness; caster becomes cold, uncaring, ruthless, and throughly detached from the rest of humanity, -.5), Side Effects can not be avoided (-.5), and Expertise (As noted, -.5). As a note, this spell doesn’t really make the user “invisible”. It just prevents anyone from caring about them enough to really notice them.


IEYASU’S GREATER WARDING is, apparently, a classical bit of Angelology, using elemental affinities to invoke still higher powers. Unfortunately, unlike demons (QV), said higher powers are under no compulsions to obey any pesky mortal magi and – almost by definition – have few weaknesses which can be used to manipulate them. Worse, at least from the viewpoint of most mages, they seem to be reluctant to intervene directly – at least on behalf of individuals. Appeals on made on the behalf of others – especially of MANY others – are much more reliable.

-The Great Wardings may have individual limitations, but all of them require at least one full phase to cast (-.5), induce an unavoidable (-.5) side effect (A 4D6+2 “Minor” transform, inducing a transcendental experience and/or odd compulsions (GMO), -.5), and notable expertise (As above, -.5).

A) Wards Of The Principality; Mental Defense (+10), Hardened (+.25), Usable by Others (+.25), 3x 1-day uses (+.5), Invisible (+1), 3x “Difficult To Dispel” (+.75), Personal Immunity (+.25) and Variable Trigger (+.5), 5″ Radius Effect (+1) with 12x Extended Radius (20480″, or about 25 miles). It should be noted that – consciously or not – most people will use any available defences if they’re under attack.

B) Shield Of The Dominion; This uses Power Defense, but is otherwise identical to the “Wards”, above.

C) The Mists Of Avalon; Extra-Dimensional Movement, Usable Versus Others (+1), Radius Effect (+1), with six levels of Extended Radius (Total of 256″, +1.5). One of the most potent defensive wards ever created, the Mists Of Avalon calls forth a virtually impenetrable “shield” of swirling silver mist to protect the caster and a large slice of the surrounding countryside. Alternatively, the caster can use the mists to contain something which is too dangerous to leave unshielded – such as a really large superhero battle. 12 charges (-.25).

-The shield is, of course, a special effect. In game terms, nothing can get in (or out) without using EDM or the “Transdimensional” advantage because the section of space in question simply is not connected to the normal universe any more. Those needing to protect truly large areas (Such as entire cities) should toss in Hangrell’s Lesser Invocation to expand the area. Just as a note, this spell calls on the Seraphim – which are, according to mediaeval Angelology the “highest order” of angels. Unfortunately, “Shield Of The Seraphim”, or any similar expression, has been pre-empted by Marvel Comics.

D) Wrath Of The Cherubim; 2D6 Energy “Blast”, Fully Invisible (+1), Continuous (+1), No Normal Defense (Vrs NOT being a supernatural menace. Unlike most NND powers this is not entirely all or nothing. A heroic magical werewolf would – at the very least – feel like somebody was watching and judging. A mage who uses black magic, no matter how good his / her intentions, is in for a nasty headache. A hero who wrested his (or her) powers from a demon would probably suffer agonies. +1), Three 24-hour uses (+.5), 2x Difficult To Dispel (+.5), Radius Effect (+1) with 12x Extended Radius (16,384″ Maximum, +3).

E) Presence Of The Thrones; Change Environment in a 10,800″ Radius (72 points), Difficult To Dispel (+.25), 4x 1-hour charges (-). This potent “spell” infuses the area, and all within it, with the power of the Thrones. Any item, power, or being in the area of effect that is not specifically unholy becomes “holy” – an effect that is likely to trigger quite a few vulnerabilities and/or susceptibilities in obnoxious supernatural beings.

F) Aegis Of Virtue; ExtraDimensional Movement, thru Time (40 points), Usable Versus Others (Vrs NOT being a supernatural nasty, +1), Minimal Range (About 5″, +.25. “Advantage Purists” may treat this as 2″ of stretching, only for determining the usability of this attack, -2). This “spell” shunts it’s target forward thru time until the user either ceases to confront him, her, or it (The special effect is that the target is held frozen by the strength of the user’s will/”faith”) – or until someone attacks the target. The user may deal with minor issues (EG; “Thugs”) while continuing to confront said target, but will be at DCV 0 and -3 OCV while doing so. The major point of this is, of course, to gain time. 12 charges (Given that this is temporal movement it doesn’t really have a “duration” – although it looks that way, -.25).

