Recordings from the Holocron of Kira Keldav – Session 56

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With their faded sniper down and in stasis, Lazlo started probing his mind – and relaying all the useful information he could dig out to Kira and Valerie and the rest. Jacob was getting some quick medical treatment before he could get back into the pursuit – and Alys was trying to sort out the chaos in the city and with the local authorities. Nimh, of course, continued to put facts together – and Xiang continued her relentless hunt for Lazlo or the Sith who had stolen him.

Our pursuit of the Faded Arsonist hit a roadblock almost immediately. And this was a literal roadblock as opposed to figurative as a truck had flipped and dumped breakfast cereal made of hardened inedible chunks of sugar (is this the “inorganic food” the locals eat?) all over the street. Attempting to go over it was going to be a nonstarter with these wheeled vehicles, so that meant going around. That led us to another intersection where a five vehicle pile up had occurred. Looking down the other streets showed similar chaos as far as I could sense.

If I still had my repulsor bike, I could just fly over this mess.

(Valerie) He is obviously trying to buy time to escape.

(Kira) Of course, and if we don’t catch him soon, he’s going to go to ground and it will take us weeks or even months to finally catch him.

(Valerie) And so we need to move quickly, but all this mess makes it difficult to do so.

(Kira) Well, there is always moving on the rooftops by foot.

(Valerie) We potentially lose our advantage of surprise that way though.

(Kira) I can’t think of any other way to close the distance before the window of opportunity closes on us.

(Valerie) To the roofs then.

We propped the bikes against one of the buildings for the time being. Hopefully no one would steal them, but worst case we could always buy our counterparts new ones. We gathered what supplies we felt prudent to carry from the bikes as I looked at the path before us. The roof was four stories above us and it looked like the buildings were spaced closely enough together for us to leap from one to the next without too many issues.

A policeman noticed us stopped and came over to ask if we needed assistance. I just waved at him as Valerie and I finished grabbing weapons and we leapt four stories straight up to the roof. I could hear people in the crowd gasp at that as we ran the length of the building and leapt over the street below to the next building. I was tapping into the Force to enhance my speed, agility, and endurance, while also tapping into the Codex for a bit of Hypertime. Valerie did the same, but seemed to be having issues using the Codex and the Force at the same time as she would slow down and then surge forward at times.

<Kira> Problems?

<Valerie> Stuff it, I haven’t had as much practice as you have had.

Part of me wondered if it wasn’t more that the Dark Side was hindering her fine control of the Codex, but I didn’t voice that suspicion yet.

All thoughts along those lines stopped when the tarp I landed on turned out to be covering a hole in the roof as opposed to just laying on the roof. This meant I went through the hole and into the apartment below with a crash. Luckily the floor stopped me from falling any further, but the table I landed on was gonna need replaced. A lady was screaming about an intruder in the apartment, but I ignored her as I stood up and dusted myself off. I heard Valerie call from above through the hole.

(Valerie) If I didn’t already know the answer I would ask if you were alright. That was a most ungraceful fall you pulled there. I’d almost think you didn’t see that coming.

(Kira) If you’ve figured out how to use precognition while in Hypertime, then please illuminate me. Until then, you can feel free to lead at any point.

(Valerie) And miss out on the fun of seeing you do that again?

I leapt out the hole and onto the roof again. She had a smug grin on her face and I could see she was replaying the scene in her head of me falling through the roof. We resumed our run along the rooftops towards the hill we had determined the Faded Arsonist was at. There were some more mishaps along the way, more sections of roof collapsing, Valerie getting caught in a clothesline, and someone opening a roof access door into my face, but we continued to make progress towards the hilltop far faster than if we had tried to move on the ground.

Whoever this Faded was, he was a powerful Shifting specialist. Most of this section of the city was in chaos as systems malfunctioned and horribly unlikely accidents occurred everywhere. I could also feel the local reality was beginning to return to normal from all the strain being put on it. Could one Faded really be causing this much damage?

The report from Nimh regarding Lazlo’s interrogation of the second captured Faded wasn’t encouraging. The Faded Arsonist was senior to the others by a good margin in a career path that was typically very short. That would have implied him being a lot more cautious, but apparently the other Faded considered him more than a bit reckless. Reckless and experienced wasn’t a comforting combination in my opinion.

