Recordings from the Holocron of Kira Keldav – Session 14

   As usual, here we have Kira’s log with annotations so that it can serve as a general campaign log as well.

   Oddly enough, their visit to Coruscant actually wound up promoting some party unity. Alys felt the need to keep the rest of the group from accidently destroying the cosmos – or at least large chunks of the republic – and her parents hadn’t come up with a good counterargument yet. Ben, now obsessed with the scientific investigation of the force (and well stocked with instruments, courtesy of the Jedi) had realized that he had an awful lot of them to observe in the group. Handell had found a group that didn’t care HOW drunk he was – or how much trouble seemed to trail him around (or if he’d put a bunch of dwarf varieties of the intoxicating fruit trees around the ships hydroponics rooms. Jarik was convinced that – if there were any great medical discoveries left in the galaxy at all – this group gave him the best odds possible of finding them and were good for keeping the Hutts off his back as well. Lazlo was simply happy that Handell was quiet at the moment. While he couldn’t protect his boss from alcoholism, he could look into medical treatments for it. Shipwreck was well-stocked with things that exploded since they weren’t banned for export – and Khadim and 10CH were happily observing.

   With all our things gathered and errands completed, it was time to leave Coruscant. I was quite pleased to be heading to the spaceport finally. This world with all the mental noise was really beginning to give me a headache. I don’t think city worlds are going to be high on my list of places to go any time soon after this. I felt real sorry for any Force sensitive children that grow up here.

   We began to discuss our next destination on the way to the ship. Everyone had things they wanted to do, but sadly, none of them had any real destinations in mind besides Jarik’s wanting to go somewhere he was unlikely to be stabbed. Well since there was probably a better than even chance that the worlds the Jedi would be pointing us to would be in Sith space, it only made sense to try and get ID’s that would allow us in. Presenting Republic Trouble Magnet ID’s to Sith port officials was a good way to end up dead or fighting for our lives.

   Majority agreement to that statement. Question got to be where to go for purchasing such ID’s. Someone suggested here on Coruscant, but I had my doubts on how well an ID from here would hold up on the Rim. Seriously, how many forgers on this world ever got off it? Several more worlds were suggested as alternatives, but we eventually agreed that Nar Shadda was our best bet on finding ID’s that would work.

   I decided now was as good a time as any to give Alys several vials of the Force suppression drug. She was the most likely to be able to respond if one of us starting having Dark Side issues so it made sense to give it to her. I kept some for myself of course, but I was beginning to have misgivings regarding the others. Best to be prepared I think.

   At that point we made it to the landing pad where the Asrai and Dusk Gryphon was and found three applicants wanting to join us on our journey. One was an elderly Trikath male. A reptilian species known for a long life span I am told. Apparently this one had worked as a history teacher for some time and his students had joked that he might actually remember the last three Sith wars. His motives were difficult to ascertain, but not really my business. His knowledge could prove useful in the coming journey. We agreed to take him along.

   Jarik could make a guess on that one. An elderly historian, presented with a chance to be in the middle of history and (perhaps) with a chance to extend his lifespan. Going out with a bang could mean a lot more when it was the conclusion to a thousand years of study.

   Ben cracked a joke about companions going through Dark Side explosions being just a minor problem since it happened all the time. I had to admit it was funny and sad at the same time.

   Our second applicant was a young undocumented kid named Temerin. Yet another minor human variant. He showed up on Coruscant as a stowaway and wanted to tag along. When he told his story I thought he said he had evaded officials six times. Alys pointed out that the kid had actually escaped from official custody six times. Twice from immigration and four times from the police.

   That’s no mean feat for a kid his age. He even managed to evade the police perimeter around our ship to meet with us. The kid was talented, no doubts there, and I doubted we could keep him off the ship even if we wanted to. Best to just let him on so that we can keep an eye on him as opposed to having to hunt for him. Very well then, another seat added to the ship’s roster for the time being.

   The third applicant was a smalllish middle-aged centauroid creature looking for revenge against the Sith for destroying his clan. Obviously suicidal and more than a little nuts. Enough time spent with Shipwreck, Garyan, and the others made identifying the type real easy and I didn’t need more than one aboard. Not that I wanted the one, but Shipwreck’s skills with sensors and shields was too valuable to kick him off. We ultimately denied his request and made a mutual agreement in the group not to let any more suicidal nuts into the party. Handell offered to put that up as a motto on the ship’s door.