G) Word Of Light; Immunity; To Infernal Beings (5), Powers (5), Environments (5), and Obstacles (5), Usable By Others (+.25), 4x “Difficult” To Dispel (+1), 3x 24- Hour Charges (+.5), Variable Trigger (+.5), Radius (+1) with one level of extended radius (14″, +.25). Negated on an individual basis by attacking (-1).

-This is the spell that protected Dante’ in his trip through the “Inferno”. It calls on the Powers to guard and protect the “caster” and his/her companions against all the powers of hell. GM’s who feel that this is an overly-broad use of “immunity” may substitute something else – such as a version of “Wards Of The Principality” which bestows physical defences (6 PD/4 ED Force Field) instead of mental defense. It should be noted that such protection will only protect people against unjustified attacks; the Powers won’t shield you if you deserve it.

-Those few who’re saintly enough to be on good terms with the angels and archangels (Spirits who interact on a “personal” basis, rather then on an abstract one) may develop specific effects drawing on them. If anybody cares, the mediaeval hierarchy was, from the highest to the lowest, the Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels, and Angels.


MASTER THE STORM calls upon the destructive power of the basic elements in their primordial manifestations – as they were when the earth was forming. Uncontrolled, devastating, and affecting massive areas. While there are peaceful applications of this spell – it can be used to “calm” the elements as well – it really can’t be denied that most of the mages who learn it are more interested in it’s vast destructive potential. Unfortunately, such raw elemental power would incinerate any human or near-human who attempted to channel it directly. A wise mage will instead direct it through some form of (preferably easily-discarded) focus.

-The seven multipower slots which make up this spell share several common limitations; they require one full phase (-.5), concentration (0 DCV, -.5), and considerable expertise (As above, -.5) to cast, as well as a “-1” in Variable Limitations (These are usually an OAF/Staff or 14- activation and a 9D6 Energy Blast side effect – for a an effective total of -.5).

A) Earthquake; 3D6 Energy “Blast”, Double Knockback (+.75), Autofire (+.5), 32 Charges (+.25), Radius (+1), and 10x Extended Radius (4096″ , +2.5). The “Autofire” part goes off at a rate of 1 shot/segment (Aftershocks, -.25) while the entire quake – obviously – only affects those who are in contact with the ground (-.5). It must noted that this generates an earthquake powerful enough to hurl people off their feet. This is almost certainly going to collapse buildings, break dams, shatter pipes, and otherwise cause massive destruction. It may even trigger natural fault lines and/or set off volcanoes.

B) Celestial Thunderbolt; RKA, 6D6, 16 Charges (-).

C) Pyroclastic Cloud; 1D6 RKA, Damage Shield (+.5), Penetrating III (+1.5), 5″ Radius (+1), and 8x Extended Radius (1280″ Total, +2), 6x 1-minute charges (-).

D) Call The Waters; Change Environment (Wet, rainy, and flooded) in a 10,809″ Radius, with “Damage Class I” side effects (As appropriate; Trapped people may drown, equipment slowly gets ruined, electrical systems short, and so on, +.25), 1x 24-hour charge (-).

E) Wake The Winds; Telekinesis/Str 10 with seasonal “Side Effects” (E.G.; Fog, freezing rain and hail, storms and lightning, blizzard conditions or whatever fits, +.25), 2″ Radius (+1), Personal Immunity (+.25), “Difficult To Dispel” (+.25), and 13x Extended Radius (16,384″, +3.25), 2x 5-hour charges. Effects are highly erratic and quite uncontrolled (IE; This raises a major, hurricane-level, storm. Some spots may be whimsically spared, others may be utterly devastated. The “telekinesis” is wind, hence small, dense, objects may be almost unaffected, while a large, but less dense, object (Such as a car), may well be hurled about with great violence, -.5). Obviously enough, this spell can be appallingly destructive

F) Summon Spirit Of Disaster; Summon any (+.25) 210 point “Spirit Of Disaster” (EG; a Tornado spirit, Tidal Wave Spirit, Earthquake Spirit, or whatever. These have single – but truly massive – “attack” powers and pretty much simply “do their thing” once summoned. Personally, they tend to be small ethereal beings which simply hide in the middle of their ongoing disasters (IE; “Personal Immunity”). They’re horribly dangerous and destructive), 3 charges (-1), Requires a successful contact roll with the “appropriate” elemental lord (They usually frown on turning loose this kind of spirit without a really good reason, -.5), and a full turn (Additional -.5) to cast

G) Still The Mountain; 2D6 Suppress, versus any one (+.25) “natural disaster”, Variable Trigger (+.5) and 125 one-day charges (+2.5), Penetrating (+.5), Difficult To Dispel (+.25), 5″ Radius (+1), 12x Extended Radius (Net 20,480″, +3). This powerful effect allows it’s user to calm the most violent forces of nature – to halt an on- rushing tidal wave, quiet an erupting volcano, or still the winds of a hurricane. While the spell itself only lasts for twenty-four hours such a delay often suffices to allow the forces behind such a disaster to dissipate harmlessly. Interestingly, it also allows the caster to dispel any “spirit of disaster”.


