Federation-Apocalypse Campaign: Current Timeline

   To help everyone keep track of the sequence of events in the Federation-Apocalypse game, here’s the timeline so far…


  • -2 Years: Raphial begins major research in augmenting cybernetic systems with magic.
  • -4 Weeks: The House of Roses becomes aware of Kevin’s status as an Opener, and begins making offers of recruitment.
  • -3 Weeks: Raphial becomes a House of Roses operative as part of a cooperative arrangement with the New Imperium. Marty arrives in Core Earth New York City, and begins a tour of Earth.
  • -2 Weeks: John Jack arrives on Core Earth Scotland, and defeats a small Dalek Invasion. Marty assists. Both are soon contacted by the House of Roses.
  • -1 Week: Benedict arrives in Core Earth London, and attracts considerable attention. Jarvian Mitchell also arrives in England, but initially assumes that he’s in potentially hostile territory and hides in the park.

Week 01: Teams initial mission to Greenweld. Kevin recruits 3 Thralls. The Firestorm Meme infects Core. Samples of both Praetorian and Anoptic Battle Technology are obtained.

  • Major Characters: M, Dr Vu, Michelle Wingates, and Spellweaver / Adrian Mercati, Thrall-Recruits: Daniel, Gerald, and Bard.
  • Major Factions: The House of Roses, Ourathan Alien Robots, Neanderthals (not yet revealed).
  • Major Plot Elements: Firestorm Meme, Praetorian Nanites, Anoptic Broadcast Node
  • Major Realms: Core (Earth, Greenweld), Crusader, Highway, The Colonial Era.

Week 02: Jarvian joins the team. The House of Roses discovers something of how powerful Kevin’s Thralls are, and begins to investigate. The House – and several other major organizations – are attacked by the Anoptics via the Firestorm Meme, but they are easily beaten back. Raphial cracks the singular nanite coding. Second Mission: Investigating Singular. Intrigues of the Underdark. John Jack quarrels with the team and departs.

  • Major Characters: Ilthulsin the Exile, assorted possible Thrall-recruits and badly damaged children. Various local characters in the Underdark. The Backup Team and a strange Kobold.
  • Major Factions: The Adventurer’s Guilds. Various minor factions in the Underdark.
  • Major Plot Elements: The Silmaril of the Earth
  • Major Realms: Catacomb, Coral, Faerun/The Underdark.

Week 03: Into the Negative Zone. The group arrives in the Negative Zone, hooks up with the Arrancar, and begin patching things up – a lengthy project – while heading for the exit.

  • Major Characters: King Arthur (Version I), the Arrancar, Dimentio / Shyan
  • Major Factions: The Hollows (a.k.a “The Devourers”), The Oracle Archonia
  • Major Plot Elements: The Haven, a.k.a “The Citadel of the World’s End”.
  • Major Realms: The Negative Zone

Week 04: Traversing the Darkness: The group continues improving the Haven and healing the Arrancar.

  • Major Characters: Revan mentioned.
  • Major Factions: None introduced.
  • Major Plot Elements: Assorted training (an easy excuse for later ability purchases).
  • Major Realms: None introduced. In the Negative Zone.

Week 5: Studies in the Zone. The group continues studying exotic abilities in the Negative Zone.

  • Major Characters: The Hellstorm
  • Major Factions: None introduced..
  • Major Plot Elements: The Hellstorm and Kevin’s Contract with it.
  • Major Realms: None introduced. In the Negative Zone.

Week 6: Escaping with the Hellstorm. Revan’s Archives. The Sith Planet / Tomb Archive.

  • Major Characters: The Second Emperor, the Inquistor, Darth Plageous, the Newly-freed Hellstorm.
  • Major Factions: Both sides of the Singularity War. The Jedi and Sith, The Singular Robots, and the Neanderthals (Revealed).
  • Major Plot Elements: The Tomb and Revan’s Archives, a “Manifold Map” (a minor relic which enhances dimensional navigation and lore skills), the Silmaril of the Air.
  • Major Realms: The New Imperium, Classic Star Wars, The Plague and Disaster Realms.

Week 7: Recruiting at Baelaria, Marty sets up his offices in Core. Visiting Singular and the Gravesite. The House obtains details on Kevin’s Contract and Thrall-Capabilities. Third Mission: find out what’s going on in Baelaria.

  • Major Characters: New Thralls, The Mirage, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
  • Major Factions: The Mages Guild of Baelaria.
  • Major Plot Elements: AI’s.
  • Major Realms: Singular and Baelaria.