   Meanwhile, the rest of the group was derailing Ben from a lapse back into proposing ways to use hyperspace to destroy the universe – or to allow time travel and the modification of the past, even if that did seem likely to be impossible. Still, the speculation that the Dark Side allowed it seemed oddly plausible…

   We all boarded and found it was getting a bit cramped in the Asrai what with all the passengers. Too bad Handell hadn’t been quicker on his feet or he could have claimed Valerie’s ship as salvage. Oh well, I am sure something will come up later. The thought of dragging a small fleet with us everywhere we went was an odd one. It always seems like in the holos like everyone can fit into a small tramp freighter comfortably. Reality isn’t quite so cozy.

   Handell, in his eagerness to get us off world, failed to declare a flight plan and just took off at high speed. I could hear the navigation computer complaining bitterly, but he ignored it.

   I spent most of the trip to Nar Shadda lying in bed waiting for the headache to subside. Getting off Coruscant was helping immensely. I imagine Telera was feeling similarly.

   Leaving hyperspace as we approached Nar Shadda was a shock. I knew the place was a haven for smuggling, illegal goods, and illicit services, but the list of things offered for sale outside of orbit was disturbing on a lot of levels. Well at least I know where to go to buy nuclear weapons in the future, even if I didn’t want any slaves, or kidnaping services, or biochemical weapons, or illegal drugs, or traps for enemies, or any of a hundred other noxious “products”. There even was a few offers to buy whatever we were selling now so that we didn’t have to land. I didn’t recall us having anything to sell, although some party members I wouldn’t mind parting with at times. I also would love to sell the whole “Kira Keldav Sith Lord” nonsense to some poor sap looking to gain a reputation, but I doubt there would be any takers.

   We were scanned numerous times, which didn’t surprise me at the least. We got three offers for “protection” and backup for low fees from Combines. Comparing the offers against what I saw other ships getting, it looked like we were getting a “heavily armed and armored” discount. Can’t argue with that, although part of me wondered how much of this was a racket and how much was legitimate. Of course, in Hutt space, is there much of a difference?

   We picked one of the Combines and paid. Alys picked the same one and we were parked next to each other on the deck of the orbital. Telera, the kids, Handell, and our passengers decided to stay with the ship and everyone else grabbed a shuttle for the surface. This is probably one of the few places 10CH and Khadim can walk openly in a lot of the galaxy. I really didn’t want to know what Khadim was packing in that modified weapon he was carrying, but it certainly was ominous especially with that electrical hum.

   Actually, Ben had helped Khadim put that together; you didn’t need the whole proton torpedo when you were firing at hand-weapon ranges; you simply needed a guass launcher for the warhead. Besides… the barrel alone was pretty intimidating.

   The “port official” – well, representative of “Ghtyrvhinci”, the local Hutt lordling – we met after reaching the surface wanted a 5% cut on whatever we were selling, or 500 credits if we were here just to buy. Since I still don’t think we were selling anything, I elected to pay the 500 credit fee. We split the cost between us and then went looking for a guide. The official guides went for 250 credits. Unofficial guides varied in quality and price substantially. We opted to try and find an unofficial guide after some discussion.

   Ben used his precognition to find us a high quality guide likely to know where to find what we needed. He found a middle aged woman that looked like she had seen a lot of bad streets and had an attitude to match. She was only charging 25 credits a day for her services and she even offered to help us out if we got into a reasonable amount of trouble. Thankfully no one volunteered our trouble magnet status. I severely doubt she’d be of much help considering the kind of trouble we tend to run into.

   We asked her to take us to someone able to make quality fake ID’s to let us into Sith space. After much wandering through the streets – and attempts by the locals to sell us all kinds of dubious products, relics, poisons, and “ancient artifacts that would keep Sith away” (or turn you into a Jedi) – she eventually brought us to a doorway in a alley. Apparently this was the shop of a guy named Cheroth and he was supposed to be one of the best. Well, I took her word for it and we knocked on the door. A droid opened a slit in the door and asked us our business. We explained our need for ID’s and were let into a hallway with a big, thick door on the far side.

   A voice over the intercom, who I presumed to be Cheroth, asked us to disarm completely and boasted about the quality of the sensor systems scanning us. I disarmed quickly enough, as did most of the rest of the group. Although Shipwreck took nearly twenty minutes to strip down to his pants as he removed more weapons than I ever realized he was carrying. Who the hell wears explosive clothing and sleeps in it? There wasn’t much point in getting 10CH an ID, but Khadim was proving to be a problem. He couldn’t disarm as such, but on the other hand, biometric data was not going to be needed anyway. The best that could be done for him was some phony papers.