MIND LIKE MOON channels massive mystic energies thru the caster’s mind and into formidable telepathic effects. While powerful, and versatile, this is rather difficult to learn and extremely tiring.

-The multipower slots which make up this spell share several common limitations; they require one full phase (-.5) and great expertise (As above, -.5) to cast. Far worse, this deeply personal involvement means that they draw deeply upon their caster’s personal energies (Cost End activate, -.5) and must take an additional “-.5” in Variable Limitations (-.25).

A) Telepathy, 18D6, 6x 1-minute charges (-).

B) Ego Attack, 9D6, 16 Charges (-).

C) Ego Attack, 3D6, Continuous (+1), Armor-Piercing (+.5), and Sticky (IE; It spreads to mentalists who try to help, +.5), 4x 5-minute charges (-).

D) Mind Control, 14D6+1, Telepathic Command (+.25).

E) Mind Control, 8D6, Telepathic (+.25) with an 11″ Cone Area Effect (+1), 16 Charges (-).

F) Mental Illusion, 18D6.

G) Mental Illusion, 9D6, 10″ Cone Area Effect (+1).

M) 12D6 Mind Scan at +15 ECV, 6x 1-minute uses (-).

I) 1D6 Major Transform, Fully Invisible (+1), Based on ECV (+1), Continuous (+1), Makes any desired psychic alterations (+.25), 125 Charges (+1), Penetrating (+.5) and Trigger (A mental “key”, +.25). This is basically a form of telepathic “brainwashing”, and is usually seen as being rather unethical. It can also be used to teach skills, cure mental aberrations, and so on, but that is hardly it’s most notorious use.

J) ClairSentience (Normal Sight and Hearing) with a near-global range (Roughly 4600 miles). This relies on there being a mind present to tap into – hence it won’t work in places like safes (Unless they happen to have a small animal of some sort locked inside, -.5).


MIND OVER MATTER channels massive mystic powers thru the user’s mind, and into formidable telekinetic effects. While powerful, and versatile, this is rather difficult to learn and extremely tiring.

-The multipower slots which make up this spell share several common limitations; they require one full phase (-.5) and great expertise (As above, -.5) to cast. Far worse, this deeply personal involvement means that they draw deeply upon their caster’s personal energies (Cost End activate, -.5) and must take an additional “-.5” in Variable Limitations (-.25).

A) Grasp Of Heracles; Telekinesis, Str 53 with Fine Control, 4x 5-minute charges (-).

B) Will Of Adamant; Hardened (+.25) Force Field, 25 PD, 25 ED, 12 MD, 5 (Visual) Flash Defense, and 5 Power Defense. 4x 5-minute charges (-).

C) The Wall Of Octroi; Force Wall, 18 PD, 18 ED, 6x 1-Minute Charges (-).

D) Wings Of The Mind; Flight, 20″, 32x “Noncombat”, 6x 5-Hour Charges (+.5).

E) Parting The Waters; Str 23 Telekinesis with Fine Manipulation, Explosive (+.5), Damage Shield (+.5). 4x 5-Minute Charges (-).

-This makes a wonderful way to spin up a “shield” of debris, keep thugs off your back, or push your way thru a crowd.

F) Psychic Lance; 18D6 Energy (Force) Blast with 16 Charges (-).

G) Mindstorm; 10D6 Explosive (+.5) “Energy” (Force) Blast, Personal Immunity (+.25), 16 Charges (-).


NYMIC MAGIC is one of the oldest, and most powerful, branches of magic. It draws on the ancient belief that the name is the thing – and that knowing the name gives you power over the thing. Nymic magic is fast and deadly, but requires that the caster know the true names of the things his or her spell involves. True names start out fairly generic, but become more individual as they move up the evolutionary scale. The effects of Nymic Magic can generally be divided into a few, basic, categories; Creation by naming, Destruction by “Unnaming”, Control/ Summoning/Healing by the power and authority of the name, and Transformation by renaming.

