Recordings from the Holocron of Kira Keldav – Session 36

   We returned the Jedi to Coruscant. It looked like the Grid had also made it back to this galaxy, if off-center and rotated substantially. The Sith had captured quite a few systems on their borders and were enjoying a short-lived advantage in the war effort, but I was beginning to suspect there would be massive reprisals from the Republic this time around if history was any guide.

   The news from Tattooine was rather amusing; it was apparently on another major low-potential hyperspace nexus – just like Coruscant, Alderaan, and several of the other worlds- and thus ships that had mis-jumped, suffered certain types of hyperdrive malfunctions, needed somewhere that they could reach easily, or jumped at random often turned up at those worlds if they turned up at all. What with the grid abruptly going missing, at least two sector fleets had managed to turn up at Tattoine with nowhere else to go – and the ensuing total military takeover had led to tossing the Hutts out on their ears, cleaning the place up, drafting most of the sand-people and Jawas into the military as trainees (especially since the Jawa were so good at scrounging up spare parts, which had been in REALLY short supply), and turning the place into a major fleet base. After all, Tattooine might be short of a lot of other things, but it had plenty of crystals.

   The image of Tattooine as an efficiently-run sector base was just too good for words.

   Lazlo and Handell were more than a bit worried. Bad enough that Ben was obsessed with designing superweapons – but now he was importing actual working models from alternate universes where he’d actually managed to get them build and working! Were they going to need to swipe the local Jedi Council as well to make him stop? Did ANYONE need functioning superweapons? Even if most of them DID have useful peaceful applications, their destructive potential was still unspeakable!

   Jacob, meanwhile, had reached some conclusions; learning new stuff was well worth the headaches that it was giving him, pockets were perhaps the most marvelous invention in all history (and were well worth putting up with some of the more burdensome requirements of civilization to have), and armor might be a good thing after all (it had certainly helped in that black hole, and in waiting around for his friends to find him afterwards. Fortunately the stars had kept him company while he was waiting). It would allow him to help out his friends more effectively! So would figuring out the good parts of whatever the Sith had done to his killer counterpart The powers would be useful if they didn’t automatically come with insanity! (Wilhem had been very helpful with his studies on that; he had to come up with a good way to thank him… Perhaps make him a lightsaber? Or take him on a great hunt of a worthy creature? And his new armor was done! It sucked that there wasn’t a fresh breeze while you were wearing it, but it was protective – and at least he could paint it to look like a nice leafy tree.

   Ben had thought of simply stealing the Jedi council and taking it home by jumping out before they got back to Coruscant – but had never really given it serious consideration. It had been an amusing thought though.

   The Jedi Council was also unhappy about letting us go – we understood the basic operating principles of two major superweapon designs that had been demonstrated to work, we were traveling with a version of Ben the Destroyer of Civilization, we had a superweapon in our possession, we had let some Sith who also knew about the superweapon go after filling their heads with the secrets of even MORE dangerous powers, and we were obviously trouble on a galactic scale! And we had just found a galactic-menace level use for Atavism (even if they weren’t sure how practical that “diving into black holes” bit was, it certainly indicated that Atavism was more powerful than they’d thought).

   On the other hand (and fortunately from our perspective), they couldn’t come up with an ethical way to prevent us from leaving. After all, we had just come to their aid because it was the right thing to do, had saved two galaxies, had restored their galaxies communication and navigation grids, and had taken that superweapon away from the Sith – not to mention that we’d be returning quietly to our homes and leaving them alone hereafter.

   They ended up just concluding that – presumably – the Force knew what it was doing. I still can’t believe how readily they fall back on that premise despite everything they’ve have seen in the last twenty-four thousand years.

   Alys, meanwhile, had been – with great caution – hopping slowly across the galaxy towards Coruscant. The grid was still fouled up – and the beacons would need to be relocated to orbit all the things they had been tracking – but at least the communications grid was back, and you could tap into locally-stored information about the major hazards. That wasn’t a substitute for the grid, but it would help with the major routes until things shifted around too much… Hopefully, by that time, they’d have a lot of the major routes marked out again.

   Our Alys showed up around Coruscant some time later. After giving apologies for the rescue taking six months, we brought her up to speed on what had happened while she was away. She just seemed surprised that we managed to come rescue her. I had to admit, if someone had asked me a year ago if I would be rescuing friends from across the multiverse, I would have said they were crazy. Of course, if someone had asked me two years ago what the chances were that I would become a Force user notorious across the galaxy, I would have called them crazy too. My life has gotten weird fast for a college drop out.