   Especially since everyone only needed phony ID’s, not kidnaping someone specific and usurping their identity, or hiring a family and witnesses. (Was there any illegal service this place DIDN’T offer?)

   At this point my skin was about the same shade as my family’s as the melanin treatment was slowly wearing off. That probably means I will need to start using those extra injections I purchased back on Archegyph to maintain this color for the time being. Coloring my hair red also seemed prudent as white just stood out too much even amongst all the human variants in the galaxy. Luckily Cheroth was able to accomodate this in manufacturing my ID.

   It was going to be four days before we could get the completed ID’s so we had to find ways to occupy ourselves. Ben looked at the Sith news coming in and I watched with him trying to get a feel for how much had changed since I left Trayus. After several hours of watching, I determined not all that much save the amount of screentime Mrs Beasley was getting. At this rate I must be a minor celebrity in Sith space above and beyond the bounty on my head. Fake ID’s was going to be a good investment.

   The news included:

  • Press releases from the Sith, reporting their successes (if not their failures), offering assistance in privateer raids, reporting the development of new superweapons (possibly as bait), talking about their infiltration of Alderaan and success in getting a large chunk of the Republic fleet focused on defending a planet where there was no chance of a serious attack, and offering the Hutts free trade agreements.
  • There were a lot of similar press releases from the Republic. Well, propaganda all around.
  • Sith-style entertainment included “You Bet Your Life”, “Escape the Holocaust” – a show about kidnaped people trying to escape a ruined city before it was blown up – and something horrible called “Blood Bowl”, featuring youngsters from uncooperative planets – and a few inhabited by really vicious races – fighting for survival.
  • Some Sith development shows – “Secrets of the Sith”, “Dark Lifestyles”, “Lifestyles of the Sith Lords”, and “The Sith Guide to Success in Business”.
  • It looked like the local “advertising” was entirely devoted to getting rid of gadgets that no sane person would buy.
  • And… Mrs Beasley was being featured on a segment where someone was reporting that the Republic had deployed a massive fleet to defend her pets from the Sith. Was the old woman aware that she was rapidly becoming a comedy feature across the entire galaxy?

   Three people wanted us to take them back to Republic space and offered to pay us rewards for doing so. General suspicion was that one was lying about the reward, one was hopeful there would be one, and the last guy was truthful if not exactly volunteering that he was wanted elsewhere for more money. Well the last guy can come aboard, and the other two could go into stasis during transport since they weren’t likely to be paying.

   We practically had to beat the street sellers off with a stick just to walk around the main roads around here. Not one of them was selling anything that could remotely interest me. It was while we were pushing our way through the latest batch that Alys pointed out some guy in a robe dropping and collecting furry ferret centipede things as he walked along. As long as the guy wasn’t stealing any of our stuff, I didn’t think it was any of our business to go poking our nose into the customs of strange aliens. I would have thought someone from Coruscant would have learned that lesson by now. Maybe it because she was raised in the nobility?

   Just when I was beginning to wonder what trouble would befall us next, Handell called to inform us about some strange musk smell on the ship. Here we go again. We went back to the ship and starting investigating. Looked like the ship had a small pressure drop at some point but wasn’t leaking air anymore. Khadim stood guard outside, while Ben and Shipwreck started sweeping scans of the ship. I started scanning with my senses and found extra animal life energies running around the hydroponics section.

   Alys noted that someone had installed a vibrator system in the pilots chair – but that there were too many wires. She started investigating (while Lazlo rushed Handell down to the recycling center, which surely no one would bomb) – and found that some sort of remote-triggered device had been installed. She got it dismantled and tried to stir up the rest of the ships compliment – only to find that they all seemed to have locked themselves in their cabins and were not responding to the intercom or to the emergency signals. Suddenly neither were Ben and Kira – so she went looking for them.

   Down in recycling, Handell was running calculations… It was cleverly hidden, but the Navcomputer was routing every trip through one system on the far side of the galaxy, and claiming that temporary conditions were blocking every other route he tried – and that certainly didn’t agree with what HE knew about the layout of the galaxy. What the hell was up with his navigational computer?!?

   I opened the door and looked around trying to see if I could spot anything. I did spot the hacked wiring job run along the ceiling before I ran into it luckily enough. Whatever this was and whoever was doing it was using materials on board to build this. I knew it was a trap so I called Ben over to help me disarm it. Ben came and was about to look at it when he set it off.