-The various slots which make up nymic magic share a selection of limitations. Most obviously, all of them involve Invocation (-.25), and knowing the “true” name of both the target and whatever you want to turn it into – if anything. True names are tied to the inner essence, not necessarily to what something is called. They are difficult to find – and must be studied and understood. True names are treated much like “cantrips” are. Mages who learn nymic magic may “begin” with (Int+10)/2 Minor Names, and (Int-10)/2 Major Names. Further Names must be first found – and then learned, at a rate of 2 Minor, 2 Major, and 1 Great Name per character point spent (-1). There’s the usual Expertise requirement (-.5), the fact that properly pronouncing any true name requires a full phase (-.5). As a note, any mage who practices nymic magic automatically starts off with their personal true name. It doesn’t count against the total number of true names they’re allowed.

Minor Names; Plant Classes (EG; Fungus, Tree, Grass, Vines, Plankton, and so on), Nonsentient Species (Dog / Wolf, Elephant, Hyena, etc. Minor spirits and such also fall into this category) – and Simple Natural Phenomena (Fog, Rain, etc. These are generally counted as “minor” environmental changes).

Major Names; “Basic” Materials (Metal, Stone, Water, Fire, etc), INDIVIDUAL Sentient Beings (Humans, Demons, etc, all fall into this group), and Organs (Heart, Liver, etc. This sort of name is one way to partly get around the restrictions of nymic magic; such names can be used to “target” creatures who’s particular names you do not know for effects involving the specified organ).

Great Names; Forces (Light, Darkness, Gravity, Etc), Multiaspected Cosmic Beings (These generally can not be fully controlled – but you can influence the aspect you happen to be confronting), and Complex Machines/Compounds (These are fairly “generic”. For example, the same name will do for any kind of boat/ship). As a note, attacks generated by “creating” forces are usually equivalent to about 60 active points.

A) Nymic Mastery; 1D6 “Major” Transform, Cumulative (+.5), To Anything (+1), Continuous (+1), 64 one-minute charges (+1.25), No Normal Defense (Versus the user not knowing the target’s “true name”, +1), and Difficult To Dispel (+.25). This is the great power of nymic magic. It is the power to create, destroy (Turn to dust), bind to obedience, heal – and change things into other things, although the user must know both the name of the target and the name of whatever he/she wishes to change it into.

B) Voice Of Command; 1D Minor Transform, Cumulative (+.5), To Anything (+1), Continuous (+1), 64 one-minute charges (+1.25), No Normal Defense (Versus the user not knowing his/her targets true name, +1), Fully Invisible (+1), Affects Desolids (+.5), and “Difficult To Dispel” (+.25). Radius (+1) with 2x Extended Radius (32″ Total, +.5). This can be used to ward things off, command them to obedience within their nature (Rocks don’t walk, but tigers can be told where to go and who to eat. They can’t be told to learn to read), put creatures to sleep, make minor changes in them, cause incredible pain, and so on.

C) Nymic Summons; Summon any (+.25) named being(s), of up to 210 “points” (-25 per doubling of the number), 16 charges (-).

D) Naming The Self; 1D6 (Max 15) Aid to slot A or B (+.25), “fades” 5/day (+1.25), Fully Invisible (+1), 4x Difficult To Dispel (+1), and 16 Uses (-). This adds the “Usable Against Others” advantage to either of the two, thus allowing the caster to transform himself since the effect technically comes from elsewhere. Yes, this is a cheesy way to get around the rule that transforms may not be used to change yourself, but it’s the only way I can find to properly represent the effects of classical nymic magic.

E) Nymic Warding; Force Field, 40 Defense, Variable Defense (PD, ED, MD, FD, or Power Defense, +.5), Six 5- Hour Charges (+.75). Obviously enough, this only works against whatever-it-is you named when casting it. It can still be very handy if you happen to know the “true name” for fire when you’re attacked by Captain Inferno.


POWER WORDS are not usually the most powerful spells in a mage’s arsenal. They are a considerable strain to use, are magically conspicuous, and take a fair amount of time to prepare. On the other hand, they are incredibly fast once prepared – fast enough to allow their user to erect a defense against an incoming attack with little, or no, warning, or even to allow the use of other magic in the same phase.

-In theory, power words are all “precast” – and thus don’t require an action, or the expenditure of charges, when they’re used. They simply go off when the relevant trigger event occurs. In practice, this leads to a lot of paperwork and magi who never run out of power words. Rather then putting up with this, forget the paperwork, and simply allow mages to spend those charges “directly”, as needed, subject to a maximum of three per action. It doesn’t matter if they’ve already attacked – as long as they haven’t reached the limit they can use power words to do things like “throw up” a quick defense against an incoming attack. Given that this is more limiting then the indefinite accumulation of triggered defenses, this is a “-.5” limitation.