   The Republic military wasn’t happy about Ben’s refusal to tell how the super weapons worked – especially since the blasted Sith already knew! AND had been given a lot more information on even more special abilities! They also weren’t happy about Ben in principle. After a great deal of arguing about the principle of things, we finally got them to agree not to hold our Ben responsible for the local Ben’s atrocities in exchange for detailing the fact that the super weapons required projecting a hyperfield into a black hole, preferably the galactic black hole. That got them off our backs for the time being, although knowing our luck, that wasn’t going to hold for long. They weren’t too happy about the bunch of us destabilizing the galaxy, even if someone else had done it worse and first.

   Ben actually handed over fairly complete information to the Jedi, and most of the information to the military, and a few aspects to the general public. After all, if they were going to be funding putting a perpetual guard on the galactic black hole, they needed have some idea of why.

   Attempts to tell the Jedi about the Codex in preparation for any holosith that may show up with the techniques in the near future was disconcerting as the Jedi would keep forgetting about the Codex until reminded of it. I had a hard time believing the Jedi could possibly be that senile. I know they don’t like to acknowledge things they don’t agree with, but the Jedi still recognize the Sith regardless of how much they would rather the Sith never existing.

   Is this evidence of the idea that the Republic has Codifiers at their disposal and those Codifiers are suppressing knowledge of the Codex? About the only way that would work is if some members of the Jedi Council were members of the organization. But a Codex user couldn’t possibly impersonate a Force user for long, let alone a Council member unless…. they were a hybrid like me.

   Now that was a disconcerting thought.

   And also one that didn’t really suggest any real changes in how we behaved besides being less forthcoming to the Jedi Council. It did suggest yet another motive for the request that we go after Zandaras though.

   Pushing that chain of thought from my mind, it was time to check on some other matters. Using the military codes to access the priority channels, I contacted the authorities on Alderaan. I identified myself using the Jedi and Republic agent codes I’ve been given and requested information regarding Kira Keldav. Some quick clarifications revealed that they did have a Kira Keldav on record, although he apparently was lost and presumed dead after a battle two years ago when the cruiser Naichron was destroyed.

   Well that said the local Kira was either dead, or had been significantly more successful at staying quiet than I had. Since I presumably had inside information on where he might be at the moment, I felt I owed it to the local version of my family to check to see if he was at the Academy. What I did from there largely depended on what I found.

   But first it was off to Archegyph. Ben wanted to loot the bioweapons base again and I was keen on seeing if we could trap (well, create and then trap) the local version of Zandaras. If we could haul him back to our galaxy, we might be able to set up a Force resonance explosion between the two that will do most of the work for us.

   We left the Ratsoogomoz in orbit and took the Asrai down to the surface. As we approached the port, I saw people laying on the beaches sunning themselves and even a few swimming in the ocean. Well drat, at the very least this meant the local base hadn’t lost containment yet or wasn’t even in existence in this timeline. Once we landed at the port, a familiar and nervous looking man showed up with a datapad to meet us.

   Speaking with him and explaining did not go well as Ben forgot he was a notorious destroyer of civilization here. Nor did the fact that we had a capital ship at our disposal in orbit or the fact that we had trouble magnet designations with the Republic. I just wanted to introduce ourselves as special Republic agents and leave it at that, but no, some of us have to go overboard in detailing how dangerous we might be. Again the mayor’s secretary managed to get the impression that we were about to destroy the planet and ran for the hills to spend the last few hours with her children due to our arrival (not mine at least).

   I tried to explain that we had information from the Republic and Jedi Council suggesting that a Sith bioweapons base might have been located here long ago and we were sent to investigate before the Sith could. This apparently got translated as “We have come for bioweapons to kill you all” as more bribing with alcohol resumed. Damn it people, actually listen to what I am saying instead of nodding your heads and latching onto key words.

   With those discussions out of the way, we proceeded to run scans of the area where we knew the base to be in our timeline and only found a massive crater. Well drat. Consulting with the local archives, we found that the planet suffered a massive radiation problem several thousand years ago that killed a great number of the indigenous population. The crater dated to that same time period. Stories of the area being cursed and glowing blue further reinforced the idea that the local sterilization device was activated in this timeline. Well that explained why the beaches were now safe to be on. It also meant there was little of the base left for our purposes.

   And here I was really hoping to grab Zandaras.

   Ben was speculating… If the universes had diverged that long ago, the odds against most of the group still being present in this version were astronomical. Was it convergence? Was the force just lazy or uncreative? Or was it just subconscious selection on their parts? There really should be SOME way to tell!

   Just to be thorough though, we had Shipwreck run a more detailed ground penetrating scan of the area to see if some of the lower levels might have survived. That revealed deep down a stasis field in effect nearly two thirds of a kilometer in length and roughly cylindrical. Not remembering anything like that back in our timeline, it was deemed to be worth investigating further.