   Ben looked to be frozen in place now. Best guess to my mind was whoever was doing this was using the stasis generators we had in storage to set a trap. I wasn’t going to free Ben until I had surveyed the room thoroughly and found all the stasis systems so I didn’t get trapped as well. The question on my mind though was how in the galaxy did our trapper manage to get these rigged up so fast? Or get them working at all? Surely they required the rest of the framework? This doesn’t fit the Sith style either. Strange.

   Meanwhile Ben was panicking… Being unable to move was throwing him back into the mental lands of jellyfish and glue trees. Worse, Hyperspace seemed to be restricted somehow? Only a narrow slice of it was accessible? All the possible futures for the ship were rapidly narrowing down to one particular world?

   Once he worked out what was going on – oddly, it was easier to deal with panic while all your glands were in stasis – he started working on trying to short out the stasis unit with the force.

   Handell and Lazlo were hearing scraping sounds in the ceiling – and then time stopped for them.

   I saw a bright flash of light above me before I had a chance to react. Next thing I knew, I couldn’t move my body anymore as I stood there frozen. Well, first thing I learned now is that I can still think while in stasis – or at least while in partial stasis – which is a good thing. Problem gets to be, I can’t move. Second thing I learned is that since I knew there wasn’t a trap above me minutes ago, something put it there just now. Our trapper was still on board. Strange that I didn’t see him.

   Third thing I learned was that I could still use my Force abilities while in partial stasis. No way I could destroy the stasis generator in this position, on the other hand, my lightsaber is on my belt. Telekinetically pulling out my lightsaber and ramming it upwards to where I thought the generator was proved productive as I was suddenly able to move again. I grabbed my lightsaber out of the air and found Alys had appeared behind me looking to see what happened to Ben and I.

   Quick conversation pooled our knowledge of what was going on. Since the stasis generators were being tied to the ship’s power, the most effective way to stop the traps was to kill the power. I didn’t like the proposition of dodging stasis fields all the way to the power systems, odds favored the mysterious trappers there. On the other hand, I recalled the stasis stuff only worked on organics. Khadim was outside looking menacing, and I wanted him out there as a contingency option, but 10CH was still inside last I recalled.

   A quick call to 10CH confirmed it and I requested he disable the power systems without destroying them. While I was certain we could rebuild whatever we needed here on Nar Shadda, I didn’t look forward to the amount of money we would have to come up with to do that. So we will try to disable first, before we move to more drastic scenarios.

   The sudden buzzing sound beneath my feet was the only warning I had of the impending danger. Precognition is not helping a lot when the results of getting trapped are not dangerous as such. Tapping into the Force to enhance my speed, I lept back, grabbed Alys, and ran back towards Handell in the recycling room. Ben followed us shortly thereafter as he too managed to free himself.

   Ben was complaining about hyperspace being sliced or something and Handell was going on about how the computer and his manual calculations were not making any sense. Both Ben’s and Handell’s issues kept pointing to the same world not far from here. I didn’t understand a lot of what they were saying, but to me it sounded like we might be being targetted by a hyperspace tunnel or something. Had Valerie gotten the superweapon back to Sith space, made it operational and was trying to bring us to her? Not sure how to disrupt that without scattering our atoms across the universe.

   Meanwhile, we were continually attacked with more of the stasis units, but I was getting the hang of picking out the signs in my precognition to destroy the generators as they were poked through the walls and floor. Being to preoccupied with that, I had Ben work on trying to find a way to regain control of the situation. The lights went out, and 10CH quickly confirmed that was him doing that as I had asked and not our attackers launching an ambush.

   Ben kept coming up with ideas like flooding the ship with water, poisonous gas, vacuum, and all sorts of nasty things likely to do more damage to the ship than anything else. Never mind the costs of trying to get the required materials from Nar Shadda. I didn’t like the suggestion of dumping the ship in the ocean either as that would mean getting the propulsion systems operational again. Besides, we didn’t have power anymore and the local oceans were polluted as hell.

   The feeling of impending attacks gave me enough warning to block what appeared to me needles shot at me with my lightsaber. The metallic vapor fumes were going to be doing unpleasant things to my lungs in the long term, but that was better than getting hit with those things in the short term. Alys noticed the smell of burnt lizard venom on in the air and we all came to the conclusion that the needles were poisoned with our own stocks. Thankfully it seemed like the lightsaber destroyed enough of the poison’s structure to render it ineffectual.