We eventually made it to the hilltop though. Strangely, the chaos and such became a lot more sparse the closer we got to the hilltop. There was no apparent sign of our Faded Arsonist though on any of the three buildings he might have been using, and he hadn’t taken the opportunity to try to incinerate us during our quite visible approach either. That suggested that he was still busily escaping.

(Valerie) It could take forever to search every little hiding place around here.

(Kira) No, he’s running. We just need to home in on where.

With that I reached out with my senses across the area. The various threads of the Force stood out clearly. I could even see how some of the threads were slowly repairing themselves from the excessive use of the Codex nearby. The trail of damage left the hilltop away from the city. It was moving, I could feel the knots of Force twisting and tearing in it’s wake. It was on a bus. There were a number of passengers aboard the bus, and I could feel that there was a passenger that I couldn’t see, but they could. A hole in the Force, roughly human sized and sitting aboard a bus heading away from the city.

There was only one real possibility there.

(Kira) Come on, this way. He’s on a bus heading out of town.

(Valerie) How did you do that?

(Kira) Do what?

(Valerie) You sensed a Force Immune. That is supposed to be impossible.

(Kira) He still has to interact with reality on some level. And it is in that interaction that he creates a seeming void in the Force. I looked for where the Force isn’t. The range I can do that at is rather limited though. You just have to know what to look for.

I could feel her try to reach out and sense him like I had without nearly as much luck. I radioed in the location of the remaining Faded back to Nimh and the others. With that done, we both took off after the bus at high speed and tried to prevent line of sight as we approached. Running precognition and probability analysis against various attack plans wasn’t reassuring in the slightest. Precognition was showing a great deal of nonsense and would abruptly end. That wasn’t my death or being shoved into stasis though.

What in the galaxy did that indicate?

Since Ben was the precognition expert, I communicated what I was seeing to him and asked for guidance. His thoughts on the matter did little to reassure me as he stated that meant I was either about to enter a black hole or be sent to a universe that hadn’t formed yet. Both fates were unpleasant for me and would likely have ugly repercussions for the rest of the planet too. I was informed that Jacob and Lazlo were on their way too.

(Valerie) I say we just bomb the bus.

(Kira) Excuse me?

(Valerie) It will likely kill or seriously injure him, and it only costs us a bus load of passengers. This is war after all.

She had a point, it was surely the most effective way of eliminating him without serious injury to ourselves. But I really didn’t want to order the destruction of a bus loaded with innocent people either. There had to be another way to minimize the casualties. Then I remembered what Nimh had told me regarding what the others had learned about this Faded.

He was experienced, far more than the majority of his peers. He also knew enough to run away when his companion fell while using his abilities to foul up any pursuit that might be following. His companions thought he was a heretic questioning the point of all the fighting. His companions even expressed worry concerning how much he was distorting the local reality while he expressed confidence in his ability to handle it. Hmm, this suggested a line of reasoning and set of goals.

And if I know his reasoning and his goals, then it becomes possible to manipulate things to my advantage.

(Valerie) What are you plotting?

(Kira) I am going to board the bus, feel free to join me if you wish.

(Valerie) We’re not bombing it?

(Kira) I’d rather not, and there might be another way.

(Valerie) Then let us see, you have managed to achieve success in the face of overwhelming odds quite a number of times. I want to see how you would handle this.

And so Valerie and I stood at the next bus stop and waited for it to arrive. Moments later the bus (more wheels!) pulled up and let us aboard. Paying the fare, I saw a number of passengers look at us quizzically before returning to their own matters. From this short range it was easy to tell that the man at the back of the bus looking to be concentrating on a book (made of paper?!) was almost completely absent from the Force and looked to be the source of all the Codex Shifting going on around us. I sat next to him and Valerie sat in the bench across from us.

(Kira) Now, do you really think pushing Alderaan out of the cosmos is going to accomplish anything productive? Or is this one of those galactic bypass things?

The Faded put down his book and turned to look at me and Valerie.