   Paying some of the local Falusians to help us dig to the cylinder expedited things, even if it was 10CH that proposed that (apparently, as a droid, he never worried much about money). Soon enough they announced finding a dull black surface that one of them had swum through and never returned. At this point the Falusians began complaining over us not telling them about the hazards involved and demanded more pay. Ben then began to spin this yarn about it being a Sith device that temporarily kills people who entered the field, further panicking the locals.

   Smacking Ben, I then tried to explain to the locals that it is a temporal stasis effect but it didn’t help when Ben tried to fill in the technical details with more temporary death nonsense. Finally we relented to increased their pay a percentage in compensation and things got back to work. Khadim had, meanwhile, fished the trapped Falusian out of the stasis effect with a rope and proved my point as the fellow recalled no time passing since he entered the field.

   Ben started building a time cage of some sort. I didn’t really understand what that meant other than I think he was creating a bubble that held out the stasis time. I in the meantime stepped into the field with the knowledge that I should be able to counteract the stasis using hypertime, only to find that Khadim had to drag me back out again moments later. So wait, hypertime does not work in a stasis field? That’s odd. Also odd was that 10CH was affected by the field too. I thought machines were not affected by hypertime.

   Ben started muttering something about “step functions”, and “scaling”, and comparing the stasis field effect to the fields generated by a black hole, and muttering about how they should have known since smaller fields were transparent and just shifted light frequencies, while the more intense ones actually slowed it, and wandering off into mathematical intricacies that made no sense at all to anyone else.

   Jacob found he could still use his atavism to anchor his timerate when he entered the field, although apparently it wasn’t nearly as difficult as it had been near the black hole. We also found that Ben’s time cage worked, but only for me. Apparently keeping out the stasis field wasn’t enough as you still had to speed up your time rate and I was the only one that could do that. So that left Khadim, Jacob and I to do the scouting inside the field.

   Finally inside the field myself, I got a good look at what was generating it: a Sith cruiser with gold anti-corrosion plating for underwater operations. If I had to guess, this was the Shard of Devastation. It did look to be completely intact though which surprised me. Apparently the stasis effect was doing more than just holding organic things in stasis.

   Me being stuck in a cage limited my ability to do any scouting inside the vessel, but Jacob and Khadim were not so limited. Reports from inside showed the crew to be alive, if in stasis. Apparently the stasis system malfunctioned when the hemispheric sterilizer went off a few hundred feet away – even if the shields handled most of the blast. The ship got buried under mud, sediment, and debris and has been sitting down here ever since.

   We definitely had to take care of this then.

   First problem was going to be dealing with the crew. Ben suggested putting stasis belts on everyone onboard so that when we killed the ship’s stasis, the crew would still be stuck. I had to admit that was a brilliant idea and it immediately got voted for action. It took just about every spare stasis belt we could get our hands on or build to pull off, but Khadim and Jacob got the entire crew belted. After one last quick check to verify that we hadn’t missed anyone (and finding a few off-duty engineers gambling in odd places), Khadim shut down the stasis system.

   Suddenly the Asrai went rolling and spinning. I collided with two bulkheads, but between my precognition, agility, and armor I came out unscathed. Handell was swearing most loudly as I demanded a status update. By the time sensors and communications came back online, we found that all the small trading vessels in orbit were vapor, the local fighters were vapor, and the Ratsoogomoz was under fire from the Shard of Devastation with the local port authorities calling the Republic for help.

   Bloody hell, the computer was equipped with fail-safes and we forgot to disconnect it AGAIN!

   The Shard of Devastation had – mere moments before – been hit with a tremendous blast – bad enough to activate it’s new, experimental, stasis-field fail-safe. It’s designers hadn’t counted on it picking up an energy-surge from such a nearby hard-radiation blast – and so it had had enough power for fifteen or twenty seconds – millennia in the field – rather than the fractional microseconds / minutes it had been designed to handle.

   From it’s point of view, it had obviously been buried under a storm of debris after some sort of attack, it’s crew had suddenly been incapacitated, two intruders had appeared aboard, and a major capital ship had appeared in orbit above it when it blasted free of the surface – and it was using a set of unfamiliar codes. Failsafe programming had come into play; swat anything small that was in the way, try to do some damage – enough to discourage pursuit anyway – on the way out, and head for a secure Sith base. It had, of course, started blasting.

   The minor ships hadn’t had a chance, and the backwash when the Shard had blasted free had sent the Asrai tumbling like a leaf in a hurricane. Most of the group managed to ride it out with minor injuries, although Wilhem was incapacitated by a blow to the head.

   It turned loose the security drones and internal defenses – turrets, poisons, and more – to handle Jacob and Khadim, who took quite a pounding and had to fall back when they tried heading for the computer room to shut the stupid thing down.