   Whoever is doing this is actively mocking me. So far they have only used what supplies are on the ship to attack us as opposed to the hoard of weapons that could be found either off the ship or on it. Either they are trying to capture us or just trying to tell us that the law of averages was enough to deal with us. Who is behind this and how are they doing this?

   Ben pointed at the walls and mentioned something about life signs running around the access panels with the cabling. He also detected energy signatures consistent with some sort of electrical field running around too. Were we being attacked by something like Khadim or had he fragmented or something?

   Suddenly I heard the engines begin to start up. How was that possible with the power systems disabled? You needed power to run the engines, that was a fundamental fact of life. Where were they getting power from? Ben pointed out that it was possible our attackers were using the umbilical cable to the port to power up the engines. It never occurred to me that you could pull enough power over that connection to do that. This also implied a disturbing level of technical expertise and ability to change plans on the fly.

   Well, I had kept Khadim outside for a reason, time to pull out the contingency option. I asked Khadim to disconnect the umbilical cable from the ship as quickly as he could. I briefly pondered having him disable the engines from outside but I was still holding out for keeping the ship relatively intact. Moments later I heard the engine startup cease as the power was cutoff again.

   The sheer amount of holes I was making in the floor, walls, and ceiling trying to protect us was getting disheartening. At this rate I am going to slip up eventually. Never mind that every swing was destroying more equipment. I managed to either disable or destroy the maintenance droids that came at us using Force lightning. I could sense that display was giving the others pause, but I was not in the mood to rationalize things to them right now. This situation was annoying me greatly and I was barely keeping whoever it was from taking control completely at this rate. Besides droids are legitimate targets for lightning.

   Ben noticed the mist entering the room first. Alys recognized the smell as identical to the tree sap glue we had found back on Chyran. Great, I really don’t want that in my lungs. No choice but to retreat outside the ship. Hopefully our attackers hadn’t managed to get the ship’s weapons operational. Ben’s suggestion to wreck the airlock on the way out was a good one at the very least. A few quick slashes with the lightsaber was more than enough to ensure that no one would be taking off without either a lot of work or no air.

   Port “security” had shown up by this point on Alys’s request. Explaining did not go well at first as they tried construing this as either our own problem or something we brought here. Since I did not recall programming the ship’s droids and computer systems to systematically capture us, I don’t think we did this. Nor did I believe we brought whatever it was here as we came straight from Coruscant. Had “security” heard about a plague of machines taking over Coruscant? That finally convinced them that we didn’t bring it and that therefore we weren’t responsible for whatever plague this is running loose on Nar Shadda.

   Ben and security were coming up with more ideas on how to contain the mess which mostly involved either big explosions or destroying all the sensitive components thereby leaving us with just a giant metal box. I repeatedly shot down all those proposals as quickly as they came and finally had to declare to Ben to stop trying to destroy me ship. Besides all the passengers still aboard in stasis were going to have to be offloaded before we could try any of those ideas. Alys pointed out that she thought the attackers might be related to the furry ferret centipede things we saw earlier.

   Oh damn it all to hell. Yet more of this trouble magnet nonsense pulling every weird alien and nutjob into my life with the expressed purpose of making it a living hell. I can’t even sit in port quietly anymore! Even Trayus wasn’t this bad!

   Security got the warning out to all ships in the area after I made it clear that this was a serious threat to their and their competitor’s operations. Some of these idiots seriously seem to think that because they do stuff considered illegal in the rest of the galaxy that they don’t have to worry about disasters and threats to society. Short sighted thieves and smugglers without a lick of sense between their ears.

   With the warning gone out and the ship more or less stuck here for the moment, it was time to try and get truly on top of the situation. I had Ben and Handell look up the planet they determined our hijackers were trying to take us to with Security. Looked to be a desert world that had been listed as quarantined for thrity millenia now. Hmm, that was older than the Republic by a good bit. Strange.

   My exclamation over what idiot would travel to a quarantined world was met by Security reminding me that this place was crawling with smugglers. While he had a point, it was the sheer fact that he smugly felt it “justified” the whole matter infuriated me. Planets are quarantined for a reason, or did he forget he potentially had a major disaster on his hands as these “furipedes” took over all the machinery on the planet? That wiped that smug look off his face as he began to start checking port records on recent ship hijackings trying to home in on when this whole mess started.

   Oh great. A sharp rise in ship-disappearances starting three weeks ago – shortly after someone had salvaged a ship with no one aboard and brought it in.

