Godlike – Carrista

   Carrista (“Tank Crew”, a name provided by a fleeing Italian soldier.)

   Young Kostya Nikolaevich Lubarsky had always thought of vehicles as big, friendly, creatures – giant versions of cats, dogs, birds, and other animals. When you rode in one, it was like you WERE the vehicle – stronger, faster, and tougher than any human. You shared your greater wisdom with it, and it shared it’s strength and speed with you.

   He thought of the burned-out remnants of a tank near his small village – left over from Operation Barbarossa – as something like a hurt cat, and sometimes went to visit it. He named it Lowenharzi (“Lionheart”), and liked to pretend he was driving it to the distant places he’d heard of.

   When another wave of tanks came through – this time pushing deeper into the hills and wreaking devastation on the local villages – Kostya took refuge with his “friend”, hiding inside the ruined crew compartment. He desperately wished that it would really would awaken, that it would rise up from the ravine that held it, and come racing to the rescue of his family, friends, and home.

   Around him, things started to change… Lowenharzi “healed”, and woke from it’s sleep, and stretched – and obliged it’s young “operator”, leaping out of the ravine, bounding over the hills to the village, and playfully pouncing on and smashing other tanks and platoons of enemy troops along the way.

   What the villagers saw was a thirty-ton steel lion that came over the hill in a five-hundred foot bound and crushed the tank it hit like an eggshell. It shrugged off massed rifle fire and several hits with anti-tank weapons and went on to wipe out the rest of the attacking force before heading back into the hills.

   Kostya re-appeared a few hours later.

   Since then, the lion-creature has re-appeared to protect the village and the surrounding area several times – although no one in the village has yet realized that young Kostya is never around when the creature puts in an appearance.

   Attributes (12): Body 2, Coordination 2, Sense 2, Brains 1, Command 1, Cool 3.

   Skills (20):

  • Body: Athletics 1, Health 1.
  • Coordination: Dodge 2, Drive/Tracked Vehicles 2, Drive/Wheeled Vehicles 2, Drive/Planes 2, Stealth 2, Vehicle-Mounted Weapons 2. (For Kostya, these appear to be instinctive – perhaps some minor aspect of his power).
  • Sense: Sight 1.
  • Brains: Language (Russian 2 [Free]), Navigation/Land 1, Navigation/Sea 1.
  • Command:
  • Cool: Mental Stability 3.

   Talent Basics:

  • Quirks (up to 5): Underage (1), Naive (2), Treats vehicles as pets (2).
  • Will Base: 1 Command + 3 Cool + 7 (remainder of base 25) +5 (quirks) = 16. Starts at 6 temporary will.

   Talent Powers (18 Initial Will + 10 from after-prequel spending):

  • Maintenance Man 2 HD (4) (Robust, Useful Outside of Combat, Base 3/6/12) is essentially Healing for items and vehicles, and works pretty much exactly the same way; damaged items and vehicles simply get better. The effect does include a resupply function; affected items and vehicles will have their batteries recharged, their fuel tanks refilled, and their ammunition replenished (+3/6/12), Glow (-1/2/4), Go Last (-2/4/8), and Interfere (-2/-4/-8).
  • Awaken Vehicle. Side Effect: Transforms the affected vehicle into an animalistic form. All of the individual sub-effects which go into this power share the following list of modifiers:
      • Can be shared with one other person – or a vehicle of up to eighty tons (+3/6/12).
      • Endless (+1/2/4).
      • Limited Target – Kostya cannot use these power(s) personally. They only work to enhance a vehicle (-2/4/8).
      • Peace of Mind – the powers only work when Kostya is safely inside a vehicle (-2/-4/-8).
      • Nervous Habit – Kostya must name and talk to the vehicle he’s attempting to affect (-1/2/4).
      • Glow – a crackling aura of energy flows from him into the affected vehicle (-1/2/4).
      • Slow – it takes several rounds to awaken a vehicle (only -1/2/4, since the vehicle can act normally thereafter).
      • Loopy – it may take Kostya some time to recover from awakening a vehicle, although – as a side effect – vehicles HAVE been known to wander off and do things on their own before Kostya can get control of them (-2/4/8).
    • Universal Affinity 1D (3) (Base 10/20/40). Side Effect: This also protects anyone who’s inside the vehicle – just as sticking something in your mouth would protect it. Only works when applied to vehicles that already have at least some level of armor (-2/4/8).
    • Immunity/All Damage 1D (4) (Base 10/20/40), Linked with Universal Affinity (-1/2/4).
    • Super Speed/Body 1D (1) (Base 4/8/16), also applies to Flight (+2/4/8). This adds to the vehicles base speed.
    • Hyper-Body 3D (3) (Base 2/5/10) with No Inertia (+2/4/8). Fortunately, the “No Inertia” effect also serves to keep anyone inside the affected vehicle from being squashed when it jumps around…
    • Hyper-Coordination 1D (1).
    • Hyper-Sense 1D (1)
    • Hyper-Brains 1D (1)