Week 8: The Battle Realms, Rescuing the Singularites, Business Negotiations and Baelaria Again. Mages Guild dig is closed down, group moves into Baelaria and begins to establish itself.

  • Major Characters: Arxus, the Elder Wingates (Generals Martin and Martha),
  • Major Factions: The Men In Black, the Clans (a minor faction of the Battletech Realms).
  • Major Plot Elements: Singular Nanite Technology, Wellstone, Voidstone, the Ebon Hawk, and the Soulless Ones.
  • Major Realms: Battling Business World and The Battletech Realms.

Week 9: The Baelarian MageWar, Disappearances at Hogwarts, Under Londinium. The group concludes the battle against the mages guild and begins the investigation into the disappearances at Hogwarts.

  • Major Characters: Jaiden, Vekxin, Alexander Matthington and Ariana Wingates (Praetorians), Paul Malfoy, Dumbledore, Lingering Smoke.The Minister of Magic, Magus Hutchins, and “The Outsider”.
  • Major Factions: Vekxin and has Agents, The Commonwealth, Local Baelarian Factions.
  • Major Plot Elements: Missing Kids from Hogwarts, Anti-Manifold Reaction in Core, the Rosary of Memory, The Sunwell and the Secondary Wells, Three Praetorian Chassies.
  • Major Realms: Baelaria and Hogwarts.

Week 10: Concluding the Baelarian Mages War, The Block Party, Clearing out Trade Routes, Experiments, Skiing in Tibet, Meeting with the Military. The group finishes eliminating most of the Bealarian Mages Guild and celebrates with the locals, dispatches Thralls to run various experiments, and visits Core to consult with various factions.

  • Major Characters: Merlin, Snyder (a mage working for Merlin), Chief Battlemage Kelsier, Taraq the Mobster, a Knight of Grodd, and Colonel Knightly. Arxus taken.
  • Major Factions: The Commonwealth, the Baelarian Military, and the Core Military.
  • Major Plot Elements: The House begins recruiting for Kevin, Kevin begins assigning Thralls to the Core Military (in hopes of getting them to recruit for him).
  • Major Realms: Baelaria, Castle, Samurai Jack World, Pictsome (a semi-abandoned planet with an approaching supernova wavefront in Core), and Core Earth.

Week 11: Lost to timeslip for the player-characters. Vekxin begins military-style attacks in the Underdark. Kevin’s Thralls set up defensive positions in his absence. Experiments begun on Arxus.

Week 12: Lost to Timeslip for the player-characters. Thralls put Faerun-Castle-Baelaria trade route into operation. The Singularites on Ealor send a delegation to Core Earth and open for business with the New Imperium.

Week 13: Lost to Timeslip for the player-characters. The House of Roses traces the timeslips to attempts to apprehend Vekxin: evidently he has powerful backers. ATE begins Operation: Cauldron.

Week 14: Lost to Timeslip for the player-characters.

Week 15: The Nuclear Bandit War, Jyhad, Repairing the Mirage, Visiting The House and Core Military, Curing Vekxins Recruits, Through Star Wars to Thriss. A Consultation with Computers. The group has to take time out due to Jarvain’s using nuclear weapons at close range, so they take time out to talk to the House and the Core Military (and provide them with some Thralls) before investigating the computer systems and starting their own plans to move Pictsome.

  • Major Characters: Yoda, The Dark Mirror, and assorted Storm Troopers.
  • Major Factions: The Ouratha, the House of Roses, the Core Military, and The Embassy (a group negotiating with the Ouratha).
  • Major Plot Elements: Timeslips, Vekxin attacks, Anti-Vekxin Broadcast Recorded, The Central Authority, and teh creation of Kadia.
  • Major Realms: Samurai Jack World, Baelaria, Dagobah, The New Imperium, Thriss (An abandoned core colony world), Kadia (Kevin’s personal realm).

Week 16: Dating in the Dragonworlds, Collecting Thralls, Moving Pictsome. Kevin discovers that he has a rival in the Dragonworlds, and starts making plans to deal with her, while Marty declares a business holiday so that the Thralls can be used to help move Pictsome. On Pictsome, the group teams up with Ryan O’Malley to open a planetary gate.

  • Major Characters: Ryan O’Malley, the Imperial Inquistor.
  • Major Factions: ATE, the Core Military.
  • Major Plot Elements: Planetary Gates are demonstrated practical, various Core organizations become aware of just how much power – and how many Gatekeepers – ATE and the group control.
  • Major Realms: Pictsome (supernova-threatened mostly-abandoned core earth colony world).

