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   For our next custom Eclipse d20 racial package, we’ll do the artificially mutated bat-winged electric cat people, also from the Gargoyles universe. Why? Because I like cats, and – having done the Gargoyles themselves – it seems appropriate to do this batch.

  • Like the Gargoyles, they can fly – in fact, they seem to be on fairly even terms with them in flight, although they are stated to be active flyers rather than gliders (the portrayed difference is mostly limited to them not requiring an initial boost). Ergo, we’ll use much the same package – Celerity with an additional movement mode and three levels of extra movement, for a total of 60′ flight and 24 CP. To represent their modest theoretical advantage, we’ll drop the “launch from a height” requirement, thus Corrupting in instead of Specializing it. Corrupted/depends on physical wings and will not work if there’s no room to spread them or they’re restrained somehow (16 CP).
  • They’re fairly tough, but are still vulnerable to guns and hand weapons. That’s Universal (that is, applying to energy damage as well as to physical damage) Damage Reduction 3/- (6 CP)
  • Our feline mutants have claws and fangs, but don’t seem to be able to sink them into metal and stone as easily. Ergo, we’ll use 1d6 base damage and drop the adamantine enhancement. That’s Martial Arts/1d6 base damage when “unarmed” and always considered armed (6 CP).
  • It’s never mentioned, but presumably our mutates have catlike night-sight. That’s Occult Sense/Low-Light Vision (6 CP).
  • Most d20 cats have Scent, so we’ll give them that too (Occult Sense, 6 CP).
  • For skill enhancements we’ll give them Adept, allowing them to buy Climb, Hide, Move Silently, and Jump at half cost (6 CP) and a +4 bonus in each of those skills (8 CP).
  • For attribute bonuses, we’ll call it +2 Strength (12 CP) and +2 Dexterity (12 CP). Combined with their Bioelectric Powers, this allows them to reach +4 in each – making them not quite as strong as a Gargoyle, but somewhat more agile.
  • They also have bioelectrical powers, which apparently somehow provide (?) the energy needed for their increased strength and flight, let them project energy bolts, shock people in hand-to-hand, generate electrical auras, and – presumably – do other minor electrical tricks. They seem to do this as much as they like, use their powers more-or-less instinctively, and make up the details as they go along. That fits in best with the Path of the Dragon. We’ll need to take Shaping (6 CP), Pulse of the Dragon (6 CP), and Heart of the Dragon II (18 CP). Expensive, but it is Specialized and Corrupted/bioelectrical effects only is fairly narrow), reducing the total cost to (10 CP). This allows them to generate level one bioelectrical effects – presumably including basic electrical discharges (similar to Produce Flame or Shocking Grasp), boosting their strength and reflexes, resisting electrical attacks. Disrupting circuitry, and similar electrical effects.
  • Opportunist/may generate a single, self-enhancement, bio-electrical effect once each minute as a free action (6 CP).

   Now, these feline mutants would normally get a price break for their monstrous appearance and the social handicap which would presumably result. However, in the series, they didn’t actually seem to have a problem after being introduced; they seemed to be well-accepted by other down-and-out individuals, were warmly accepted by family members after a brief preparatory speech, and could pass through the streets with little more than a hood to disguise them. Since they didn’t seem to experience a problem – and presumably would have even less of one if they were widely known and their existence acknowledged rather than being a shock – they get no credit for it. They do, however, have a few other restrictions. They cannot use metallic or environmental armor, since it’s too heavy to fly in, inhibits their agility, and shorts out their electrical powers. They’re rather weird looking, and thus are very easily identified and described. They occasionally accidently short out electrical and electronic equipment when they’re trying to use. Finally, as a minor point, they have some digestive limitations and require a lot of high-protein and high-fat foods to fuel their metabolisms. That’s sufficient to Corrupt their 94 CP base cost, bringing the total down to 63 CP – right at the limit for a +1 ECL race.

   In a superhero universe, where such characters will have a continuous flow of Mana to tap into, they will be able to generate higher level bio-electrical effects – raising their strength, dexterity, and resistance to electrical energy even further.

   That’s a fairly formidable race of course – which is only to be expected when you spend every last character point available to a +1 ECL race, buy the most efficient powers you can, and Corrupt the entire package. In a classical d20 campaign, I’d probably play up the social problems a good deal – and I’d make them pick out something to replace that tendency to short out electronic equipment; it wouldn’t usually be a limitation.

   Now, our feline mutants have natural-law problems too – altough not quite as many, if only due to a shortage of screen time. Electric Eel and Feline genes don’t work that way, bioelectrical effects expend energy from food, they don’t generate it from nowhere, their flight is almost as awkward to explain as a gargoyles, electrical energy doesn’t lend itself to being projected as straight-line blasts, and so on – but, for game purposes, we’re already assuming that “magic” and “psychic powers” cover a lot of things too. Like the gargoyles problems, we’ll live with it.


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