Godlike: Nonoma

   Here we have another character for the Godlike or Wild Talents games – in this case a minor Thunder God.

Nonoma (“Thunder”) / Paketa Soeohtse, Cheyenne.

   It was one hell of a storm. Water pouring down the slopes, trees coming down, and rocks sliding. Paketa found a partially-sheltered spot beneath a bit of an overhang on a hillside and settled down to watch. It might be cold, wet, and with a gale-force wind blowing, but it wasn’t like there was much he could do about that.

   For some reason he gave in to a weird impulse to dab on a bit of paint and gesture dramatically at a tree overhanging the ravine down the slope. A bit of left-over fantasy from his grandfather’s stories? An inability to resist the dramatic image? The prompting of some spirit?

   He would never know – but the thunder answered, and the tree exploded violently, struck by the lightning which answered his gesture.

   Several rocks and stones did the same.

   The lightning would bring things to him, suspend things in the sky at his whim, and – with a mighty effort – even strike at many targets at once.

   The Thunder-Spirits had granted him a portion of their power. With a war raging, the message could not be clearer. He would walk the warriors wheel, and prove himself in battle.

  • Attributes: Body 3 (10), Coordination 2, Sense 1, Brains 2, Command 1, Cool 3.
  • Skills (20 + 20 TOG Commando skills):
    • Body: Brawling 1, Climb 1, Endurance 1, Ride 1, Running 1, Swim 1
    • Coordination: Bow 1, Dodge 2, Grenade 1, Knife Fighting 2, Machine Gun 1, Pistol 1, Rifle 2, Stealth 2, Submachine Gun 1,
    • Sense: Sight 1, Hearing 1
    • Brains: Cryptography 1, Explosives 1, Map Reading 2, Mortar 1, Navigation (Land) 2, Radio Operation 1, Survival 2, Tactics 2.
    • Command: Perform (Storytelling) 1
    • Cool: Bluff 3, Mental Stability 3

   Nonoma possess slightly more-than-human toughness, inhuman strength – although it’s pretty much impossible for him to use it stealthily unless there’s already a thunderstorm going on – and the ability to unleash that strength across massive areas, affecting each barrier, object, and untalented creature in that area equally. He can shove or throw everything affected with his full strength, “punch” with fairly devastating effects, and generally make one hell of a mess. Perhaps fortunately, unleashing that kind of power is quite a strain – but it’s still an excellent first move when you go to assault an opposing army. Sadly, such a maneuver does not spare any friendly forces or noncombatants in the area affected, although he can restrict and roughly shape the area that actually is hit.

  • Talent Basics:
    • Quirks: Earnestly wants to prove himself to the Thunder Spirits (2).
    • Will Base: 1 Command + 3 Cool + 4 (remainder of base 25) + 2 (Quirks) = 10.
  • Talent Abilities (21 points):
    • Extra Tough (One Level, 4)
    • Hyper-Body (7D, 7) (Base 2/5/10): Controllable (lines, cones, and other simple shapes) Area (normally +4/8/16, but causes one point of shock damage to the head when used, one point of killing damage to the torso when used, and cannot affect other talents when used, for a net +1/2/4)), Ranged (+1/2/4), Nervous Habit (only when wearing war paint, -1/2/4), Loud (steady rumble of distant thunder when used, -1/2/4), Glow (-1/2/4) = (1/2/4). It’s worth nothing that – while he can apply his strength at range – his power does not obviate leverage except when the “area effect” part is applied (in which case it makes no sense): while he can readily push, pull, and strike at distant objects, his ability to apply traverse forces is quite limited: he can only lift relatively small objects at close range. On the other hand, a light object can be “thrown” at enormous speeds.
      • Area: 10 Ranks (up to a 10-mile radius, 10) (Base 3/Rank): Cannot be sustained (can generate shockwaves, violently push targets away, and so on, cannot hold things up or hold everything still for more than a few seconds, -1/level), Graphic (tends to cause mass destruction in the horrific lightning storm, -1/Level). This is grossly spectacular, as a wall of lightning, hurricane-force winds, and a thunderclap/sonic boom powerful enough to shatter stone, sweeps out and across the affected area.

   I considered adding “No Upward Limit” and the “Beacon” flaw, but – considering that this would allow him to simply, say, destroy most of the planet if he felt like it, it seemed a bit much. Still, except for that area effect, Nonoma is a fairly ordinary talent. A great one to have on your side when you’re up against a horde of normal people though.

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