   After spending those ten initial points of will, this will come to two hard dice in that Universal Affinity and another die of hyper-coordination – making his animated vehicles less clumsy. Once he gets twelve more points he’ll get that immunity up to two hard dice as well, to make sure that it can be turned on again in some way other than a nights rest if he ever DOES get hurt.

   For the most part, this works pretty simply; Kostya gets into a vehicle and starts talking to it. After a little while, it wakes up (although he’ll find that confusing for a time), takes on a quasi-animal form, and goes bounding off. It will probably have a monstrous Body rating, Coordination 2, Sense 1, and Brains 1 – and one bonus die on whatever it does. It will usually leave actually firing it’s weapons up to Kostya, settling for smashing things on it’s own – usually with it’s base strength; for the most part, it won’t NEED hyper-strength. Pretty much all damage directed at it will become stun – and with a vehicles armor, it can usually take quite a lot of that before it has to run away and let Kostya heal it. Since Kostya is providing the power, damage to the vehicle won’t shut it down – and he’ll be safely inside it.

   This character creates a problem: there are no actual rules on vehicle damage, chases, driving, or much of anything else. Vehicles get Armor, Weapons, a Maximum Speed rating, space for some passangers and crew, and a weight. There isn’t anything on how much they can tow, damage to them, terrain modifiers, or anything else. Planes got a slightly more elaborate system; they use a different kind of Speed Rating, group the weapons into an overall rating, and throw in a Difficulty Rating (subtracting from the pilots Coordination+Piloting) die pool.

   That’s not much to go on. Ergo, when Carrista transforms a vehicle, it can pretty much be treated as a character with a few basic statistics. A vehicle gets:

  • Armor equal to (Maximum Armor + Minimum Armor)/2, rounded up.
  • Land Vehicles have Super-Speed I (albeit only on suitable surfaces).
  • Air vehicles can fly (without a roll) and have their listed dice of Super-Speed.
  • The “Difficulty Rating” (if any) no longer applies.
  • Weapons, cargo and passenger capacity – and any other special equipment – remain unchanged. In fact, anyone riding inside the creature can operate them normally.
  • Body sufficient to carry themselves and their passengers.


in Tons

Body Bonus












2-4 8 1 +2 8 4
4-6 9 1 +3 18 9
6-10 10 1 +4 30 20
11-15 11 1 +5 45 30
16-20 12 2 +6 60 40
21-40 13 2 +7 90 60
41-80 14 2 +8 120 80
81-120 15 2 +9 150 100
121-180 16 3 +10 180 120
181-280 17 3 +11 210 140
281-400 18 4 +12 240 160
  • Can hit anything without damage.
  • Physical attacks cause killing damage instead of shock damage.
  • Can automatically breach armor equal to half your body.
  • On a successful roll, you can breach armor equal to your Body stat.
  • All shock damage automatically evaporates after each battle.
  • Can generate shockwaves (whether by shouting, clapping, or whatever) which effectively hit targets within a fair range with an impact of (Body-8). This is most effective at breaking glass and such, but can knock people over quite well at very high body scores.

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