(Faded) And why not? It’s not like things aren’t bad enough here. It’s likely to end up in a far better place for it all – and, at worst, it will be out of the war and able to start rebuilding. After all, do you realize just how unlikely it is for you to be here at all? Isn’t that a sign that this is working?

Just as I thought, a fatalistic nihilist. Realizing that the galaxy was slowly unraveling, he saw no way out but to hasten the destruction in the hopes that the pieces might end up in better places. Not an unreasonable position in some ways given the lack of resources locally to do anything about it. Of course, it was possible that our alternates might be able to begin the slow process of recovery and path to victory now that they had the knowledge of the Force at their disposal, but I was of the opinion that it was getting dangerously close to unraveling completely without outside intervention.

Remilias wasn’t exactly a nihilist – but he was cynical, battle-fatigued, and despairing. Over the years he had come to doubt his faith… if the Faded ever did finally dispose of the Codifiers, he saw no hope in their conflicting visions. Even if it was possible to reshape reality without shattering it, what was left of the galaxy could never endure the conflicts of a thousand Faded attempting to implement their own, and often opposing,  ideas of what “perfection” might mean. The core of the galaxy was already fragmenting. Alderaan still had enough of a technological base and population to recover without an intervening dark age – if it could be removed from the war.

(Kira) As reasonable as that may seem, I would rather try to repair the damage as opposed to simply making it worse. The true solution is to repair the Galaxy and society itself.

(Faded) And how would you propose to do the impossible?

(Kira) Simple enough, re-introduce the Binding Techniques and then graft another galaxy on top of this one.

(Faded) Preposterous.

(Kira) Only because you are unaware of the resources at my disposal. Let me show you what just a minor faction from my home galaxy is capable of.

Lazlo and Jacob arrived about that time and quickly caught on to what I was trying to accomplish. Both began to argue the same thing I was in hopes of convincing the Faded to stand down for the time being. Things got a little sappy when Lazlo began handing out hugs to everyone…. including me. Eventually the Faded did relent to let us show him another option and what we thought we could accomplish. He also gave us his name: Remilias.

Lazlo had borrowed an air transport to reach the spot – and Jacob had simply used his own flight systems. It hadn’t been easy, even in the air. Random malfunctions, objects in the way, and other bits of confusion had make it pretty awkward.

They too had rejected the “blow up the entire area” approach, however practical it seemed.

We reported back to our counterparts that the Faded on the planet were neutralized. I neglected to point out that we ended up recruiting the remaining Faded, figuring it best not to burden them with such details. The Varen seemed pleased at the results, although Valerie did confront me about it later in private.

(Valerie) Awfully reckless to be recruiting a powerful Faded isn’t it?

(Kira) You’re one to talk. Training Force-sensitives and then letting them loose in the galaxy to see if they explode or not.

(Valerie) That’s different.

(Kira) How?

(Valerie) We let them loose so that – if and when they do cause issues – they do it somewhere else. You’re keeping them all right next to you.

(Kira) Easier to keep an eye on them that way. Besides, most of them have useful talents. And I really doubt a proper Varen like yourself would begrudge me for exploiting people because they are useful.

(Valerie) And I don’t really see where you get the patience for it.

With that she wandered off to rest for a bit. I was about to do the same thing myself when the bright red twi’lek Nimh appeared from around the corner and began to insist on speaking with me.

(Nimh) You know too much.

(Kira) Excuse me?

(Nimh) You know too much about this group, about their technologies and techniques, and even more telling is what you don’t know.

(Kira) I am going to start charging money when you people insist on speaking in riddles.

(Nimh) You didn’t know that Ben and Alys had Codex abilities, you also don’t know who I am, and you certainly don’t know how we got here.

(Kira) Simple, you guys are from a parallel dimension similar to mine own. What’s the big mystery?

(Nimh) It’s more simple than that. I met the group after Kira Keldav fought Lecrouss. It was around that same time frame that Alys and Ben developed their Codex abilities. Ergo, your knowledge of the group can be considered to be correct if we assume you have the same knowledge their Kira did at the time he last had contact with them.

(Kira) Your point?

(Nimh) It’s a lot simpler to believe that you are the Kira they know.