The intense magical focus and burst-release of power words does not come easily. The would-be caster must spend 10-20 minutes gathering and focusing his/her powers each morning to renew them (IE; They take one turn each to “cast” – although the “Trigger” advantage means that this has little effect in combat situations. -.5), the flare of magical energy when they’re used will probably alert any other mystic in the vicinity (Visible, -.25), the strain inflicts 1D6 stun on the caster each time he or she employs one (A variant on “side effect”. Instead of a 90-point effect on 5% chance, these have a 5-point effect 100% of the time, -1.25. If you don’t like this, use an 18D6 stun energy blast on a 14+ roll only to see if the side effect goes off). Obviously, no power word can require an attack roll. Neither can they be “left” somewhere to go off later (-.25).

A) Focused Might; 9D6 (30 point) Aid, to any single attribute (+.25) OR magical power (+.25), with Variable Trigger (+.5), 12 Charges (-.25), and extra points fade after one phase (-.5). Note that this will not “heal” physical injuries.

B) Kineticism; Acrobatics 18-, Breakfall 18-, and +18 “Superleap”, Variable Trigger (+.5), 6 Uses (-.75).

C) Mist Coils; 3D Defense 3 Entangle, Damage Shield (+.5), Affects Desolids (+.5), Entangle Takes No Damage From Attack (+.5), Variable Trigger (+.5), six one-turn charges (-.25), entangle automatically dissipates after one minute (-.5).

D) The Question; Interrogation Skill, 37-, Variable Trigger (+.5), 12 Uses (-.25). Does not include any of the “secondary” aspects of the actual skill. It merely allows the user to compel a target to answer a question of some type, (-.5).

E) SpellShatter; 17D Dispel, Vrs Any Single Magical Effect (+.25), Variable Trigger +.5), No Range (-.5), and 12 Charges (-.25).

F) StarShield; 3D6 Visual Flash, NND (Having light- based powers, +1), Damage Shield (+.5), with a Variable Trigger (+.5). Six one-turn Charges (-.25), won’t work against individuals with darkness-based powers (-.5).

G) Thunder; 6D6 Energy Blast, Explosion (+.5), with Double Knockback (+.75), Personal Immunity (+.25) – and Variable Trigger. 12 Charges (-.25), No Range (-.5).

H) The Voice Of Command; 6D6 Mind Control, Variable Trigger (+.5), 20″ Radius (+1.5), 12 Charges (-.25), No Range (-.5).

I) Vortex Of Unlife; 4D6 “Energy Blast”, “No Normal Defense” (Vrs a limitless metabolic energy source, such as cosmic or fusion power, +1), Variable Trigger (+.5), Personal Immunity (+.25), 40″ Radius (+1.75). No Range (-.5), 12 Charges (-.25).

J) WardSphere; Force Field/30 Points Variable (+.5) Defense, Variable Trigger (+.5), Hardened (+.25), 1 Hex Area Effect (+.5), 32 Charges (+.25). Only works versus one, specific, attack per casting (-.5).

K) Word Of Binding; 2D6 (Def 2), Entangle, Variable Triggers (+.5), Affects Desolids (+.5), Takes No Damage From Attack (+.5), Personal Immunity (+.25), 40″ Radius (+1.75). 12 Charges (-.25), No Range (-.5).

L) Wrath Of The Inanimate; Telekinesis, Str 30, Un- Controlled (+.5), Variable Trigger (+.5), 4x one-minute Charges (-.25), “Animate Object” only (-.5). While this is technically a “summoning” (Of a spirit that animates things), the writeup is a lot simpler this way. Note that this can be shut down by destroying the item – and the item must first “get it’s bearings” and only then can it start making it’s own attack rolls. In general, this cannot affect any items which are intimately associated with another character at the moment; you can’t animate someone’s foci or clothing while they’re using them.


THE SPIRAL DANCE twists and warps the very stream of time. Unfortunately, not even an archmage can predict the precise results of such tampering. While this spell can be used to produce some extremely powerful effects, it occasionally produces extremely weird “side effects” as well.