Week 17: The Rosary of Memory, Bribery and Balrogs, City of Ellistraee, Asault on Turwin and Mecha Debates, Recruiting NeoDogs, Staffing Kadia, the Mind Flayer City, Assault on BBW London. The group travels to the Underdark in pursuit of the Rosary of Memory – or at least of setting up a fake to trap Vekxin – and actually find the thing. Along the way, they pick up an ensouled Balrog, rescue a bunch of Dark Elves, collect many Neodogs to staff Kadia and open a pilot meme-curing project, and provide the Balrog and many orcs with a transfer to Battling Business World.

  • Major Characters: Vekxin’s Servants (220 recovered), Dhoul (magus of Elistraee), Presnell (Mercenary Mage), NeoDog Thrall-Recruits, Recovering Arxus, Jamie Wolfie (replacement character for Jarvain, who is entering treatment for alcholism), Kelseru Ana’Nasu (dragoness), the Balrog, and the Singular Medical Community.
  • Major Factions: The House of Roses, the Dark Elves, the Moon Elves, the Sun Elves, and the Priestesses of Lloth.
  • Major Plot Elements: The Rosary of Memory, the One Ring (still in the posessian of a Thrall), and the Mind Flayer Archives.
  • Major Realms: Ealor, Turwin (a modest world in the Battletech realm), the Underdark, and Battling Business World.

Week 18: Home Bases. Marty returns to Battling Business World to see how the Balrog is adjusting, trains Limey, and begins a Core advertising campaign. Jarvain remains in Rahab. Jamie is in the hospital. The people of Ealor are discussing Kevin and his Thralls. Kevin seduces Kelsaru the Dragoness, continues the NeoDog purchasing project, and puts the meme-treatment project fully underway. The group then departs for the Linear Realms in search of the secrets behind the weaponized memes and discover Walkins, a meme-engineer and religious nut.

  • Major Characters: Limey the Laptop, Mr Leland, Kelsaru the Dragoness (due to clutch in about three months, will hatch six months after that), Abigail (Marty’s wife), The Mirage (now learning to deal with its memories of prior human lifetimes), and Walkins.
  • Major Factions: Amarant Solutions and the Neanderthals.
  • Major Plot Elements: The Conway Contract and the Weaponized Memes.
  • Major Realms: Battling Business World, Ealor, The Linear Realms.

Week 19: The group traces the origins of the Weaponized Memes through the Linear Realms and prevents assassination attempts on those with knowledge of them before moving Drs Turner and Faulkner to Kadia for safety. The Core Earth Military adjusts to employing Thralls as special agents. The group intervenes in a massed attack on the Linear Realms FBI and Dr Samson and discover that the people of Singular are – somehow – involved with the Linear Realms. Amarant Solutions sets up additional offices as business in Core expands.

  • Major Characters: Doctors Walkins, Turner, Faulkner, Samson and Isane (meme researchers), Director Myagi (a Linear Realms FBI director), President MacArthur (a refugee from Singular).
  • Major Factions: The Neanderthals, the House of Roses, The Core Earth Military / The Department of Mysteries, the Linear Realms Government.
  • Major Plot Elements: The House of Roses begins recruiting Thralls (and thus gains access to 150 more of them), the basic science behind the Meme Weapons is revealed.
  • Major Realms: Core Earth, the Linear Realms, and Kadia (where the research project is set up).

Week 20: Kevin begins mass-recruiting sweeps in the Linear Realms. The Linear Realms begins taking countermeasures against the meme-weapons and saboteurs. Based on interrogations of the saboteurs in the Linear Realms, an attack is launched on their base – but the group winds up being diverted to the Five Worlds after releasing/recruiting a Praetorian. Finding that the place is run by psychotic madmen, they arrange to strip-mine the realm of souls via treaty (despite an attack by Sam-Sei, the Machine Master) before returning to the Linear Realms to assist in setting up support operations and the defense there.

  • Major Characters: Mr Myagi, the High Lord, the Machine Master, and a Praetorian.
  • Major Factions: The Neanderthals, the Federated Americas, and the Fey.
  • Major Plot Elements: An assortment of Artifacts and Realms from the Rosary of Memory, Thrall recruiting goes exponential.
  • Major Realms: The Linear Realms, the Five Worlds, the Living Galaxies, and Crusader.