(Kira) That’s a bold statement considering the scale of the multiverse.

(Nimh) You don’t act like a HoloSith despite the token appearance you try to maintain. Your Sith companions don’t act like HoloSith either. Especially that one you spend so much time flirting with.

(Kira) I am not sure I like your tone or your questions right now.

(Nimh) The only thing I can’t figure out is how you managed to get from Gruenn to the Varen after that battle with Lecrouss. I imagine it has something to do with Valerie Soung doesn’t it?

I wasn’t able to suppress my reaction before she saw it. Damn this twi’lek is sharp. And she is asking a lot of annoyingly pointed questions I would rather have left unasked. Still, even if we are from the same Galaxy, why was she so damned interested in me? I am fairly certain I have never met her before.

(Kira) Just who are you? And why are you taking such an interest in me?

(Nimh) Special Investigator Nimh Tahl, and I am working for the Glithe family investigating the disappearance of their daughter Dorothy.

(Kira) Let me guess, I am the prime suspect? Her parents never did like me.

(Nimh) No, I am fairly certain you did not take her, but I am sure the reason she, your family, and two other friends of your’s disappeared is because of you. Why you haven’t chased after them when your psychological profile says you would do so immediately is also of concern.

(Kira) It’s complicated.

(Nimh) Do the Varen have them and are blackmailing you into cooperating? All the while Valerie tries to seduce you to the Dark Side?

(Kira) No, let’s just say I find that highly unlikely for a number of reasons.

(Nimh) Then who took them, and why aren’t you giving chase?

(Kira) Since you know of the Codex, have you paid much attention to the history of this galaxy?

(Nimh) A little, of what relevance is that?

(Kira) Locally during the third Sith war, the Republic ended up unleashing a secret group of Codifiers after the Sith looked to be winning. That group exterminated the Jedi and Sith, then split into Codifiers and Faded. The Faded destroyed the Republic and have been slowly tearing this galaxy apart ever since.

(Nimh) Ok.

(Kira) In our galaxy it looks like the Jedi and Sith won against the Codifier onslaught in that same war, possibly with the development of lightsabers. We have a good amount of circumstantial evidence that the group still exists and are the ones that took Dorothy, Barcos, Nathan, and my family. But I am not going to run off after a group that could potentially destroy galactic civilization until I have a very good idea of how to fight on even terms with them.

(Nimh) So you think this group took them to lure you to them?

(Kira) Possibly, I have definitely triggered a number of alarms in their mind. It is also somewhat possible that the group is looking to my family and friends for more people with Codex potential.

(Nimh) It runs in families?

(Kira) Higher fatality rate distorts the pattern, but much like the Force, there seems to be a genetic component. But more importantly, trouble magnets attract each other, and Codex potential seems to be closely linked with being a trouble magnet.

(Nimh) And you are a trouble magnet.

(Kira) Yes. I’ve got it better under control after receiving Codex training though.

(Nimh) So you suspect the Republic is training Codifiers in secret?

(Kira) No, I suspect the Republic is secretly training Codifiers and Hybrids with the assistance of a few rogue Jedi.

With that I left her to her thoughts. If she wanted to continue the discussion later that was fine, but I was tired and needed to rest. Retreating to the room that was provided for me, I napped for a few hours before being woken up by a heated discussion going on outside the rooms. I was considering ignoring it and going back to sleep when I felt that Valerie was in the middle of the argument and that she was getting highly annoyed.

It was probably best to intervene before someone got killed. So I rolled out of bed and didn’t bother with the robes instead going out in the shirt and pants. Maybe they would take the hint and take the argument somewhere else and let me be.

I doubt it though.

Outside I found most of the party, a number of Varen, and Valerie facing off against each other. It looked like tensions were running high and the amount of weaponry present wasn’t reassuring.

(Kira) Alright, what’s wrong now?

(Valerie) This moron just tried to attack me!

She was pointing at Xiang.

(Xiang) She kidnapped my husband Lazlo!

When the hell did Lazlo and Xiang get married? And when the hell did the Sith kidnap Lazlo? I started rubbing my temples since I really didn’t need this right now. There are days I’ve wondered if I am being punished for something one of my alternates did.