-The multipower slots which make up this spell share several common limitations; 14- Activation (Only to see if the side effects occur, -.25), Side Effects (Roll 1D 1-2; Wild Temporal Summoning. The possibilities include dinosaurs, the time patrol, “chronovores”, lovecraftian “hounds of tindalos”, lost aliens, and things from weird, alternate, timelines. 3-4; The entire group gets hurled into the far future, the distant past, historical time, an alternate timeline, last/next week – usually at some sort of crisis point – or “limbo”, 5; Someone is sucked off for a solo adventure or “radiation accident”. This can also mean having to chase after innocent people who get shunted away, and 6; Something weird turns up; A very odd artifact, evidence of a paradox which needs fixing, time machine, a set of time travelers, temporal rifts, or an annoying investigator, -1),

A) Timewalker; Duplication (One 225 point version), 6x 1-minute Charges (-). Actually, this effect involves “borrowing” a version of yourself from a possible time- line to come. Sadly, the fact that such “duplicates” are only partially real limits their power. Worse, even a master of time finds it impossibly difficult to fully overcome the natural “inertia” of personal interference with their own timeline – further limiting things.

-While “duplication” isn’t ordinarily available as a multipower slot, time travel is – and it’s a lot easier to keep things under control by setting it up this way, rather then trying to handle characters who want to “go back and assist themselves”.

B) Stopping The Sand; Extra-Dimensional Movement to any point in – or out – of time, Trigger (The power can be used normally – but will also activate automatically if anyone uses a similar power in the immediate area or the timestream shifts, +.25), and “Difficult To Dispel” (+.25). While this effect can be used for “simple” time travel, it can also be used to move out of time. While this makes it impossible to interact with the world (At least on any large scale), it’s a great way to escape – or to get the “time” to evaluate a situation.

C) Einsteinian Vortex; Extra-Dimensional “Movement”, Usable Versus Others (+1), “Damage” Shield (+.5), Fully Invisible (+1), 6x one-hour charges (+.5), Difficult To Dispel (+.25), Personal Immunity (+.25). This annoying effect ships anybody who touches the caster directly to limbo. A (Somewhat) less annoying version substitutes a teleportation effect for the extradimensional movement.

D) Burst The Bonds; +6 Speed, with Variable Trigger (+.5), 6x 1-Minute Charges (-).

E) Stasis Sphere; Extra-Dimensional “Movement” Thru Time (24 Hours “Ahead”), Radius Effect (+1), and Personal Immunity (+.25), 16 Charges (-). As a “special effect”, everything within 5″ of the caster is suspended in time for the duration.

F) Freeze The Hands; ExtraDimensional Movement Thru Time (24 Hours “Ahead”), Usable Versus Others (+1), and Limited Range (About 5″. “Advantage purists” may want to treat this as a bit of “stretching”, only usable for delivering this spell, +.25). This powerful spell locks it’s target in “temporal stasis”. Things in this state are quite invulnerable, although they can be moved with great effort. Sadly, this effect is useless against any target which is young enough to be firmly “anchored” in the present moment (Early twenties and younger. Aliens and such are affected according to their equivalent age).

G) SpellBinder; 14D6+1 Aid to any one magical power (+.25), May only be used to add the (Variable) Trigger, Time Delay, or Difficult To Dispel, advantages to other powers, 16 Charges (-).

H) Lesser Stasis; 4D6 Drain versus Speed. Recovers 5/Minute (+.25), 11″ Cone Effect (+1), 16 Uses (-).

-True masters of time magic may add additional slots to this selection, usually including; “AgeShift” (0 End Persistent Shapeshifting – only to alter apparent age), “TimePhasing” (Paired desolidification and invisibility), “TimeSight” (Full sensory Clairsentience, both Pre- and Post- Cognition), “TimeShift” (A cumulative Transform – to older/younger versions), “Temporal Warp” (1-hex area effect time travel to anywhen), “Lightning Step” (About +30″ Running, Variable Trigger) and “Tap The Future” (Aid to any one ability the caster might learn later on, but only up the level he or she is likely to learn). Such “TimeLords” also acquire a sensitivity to transtemporal energies (Apparently as a side effect) – but invariably vanish shortly thereafter. Nobody knows why – but most magi have their suspicions and are none too eager to find out for themselves.


UTTERMOST SPHERE OF NIGHT calls upon negative energy – darkness as a power in it’s own right, rather then as a simple absence of light. The flames which burn cold, and radiate shadow, as they “unconsume” ashes. Naturally enough, negative energy is basically inimical to normal (anti-) matter, energy, and forms of life; all of which is fundamentally positive. Even for a mage, such forces are tricky to call upon.

-The multipower slots which make up this spell share several common limitations; they require one full phase (-.5) and great expertise (As above, -.5) to cast. They are also quite draining (Cost End, despite the charges, -.5) and take a 15- activation roll (-.25).

A) UtterDark; Darkness, versus all Sight, Mental, and Hearing senses, plus Touch. 4x five-minute charges (-) Personal Immunity (+.25), Radius (+.5 – as it’s already a one-hex effect), and Extended Radius (16″, +.5).