   At which point Ben pointed out that the records of the planet the “furipedes” were trying to take us to was in orbit around an unstable star likely to go nova soon. Not galactic time soon, but personal time soon. Oh hell, I think I know what is going on. Doesn’t make me any happier, but it does suggest another tactic to try.

   Walking up to the hull to get in closer range, I sat down, closed my eyes and reached out with the Force telepathically. I could sense dozens of the things crawling around the ship, repairing holes, trying to get power back online, and busily patching the airlock. There was a large amount of “chatter” for lack of a better word being broadcast between them. Alys suggested it might be some sort of hive mind. I didn’t think those things really existed. Perhaps I was wrong. The blasted things still seemed intent on stealing my ship.


   That caught their attention. I also resulted in me getting bombarded by that same chatter. Trying to get them to speak one at a time was not working. I got the impression they didn’t understand what that even meant. Great, they probably aren’t even thinking of us as people so much as drones for some other collective. Well, since I have their attention now, it was time to explain the situation to them.

   They understood the term nuke well enough, but seemed to think I was threatening to bombard a planet as opposed to telling them Security was planning on nuking the ship. It also seemed like trying to telepathically think to them like I spoke wasn’t going to work either. Language was probably a foreign concept to them. Maybe they were just remembering? They had images of a massive burn-off in their memories.

   Thinking in pictures, images and diagrams – and getting Ben in to help translate – seemed to work much better. I was able to confirm they were the “furipede” species we saw earlier. Although in learning that I got the impression from them that an individual was composed of thousands of the things and not dozens. Not sure I liked the implications of that. I was also able to confirm that they wanted to use our ship – well, any ship they could get a hold of – to evacuate their world and that their world had suffered a massive planetary bombardment a long time ago.

   I was tempted to think the reason they were bombarded was whoever encountered them found their ships taken over by the creatures showing no regard for the owners or passengers caught in the middle. Hell, right now I was severely tempted to follow through with that given this behavior.

   Fine, with Ben’s help we think we came to an agreement to help these things evacuate their world in exchange for them giving me my ship back in good condition. Alys thought we could get help from the Republic for this, but I highly doubted it. We are in the middle of a war right now.

   Meanwhile Security had figured out it was in their best interest to truly get involved in this matter. I had to admit a certain amount of satisfaction when the Security Commander realized that to track these things down, he was going to have to harass everyone wearing a robe and looking suspicious in the middle of a Sith war. I had tried to tell him what was in his best interests and be helpful earlier in resolving this matter. Oh well.

   I did tell the security guards to beware Sith in dresses. They thought I was being sarcastic. Too bad, the one that wears a dress, with red hair and a pink lightsaber is the one they really need to worry about, not the wannabes running around in black robes. Once again, they probably aren’t going to listen to my advice.

   Well, we need to repair the ship, get our ID’s and help evacuate this planet of the “furipedes”. Maybe some of them will volunteer to help out at the base to make up for the trouble they’ve caused me. They do seem to be very proficient with galactic technology despite the millenia of isolation.

   Ben was now spending time playing with the stasis field generators. I swear he only really got interested after he learned how dangerous the technology was to use. So what does he do? He proceeds to stuff himself and Khadim into stasis repeatedly. I swear I am going to have a permanent hand print on my face where I keep face palming. I really don’t think anything I did on Alderaan really deserves this.

   Ben had begun wondering… The Stasis systems had been abandoned as obsolete technology in the early years of the Republic – but they seemed incredibly useful, and the Sith had still been using them four thousand years ago. Why would they give them up? Well, he supposed that they might just have lost the last few groups that knew about them. They did mostly draw their recruits from the Republic – and most of the galaxy believed that all worthwhile technology was in common use.

   OK, really digging in the old records showed that the things produced wild biological problems, strange behavior, insanity, and even reports of possession? Perhaps a reason to suppress them for use on intelligent beings – but why not use them for storage? They worked on fruit and such…

   They also changed his perceptions of hyperspace. They actually seemed to be related to hyperspace interdiction fields??? Putting more power into them increased the effect on his hyperspace perceptions? The “slices” were always oriented the same way? They modulated the presence of living creatures in the Force? Well THAT was promising. That was the first technological device he’d found that had that effect!

   Some cautious testing with Khadim revealed that the field had a very minor effect on him. He was already vastly slowed by a similar field. THAT was what produced those slow photons in his structure! Wait, it only affected “living” light? Was “life” a physical property in it’s own right that could be attached to photons?

   What was going on?

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