(Kira) Xiang, Valerie didn’t kidnap Lazlo, trust me. Stop attacking our allies.

(Xiang) So you ally with the Sith then? I knew you were no good!

At that point Alys and Xiang began arguing with each other. Valerie then took the opportunity to speak over the Bond.

<Valerie> And you allow her to run around with antimatter! Why don’t you just dump her out an airlock and be done with it?

<Kira> I have been sorely tempted, but she clearly needs help. She’s just too fixated on the persona to sit in therapy for more than a few minutes. And Force manipulations don’t stick well.

<Valerie> Then why don’t you use the Codex techniques to erase portions of the mind?

<Kira> Because if I tried that right now, I am going to leave her a drooling vegetable. Neither of us have the skill to pull that off.

<Valerie> The other me could do it.

She had a point. It wasn’t one I had considered either. We might actually be able to do something productive on that front then.

<Valerie> Besides, it would be a good test of the techniques for later use.

There was something about the way that came across that made me pause for a moment.

<Kira> What are you planning?

<Valerie> The Baramour are a major pain, this would be an effective way to deal with them.

<Kira> So is a torpedo to the skull.

<Valerie> But they have such useful skills.

This wasn’t the whole story. I knew her well enough to realize that. She was plotting something and was proposing using Xiang as a test subject for her own purposes. Still, it was a valid point, and Xiang was more of a danger to us as opposed to the enemy right now.

Alys caught my indication to deal with Xiang for a few minutes as she promised to help Xiang “search” the place for Lazlo. That got Xiang out of our hair for a few minutes and Valerie proposed her plan to the rest of the group. Ben enthusiastically endorsed the plan and immediately started to make calls to coordinate the test. Nimh also chose this moment to announce that everyone (except the locals of course) were from the same galaxy.

Almost everyone was surprised by this assertion except Ben and I. Ben figured it so obvious that he didn’t bother telling everyone, and I knew beforehand because Nimh figured it out in my presence first. What was interesting was the fact that those who had thought me a HoloSith before are now suddenly a lot more wary of me.

Oh well.

They went off to run that experiment on Xiang with the assistance of A-Valerie. Experimenting new techniques on party members that couldn’t exactly be said to be able to truly volunteer wasn’t something I wanted to be part of. At least Alys volunteered for some of the insane stunts we put her through. That left me to my own devices though in the meantime.

Lazlo – as their resident specialist in probing damaged minds – was needed too. Ergo, he went in with a pair of glasses and a change of hairstyle as a “relative of Lazlo’s”. Ben went too, as their best available choice of coordinator. In fact, they wound up taking one of the Sith Observers as well, just for raw power… even if the old woman did like to put up a “grandmother” facade and knit.

The fact that Xiang accepted that after a bit of (silly) explanation from Ben said quite a lot to A-Valerie about just how far gone Xiang was… Still, telling her that they were going to probe her memories for clues as to how the Sith had gotten Lazlo got her to go along with things.

Sorting out Xiang’s mind wasn’t easy, and took a fair amount of time – and left Lazlo and Ben a good deal more sympathetic towards her. That was a pretty awful trauma for her to have to deal with, even if they had blunted it a lot.

They had to explain quite a lot of things to her afterwards. She still had all her skills and talents – but a good deal of her history under her identity as “Xiang” was pretty unclear.

I took the opportunity to finish my nap and then headed up to the Zomogoostar. My stuff was still there of course, including my spare lightsaber. In one of the cargo bays I found the other sets of robes and the bike I had picked up on Coruscant. It looked like Alys and the others had retrieved them and brought them aboard in the aftermath of the battle of Gruenn. The robes were in need of only minor repairs from the silting, but the speeder bike had been having issues before the silting and wasn’t doing well now. I had been meaning to do a refurbishing of the thing anyway, and my experiences on the ground reinforced the fact that having a repulsor craft was to my advantage right now.

