Metacreator Files

   I’ve put a “Metacreator Files Set 1.RAR” file with some Metacreator templates for the champions game in the download box to the right. The first file currently contains the basic Adolescent Dragon character sheet (for making dragon characters), Cat Boys (the war gods servant/bodyguard creations), the Children of the Silver Twilight sheet (this covers most of the kids at the orphanage), the Conventional Gear listings (common, and thus cheaper, gear to copy into your character), the Demon Template (the base sheet for creating demons, for all those summoners and magi), Dog Girls (the war gods lookout/servant creations), the Exile Package Deals (a set of fantasy campaign packages, equipment, and magic items. Lots of stuff that can be used by heroic, rather than superheroic, characters), Horse Boys (the war gods laborer/riding animal creations), Jurassic Manor (a.k.a: the Maximilian Memorial Orphanage, where everyone hangs out), the Justifiers Template (the latest-issue governmental super-soldier, still in beta testing), Prepackaged Spells Set I (the first set of major invocations), Prepackaged Cheese (cheap packages of character enhancements; one full cheese wheel or two wedges to a customer please!), the Segari Template (the base sheet for creating natives of Yaggdrasil), Shadow Hounds (another example for summoners), Sunheart (Starwolf’s personal base, included as an example), the Danger Van (a sample land vehicle for superheroes – and one that’s easily available), the Tengu (a sample helicopter for superheroes – again, one that’s easily available), and the Werewolf Packages (the power packages for Lesser or Master werewolves to copy over into characters).

   Personally I recommend against opening up, or reading through, the Adolescent Dragon, Cat Boys, Dog Girls, Horse Boys, and Justifiers Template files unless your character has some unusual source of information on them: otherwise you’ll run into spoilers and won’t have as much fun. It’s still up to you however.

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