Week 21: The group takes a flying trip to Crusader to deal with a minor emergency in Metropolis and discover that the realm is destabilizing. Unfortunately, the investigation into what the Neodolphins are up to goes nowhere, although the archive investigations have revealed the presence of the Disease and Disaster realms. Amarant Solutions sets up branch offices across much of Core and in many Manifold Realms. Kevin sets up a colonization project, a soul-mapping scheme, and a computer-analysis project, as well as a campaign to give the NeoDogs in Core anthropomorphic forms. Marty investigates Kevin’s background and sets up a birthday party for his daughter in the Sesame Street Realm. On the more active front, the group assisted with the defense of the Linear Realms and followed an attack group back to Singular – where the survivors were being used as cats-pawns. The group evacuated the singular survivors to Ealor, and set to work on getting the forensics people in to gather clues. Kevin takes Eogam (his son) and goes to see his parents, persuading them to visit Kadia. The group spends some time knocking about Kadia, where Kevin decides that he LIKES being a parent – and promptly (as usual) goes overboard for it.

  • Major Characters: Commander Johnson (of the Linear Realms), Abigail, Julie, the cast of Sesame Street, the Big Bad Wolf, Chief Engineer Chu Taiking, Eogam, and Roulan and Adrain (Kevin’s Parents).
  • Major Factions: The Neanderthals, The Neodolphins, Merlin and Company.
  • Major Plot Elements: The Praetorians, technological dimensional travel, the singularites, an analysis of a Core Computer to find out where it was getting updates and directives from,
  • Major Realms: Sesame Street, Core, the Linear Realms, Singular, Ealor in the New Imperium.

Week 22-24) Having persuaded Kevin’s parents to take a long vacation in Kadia and accept some bodyguards, the group headed off to the Founding Jedi Academy (and a visit to Kevin’s little brother), after which they temporarily broke up. Marty took a couple of weeks off with Jamie in the Living Galaxies (where they spent some time with the NeoDolphins) and on the High Seas (where they did some pirating and recruited a crew of werewolves). Kevin spent the time getting his phantasm-offspring disciplined and setting a training program into motion for them in the Dragonworlds – as well as getting his personal fatherhood-project underway. They wound up with a visit to Cardinal Handel, to discuss Kevin’s activities with the Unified Church. It didn’t exactly approve, but wouldn’t fight him.

  • Major Characters: Jedi Master Tindale, Thomas (Kevin’s younger brother), assorted NeoDolphins, Limey, Abigail, Kelsaru, and Cardinal Handel.
  • Major Factions: The Jedi Orders, Amarant Solutions, the NeoDolphins, the Squirrel Conspiracy, the Unified Church.
  • Major Plot Elements: Kevin’s attempts to legalize his recruiting in Core.
  • Major Realms: Kadia, the Living Galaxies, the Dragonworlds, the High Seas, the Napoleonic WereWorld, Core Earth.

Week 25-26: The discussion with the Cardinals provided some details of what worlds were being attacked – and the group decided to head for one stealthily (by the seas of the manifold) rather than attempting to force a gate through the barriers. Unfortunately, this required a run through the Straits – another crossroads realm, but one that several naval powers were currently fighting for control of – and the Storm at the Worlds End. It got messy before they arrived at the Crusader Kingdoms and found them devastated. There might be holdouts at Jerusalem though – so they headed there as quickly as they could.

  • Major Characters: Cardinal Handel, Oshann (Kevin’s oldest Thrall), Captain Rata, A’ikana (a new player-character joining the group), Limey, Kevin’s Parents, a pair of Dragons from Excession, Captain Ramius, and Jason Custone
  • Major Factions: The Unified Church, the Neanderthals,
  • Major Plot Elements: The War of Souls.
  • Major Realms: Core Earth, Kadia, the High Seas, the Straits, the British Empire, the Storm at the End of the World, and the Crusader Kingdoms.

Week 27: The group arrived at Jerusalem only to find it under siege by the forces of Death. They broke through the lines to get in – but with three hundred Death Knights and a hundred thousand lesser undead holding the siege, breaking out again wasn’t going to be easy.

  • Major Characters: Death Knights, Jurin Hans (Knight-Lord of the Knights Templar).
  • Major Factions: The Neanderthals, the Army of Death, the People of Jerusalem, the Unified Church.
  • Major Plot Elements: The Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the Disaster Realms.
  • Major Realms: The Crusader Kingdoms.

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