It looked like the repair facilities aboard the Zomogoostar were idle with the Mrs Beasley doing most of the work, so I took the speeder bike to the maintenance shop. The maintenance crew and the droids immediately went to work when I explained the repairs and modifications I wanted. The crew pretty much took the thing apart down to the frame. The frame was sent off to the Mrs Beasley for refurbishing while the crew went to work rebuilding the reactor, engine, and gyroscopes. All the tools and materials we have accumulated meant we could implement very high quality parts in the rebuild.

The Furipedes then gave me a data pad with a list of optional systems that could be installed. I ended up going for the upgraded engines, repulsor, and shield systems and also choose a repair droid, a piloting droid, three probe droids, a medkit, and a survival kit. I didn’t opt for any weaponry though since I typically carry enough firepower on myself to handle anything I don’t need to run from. It also took some explaining the modifications I wanted done to the control system and seating to better handle my use of hypertime. Inevitably though, I was told that the speeder bike’s ability to respond to a rider in hypertime was never going to work as well as I wanted without doing the Artificer boosting trick.

Oh well, I asked them to do what they could given the technical limitations. They understood what was possible and impossible technically better than I did anyway. I was informed that it would be several days before the rebuild was completed so I left them to their work.

With not much to do at this point, I checked on the status of the ground war still raging on the far side of the planet. Without orbital support and cut off from their supply lines, the fate of the Faded army was pretty much sealed. The air support provided by our own fighters was also beginning to yield results too. From what I figured it was only a matter of time before the Faded army was driven from the city and out into the open where heavier bombardment could commence. At that point the Faded Commander could either surrender or die a martyr to a lost cause. I wasn’t really sure which someone working for the Faded would go for.

Eventually I got a message from Ben and Alys that they had successfully treated “Ms Korda Varnal”. It took me a few moments to realize that this must be Xiang’s real name. They relayed the story of what had happened to her to cause her to go insane and I had to admit, losing everyone you know was about as traumatic as it gets. Even relatively normal people can go insane if you hurt them badly enough I suppose.

With that done and the war on the ground drawing to a close, it was determined that now was the time to begin preparations for our bid to repair the galaxy. Hyperspace was beginning to return to a more “normal” state so that meant we could use the hyperdrives again. We all ended up aboard the Mrs Beasley to discuss various ideas for our trip to the Galactic Black Hole when I saw a couple thousand children want to be part of the planning since they were all “Officers”. I had to put my foot down on that one.

(Kira) We are not taking a ship crewed with children into a major combat zone!

That started the whining and complaining from the children, and Jacob added his own objections to the mix too. I was adamant that we return the children to their families immediately. Ben objected that it would take too long to take the Mrs Beasley to Gruenn and then bring it back. I pointed out we didn’t need to take the ship, just open a tunnel and send the children through the tunnel via a ship.

That sent a number of the children scattering like cockroaches. It took some time to track them all down, and we even found that a few had used their “officer” status to request that personal ships be built – among other expensive toys and souvenirs. Why in the galaxy were some of these children so adamant about not returning home?

A bit of questioning and probing showed that those who wanted to stay so badly had no families to return home to. Jacob got all sappy with that revelation as he wanted to keep them. I figured we had enough trouble to deal with besides raising a bunch of children on the side. The argument then heated up as Jacob didn’t want to abandon them and I didn’t want to leave them for the crew and droids to raise as we dealt with Sith and Faded.

Wait a minute…. the local galaxy was having an issue with fertility. That meant a number of families had no children or not as many as they wanted. And my upbringing made me believe it was more important for children to be with parents who wanted them as opposed to parents that let others do the raising while they did something else. Jacob finally relented on that point and we quickly sorted out the ones with no home to go back too. Those we sent planetside for adoption while the rest we prepped for returning them home.

It was easy enough to get a ship ready for transport and we even got a pilot to volunteer for the task. Ben and Smoche in the meantime had prepped one of the hyperdrives aboard the Mrs Beasley to open a Trans-Temporal Hypertunnel. Thankfully Jacob informed us where the planet had been moved to after he and the others hypertunnelled it. With the new coordinates entered, Ben, Telera, Valerie and I worked together at directing the gateway. Locking onto what felt like the correct galaxy and location, the gateway finally opened and we sent a probe through.