B) Wrath Of The Outer Darkness; 9D6 “Energy” Blast, No Normal Defense (Vrs having Stellar/”Celestial”/Light Powers, knowing the Eleven Lights Of Luathon, or having darkness-based abilities. As a note, having one or two such abilities won’t do the job – the character must be built around them, +1), 16 charges (-).

C) Bonds Of Penultimate Night; Entangle, 6D6 Def 9, Blocks Sight, Hearing, and Mental Senses.

D) Awaken The Shadows Within; 6D6 Ranged (+.5) Stun Drain, returns 5/turn. 16 charges (-).

-Mages who truly delve deeply into the primal powers of negative energy may develop up to three additional – and quite deadly – powers; Lance Of Annihilation (A 6D6 RKA, 16 Charges), Armor Of Darkness (Force Field; 15 PD and ED, 10 Power Defense, and 10 Visual Flash Defence, plus Darksight (“Radar Sense”), +5″ Running, and +15 Str, 4x 1-hour charges), and Summon The Wild Hunt (Summon eight 200-point horrors – usually manifested as hellhounds, a couple of nightravens, and a demonsteed. These are quite cooperative – as long as they get to feast on someone’s life energy and their summoner is wearing the “Armor Of Darkness”). Magi who choose to give themselves entirely over to the powers of negative energy – forces normally restricted to the “Qliphothic Planes” – may learn “Form Of Shadow” (Basically about 50 points worth of enhanced abilities and life support, one 1-month charge daily, and difficult to dispel. This has the side effect of rather quickly transforming the caster into an “undead” horror as it “replaces” their natural life force with negative energies. On the plus side this grants near-immortality and breaks any “sell-your-soul” type pacts you may have made. On the downside, it means that you’ll eventually be sucked into the Qliphothic Planes – cut off from the usual cycle of life and death. This isn’t necessarily bad – but eventually you’ll get very, very, bored).


WALKING THE WHEEL taps into the power of archetypes, spirits, and gods – channeling it through the caster to enhance his or her powers. Unlike lesser spells of this type (Q.V.; “Dance Of The Loa”), Walking The Wheel can be used to tap into such forces without necessarily having to deal with their personalities. A limited portion of such a beings energies can even be bestowed on another. On the other hand – if the user is willing to deal with those bothersome personalities – this spell can be used to tap into enormous forces.

1) Donning The Mask; Aid, 2D Max 30, To all powers, skills, or talents, which are appropriate to the spirit being channeled (+2), Continuous (+1), Variable Special Effects (Assorted spirits, +.25), “Difficult To Dispel” (+.25), 4x One-hour Charges (+.25), Enhancements cannot exceed the levels “appropriate” to the spirit channeled (-.5), Costs End to Activate (-.5).

2) Wheel Of Maya; Summon Any (+.25) 210-Point “Loa” (Q.V.; “Dance Of The Loa”). “Ablative” (IE; The more you call on the Loa in any one day the less likely they are to respond, -1), 8 charges (-.5). This spell calls upon the full potency of the great spirits and archetypes – or at least as much of it as any one individual can expect to channel without permanent damage. Statistics on such beings should usually be individualized but, if there’s no time, use the characteristics for “Generic” Loa with Int 23, Ego 30, Dex 25, Speed 4, Mental Defence 25, 90- point multipower, “Aid” slot is Difficult To Dispel and has a maximum of 52 points, 45 points worth of slots, and 31 points worth of “individualization”. The Distinctive Features
and Reputation disadvantages go up to 14-.

This spell should be treated with extreme caution. A character “ridden” by a Great Loa weilds the power of a God – coupled with a split personality.


The WAY OF THE GODS taps directly into the limitless energies of the higher sephiroth, the forces that drive the powers of the true cosmic entities. The emanations of the ultimate fountainhead of creation.

Perhaps fortunately, such power transcends the limits of mortality. It’s not fatal. Indeed, it’s anything but fatal. It simply becomes more and more difficult for the user to resist the siren song of the infinite – to halt their ascension into the ranks of the cosmic beings and revert to common mortal flesh – as ultimate power burns it’s way through them.

-In game terms this could be written up as some kind of “side effect” – a “major” transform – but it’s a lot more interesting to let a characters friends and DNPC’s try to “anchor” the user or to “talk him down”. In any case, if someone keeps using this spell sooner or later they won’t “come back”. There will probably be warning signs and symptoms as the irreversible point approaches – giving the user a chance to stop (Or to be heroic and sacrifice himself to stop some ultimate evil), but it’s DEFINITELY best to save this for utter emergencies. All in all, this is about a “-2” limitation – on top of the mandatory full phase (-.5) and expertise (-.5) required by all masterclass spells.

