Exalted – Dreaming Narrative Conquest

   Here we have a specialized solar charm that expands the scope of the usual game a bit. After all, Creation is a tiny speck adrift in the infinite reaches of the Wyld – a realm which contains anything and everything which could ever be imagined and everything which can’t be imagined as well.

   Yet an awful lot of games never really deal with the Wyld or it’s inhabitants at all.

   Dreaming Narrative Conquest (Solar)

  • Cost: 3 XP; Minimum Lore 3, Essence 3, Type: Permanent.
  • Duration: Permanent.
  • Keywords: Shaping
  • Prerequisite Charms: Chaos Repelling Pattern

   The user’s dreams take on a life of their own, coalescing into a Noble Raksha ally – a secondary character under the control of the user’s player sharing the same fundamental nature, and communicating when the user is asleep – but often expressing repressed aspects of the original character’s personality.

   The Raksha is created as per a Noble Raksha with the following exceptions:

  • The new Raksha’s Essence, Virtues, and Will automatically start off equal to the user’s.
  • The new Raksha’s Cup, Ring, Staff, and Sword Graces are effectively set at the (relevant virtue + 2). The new Raksha enjoys a fundamental understanding of Creation that other Raksha generally cannot match.
  • The new Raksha gains working duplicates of any Artifacts or Hearthstones with the user has attuned. These are powered by the Wyld, are automatically attuned to the created Raksha, and will function for no one else. If they are separated from the Raksha, they will fade away in a week, and duplicate versions will appear in the Raksha’s possession.
  • The new Raksha automatically gains access to the (errata version) of Heaven Rains Wisdom, to Hiding the Wyld’s Touch, and Harvest of the Winds (below).
  • The new Raksha cannot gain experience normally; it always has one-half of the user’s total XP.

   If the new Raksha is destroyed, calcified, brought under someone else’s control, or otherwise permanently damaged, it will dissipate, and be reborn from the creator’s dreams, once more whole, in one week.

   If the original creator dies, the Raksha continues; it can now earn experience normally, but it’s duplicate Artifacts and Hearthstones – while still powered by the Wyld – can now be taken and used by others and it won’t automatically be restored with time destroyed, damaged, or calcified. From this point out, it’s a normal character, albeit one who’s still under the control of the original characters player

   Occasionally, the shared dreams of the Creator and his Raksha will yield insight: for every 40 XP the user gains, he may make an (Int) check; each success provides one bonus point of experience.

   If the user is utterly inactive – caught out of time, in hibernation, or similar – he or she will continue to gain XP in the usual amounts for life experiences and may count his or her down time as training time once he or she wakes up.

   Raksha Charms:

   Harvest of the Winds:

  • Cost: —, Mins: Cup 3, Essence 3, Type: Permanent
  • Keywords: Shaped-Only
  • Duration: Permanent
  • Prerequisite Charms: Banquet of Crumbs

   The user can drain tiny traces of power – far too small to be noticed on an individual basis – from mortals within a one mile radius. He or she may automatically regain up to (Essence or the Magnitude of the number of people within the radius, whichever is less) motes per hour and – if he or she also has the Oneiromantic Conjuration charm – a similar amount of gossamer per day. He or she gains the secondary effects of the Gossamer background at a level equal to his or her essence (five maximum).

   Continuum of Dreams:

  • Cost: —, Mins: Cup 3, Essence 3, Type: Permanent
  • Keywords: Shaped-Only
  • Duration: Permanent
  • Prerequisite Charms: Harvest of the Winds.

   Human minds hold many common dreams, ranging from replaying the simple routines of daily life through common dreams of falling/flying and being chased, and on to the infamous archetypes like “the place where you’re naked in public”. While this is similar to soul-carving artifice (page 177), such dream realms are quite permanent. The user may spiritually move into such a dream-realm for 3 motes and one temporary willpower – and may move into it physically for 12 mores and 1 temporary willpower – as long as there are at least one hundred mortals within a one-mile radius.

   Having a Raksha character is an interesting change of pace – but they’re hard to fit into most campaigns. Ergo, here’s a way to shoehorn one in.

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