What information we got back indicated it was the right system and that there were a large number of ships in the vicinity. One of them almost immediately grabbed the probe and demanded that we open a communications channel immediately. Valerie and I slid out of sight before the communications channel could be opened. From the sound of the conversation, the Republic fleet has stationed a sizable squadron around Gruenn to assist in the repairs to the planet’s infrastructure. They really wanted to speak with Ben and Jacob, and Ben was most upset to realize that the Republic strongly associated him with the Hypertunnel technology and so had deduced that he was alive.

The Republic – or at least the Military – really would have liked for us to all come through the tunnel to be arrested, but ended up settling for a lengthy question and answer session as we transferred the children back to Gruenn. With explanations given and accepted (or at least accepted as the best answer they were going to get in lieu of taking us into custody, the Military (apparently as ordered by the Jedi) then sent a number of messages through the gateway for each of us. I was surprised to find a message addressed to me from the Jedi. Opening it up revealed a status update regarding the investigation into the disappearance of my family and friends.

The Jedi hadn’t found them yet, but had determined that they were still alive. It was also determined that whoever did take them had the backing of the Republic in the effort. The Jedi were currently tracing the route taken as far as they could, but progress was slow. Attached was even a list of planets visited during the investigation and a report on the findings at each. The Jedi were beginning to acknowledge that the idea that the Republic might be secretly training Force Sensitives or even possibly users of bizarre disciplines was very plausible.

Also attached was a notice that the Jedi and Republic had gotten Mrs Beasley’s bounty on my head removed (although there were still private ones). That was another step I hadn’t expected them to take. Perhaps the Jedi were more reasonable and ethical than I had thought.

(Valerie) So they did come through, I am impressed.

(Kira) As am I. I was willing beginning to think they had merely used me for their own ends.

(Valerie) Or perhaps they think to use you again?

(Kira) Perhaps, but in the meantime I am using them as well to run an investigation I cannot do myself right now. So I guess it all works out. Besides, don’t we have a galaxy that needs to be repaired?

She smiled at that.

(Valerie) The trifles you spend your time on.

Several of the others got messages too…

  • Alys’s family was upset over the bounty (even if the Jedi had gotten almost all of it cancelled) and wanted her to get in touch again. That brought up the issue of what she should do with her counterparts skeleton. Sending it home would upset her parents, but it was a rather gruesome souvenir.
  • Jacob’s uncle had located him (he’d run off when he was about twelve) and had notified him that he had inherited some property off in the foothills of his birthworld, Abregado-rae in the Abregado system… Jacob hurried to inform his family that he wasn’t REALLY blowing up planets; he’d just wanted to get as many ships there as possible to ensure that Zandramas would be defeated once and for all. He missed them, and would be back as soon as he’d healed the neighboring galaxy…
  • Ben had a message from the Sith faction that had created him, offering him all of his clone-siblings (none of whom had turned out like him) if he’d come back and join them. He was the only success in the entire project… That was confusing for Ben. Did he have an obligation to his clone-siblings and “relatives”? If so, what kind?
  • Lazlo had already known that the lawsuits over his creation had bankrupted the company that had created him – but now some of HIS siblings were considering a trip to their species homeworld, and were inviting him along. He could certainly afford to help with that – but did he want to have Xiang (well, the former Xiang) tag along? He was about the only person left that she felt attached to, even if the “marriage” thing had been dealt with.
  • Nimh simply reported – even if it was censored. She was a syndat, and wasn’t big on personal connections.
  • The Military, of course, really wanted to know where the Mrs Beasley had come from, and would be debriefing the kids if those were the only people they could get a hold of.
  • As far as loose ends went… Gruenn was improving and most of its people were out of stasis. The Plant People could be left alone, the Furripedes had almost completed their evacuation and were starting a ship repair business (given the suddenly huge demand), and the Yevetha were continuing their war against the cosmos (the cosmos was winning, and the Kreedath were voting for wiping them out, despite the general Republic consensus in favor of trying to restore their original genetic code if possible).

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  1. […] Recordings from the Holocron of Kira Keldav: Session Fifty Six […]

  2. […] Recordings from the Holocron of Kira Keldav: Session Fifty Six […]

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