A) Elixir Vitae; Aid, 3D6 (Max 30), to all physical characteristics (+2), Continuous (+1), and Difficult To Dispel (+.25). 2x 5-hour charges (-).

B) Eye Of The Gods; As per the Elixir Vitae, above, but applied to all mental characteristics.

C) The Sleeping Serpent; As above, but it’s applied to all magical abilities, including these. The ultimate results of this positive feedback loop is +45 points on pretty much everything, including any mystic powers the caster may happen to want to use – but doesn’t normally have.

-Continuing Aid effects can be built on much smaller point totals – but are so grossly overpowered that even I wouldn’t normally allow them without really severe or very specialized restrictions.


WINGS OF NIGHT calls upon the power of Death. Not the spirits of the “dead”, not necromancy, not a god of death – just Death. Transition. Severance. The power that takes spirits “away” when their ties to the living world are broken. An oddly sympathetic power – one that permits ghosts and such to “hang around” until they are at peace and ready to depart – but still a power that’s terrifyingly absolute, unavoidable, final, and ultimately unknowable. A gulf of separation from all those who are left behind. Something which knows all mortality – and shares no trace of it.

This is not a popular spell. It is not lightly used. It is not casually learned. It is not taught, recorded, or passed along. Even among the magi there are few who can bear to look long and deeply into the darkness – to learn it’s weave, and to read it’s patterns, undaunted.

-As usual, the multipower “slots” which make up this spell have some common limitations; They require a full phase to activate (-.5), are quite difficult to control (15- Activation, -.25) – and open the caster to the power of Death itself (Side Effect; 6D6 Major Transform. This may temporarily transform the spell user into an Avatar of Death, it may force the caster to undertake some odd mission on Death’s behalf – or it may simply reduce the caster to dust, although this is rather unlikely unless the user is undead, excessively aged, or is otherwise a bit “overdue”, -1). The usual Expertise is required as well, but this is of little importance (-.5).

A) Hand Of The Dark Angel; 1D6 RKA with +4 Variable Advantage (+5), 16 Charges (-). A greatly-feared spell in general – but one of the most obnoxious applications is known as “MindFire” – a deadly psychic “flame” which is “channeled” into it’s victim’s minds though a set of ideas and beliefs. In effect, it selectively destroys the minds of those who adhere to some specified philosophy, belief, or ideal. (Advantages; “NND” (Not adhering to the selected idea, +1), Does Body (+1), Radius (+1) and 4x Extended Radius (80″, +1). As a rule, most GM’s will (And certainly should) permit anybody with a reasonable level of ego defense to resist the effects as well.).

B) Necromantic Focus; Aid, 1D6 (Max 75), to any one aspect of a spell on this list (+.25), Continuous (+1), and 6x 1-minute charges. Expertise (As noted, -.5),

C) Call The Gatekeeper; Summon 300-point “Aspect Of Death”. While “Death” – at least in the magical realm – also represents transition, change, and rebirth, actually summoning the archetype in person is normally an act of desperation. Death is pretty incomprehensible in mortal terms; It can be friendly, merciful, or horribly cruel. It may bargain, grant odd gifts, make demands, tell you things you didn’t really want to know, act as a kind of transcendental “radiation accident”, or simply take you away if it happens to be your “time” (and it doesn’t feel like granting an extension). He/She/It can be a chatty partygoer, the grim reaper, a elder wise woman who will gently explain the necessity and peace of life’s ending – or an overweight German tourist. In general, meeting Death is an extremely personal experience. Oddly, it isn’t usually fatal. Most mortals encounter death many, many, times before they actually die. Some even come to know it as a friend. Death is in no hurry. Everyone’s time comes sooner or later. What’s a little delay?

D) Sword Of Severance; 4D6 HKA, Affects Desolids (and Spirits, +.5), 6x 1-minute charges (That’s how long the sword/scythe/whatever lasts, -).

-This spell summons up an aspect of the first blade, the weapon which divides spirits from the living world. While no mortal can wield more then a minuscule portion of that power, it is still a most deadly weapon – and one which is capable of slaying spirits (E.G.; It damages the Ego of totally disembodied beings).

E) Bar The Path; 4D6 Cumulative Major Transform, to Healthy (Treat as 18D6 Normal Healing if necessary) and Living. 16 charges (-).

-As long as you have even a fragment of the body and the spirit available, this spell will suffice. If the spirit has departed, you’ll just have to call Death and try to talk him/her/it into bringing it back.


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