   I got on the comm channel with the Shard of Devastation and proceeded to give it Darth Revan’s access code we had from earlier. I immediately demanded that it cease fire, stand down and await further instructions. The Ratsoogomoz was requesting permission to return fire, and I told them to hold until I gave permission. Handell wasn’t happy when I asked him to put the Asrai between the Ratsoogomoz and the Shard of Devastation, but at least the damned computer was willing to talk to me even if it didn’t seem to acknowledge my access code.

   Arguing with the computer some more revealed that apparently the code was close but not quite right and we weren’t acting hostile so the computer assumed that we must have transmitted the code incorrectly. Shipwreck understood my gestures well as he started inserting static into the communications channel while Ben and Alys hurridly contacting the Republic network for the correct codes (which was, fortunately, available – since the shift in the communications grid had left Archegeph inside it). Jacob (onboard the Shard of Devastation) was requesting help, but I ignored him as my abilty to help someone aboard a hostile Sith cruiser was extremely limited at the time.

   Meanwhile the Shard of Devastation fired off a torpedo at the Port communications tower – probably because it was blatantly yelling for a republic fleet to come and help – and wasn’t listening to my requests to abort the launch. Damn it, a torpedo of that size was going to kill even more people. No choice then but to do something stupid based on what I heard about what Akira and Valerie did under similar circumstances. Reaching out with the Force, I was able to find the torpedo in midflight, that was the easy part. Next I tapped into the Codex and tried to push the torpedo out of the cosmos. It was being rather stubborn about it all and I had to really strain hard to finish pushing the torpedo out. That left me breathless and exhausted for several moments.

   Fortunately, Alys had managed to access the old records – and Ben had used his precognition to pick the right codes out of the sixty-odd on record.

   Finally Alys held up a code word on a datapad for me to read off. Then the computer finally began to acknowledge my commands to cease hostilities. It asked for an explanation as to why the planet below was now significantly more developed than it had apparently been moments earlier. I stepped into hypertime for a moment to think of a quick explanation. Eventually I figured a variation of the truth would suffice as I explained a stasis system malfunction had left the ship stuck in stasis for several decades and the crew was still suffering from the effects.

   Unfortunately, Ben and Alys’s attempts to explain to the local authorities was going extraordinarily badly. Ben had come onto the channel not even wearing his armor and his sheer presence was escalating the panic. Smacking Ben again and shoving him out of the view, I tried to talk the locals down. Restating our earlier story of investigating indications of an ancient Sith Bioweapons base only caused more panic.

   Damn it people, listen to what I am telling you.

   Calming them down (again) and stating that we had found the base to be destroyed but had found a Sith warship buried under the sediment. In our attempts to deal with the crew in stasis, we lost control of the ship’s computer system and it engaged protection measures. I then announced we had the computer system under control again and I was sincerely sorry for the casualties that had been caused.

   That still left the locals upset over Ben being in our group. That I explained as a clone created by the Republic and the Jedi to help reverse the super weapon effects that the original had caused. Questions about how we were able to retrieve codes to shut down the computer system so fast I deflected by announcing we had a great deal of assistance from the Jedi Council themselves. Which was completely true, if not the least bit relevant to the matter at hand.

   With the locals talked down, if only because they really didn’t have much of a choice in the matter as much as that irked me, it was time to head to our next port of call. We docked the Shard of Devastation with the Ratsoogomoz as it had sufficient hyperdrive capacity to haul both itself and the Shard of Devastation. It was agreed that next we would go to Trayus Academy on Malachor V. At the very least, we should have enough firepower to keep the Sith from trying anything stupid.

   We arrived in orbit shortly thereafter. I felt the Force resonance that could only mean my counterpart was here before I used the Codex to suppress it. Hailing the Academy and asking for the Headmaster got Master Soung on the communications channel. Those glazed eyes of his immediately told me that things were rather different here, but it was hard to tell what. I was very annoyed at the “Oh it’s you” statement from him regarding me too. Speaking with Master Soung further convinced me this version was practically a Hedi.

   I tried to explain that I wasn’t the Kira he knew as he would find his Kira somewhere around the Academy. I was most surprised when Master Soung said he was well aware of this and that we must be that bunch from an alternate universe. Alright, the list of people we’ve announced that fact to in this galaxy is very small, somehow that knowledge got here to Master Soung as well. Is this Lessa’s precognition at work, or is there a leak within the Jedi or the Republic I need to be concerned about? And how much does this relate to the fact that the Soung’s in my galaxy seem to think I am wrapped around their little fingers despite the fact I am working for the Republic?

   At what point does this become paranoia?

   Ben sighed. This was a Sith academy. Lots of records and research facilities. His alternate self had probably worked here for a bit, and the Sith they’d let escape from the core along the path their private beacons marked had probably let their contacts know what was going on. It was an obvious precaution when extra-dimensional variants might be impersonating people.

   No, he couldn’t prove that – but it seemed likely, and Alys concurred, if for different reasons. Alternate Ben had needed some major industrial facilities to build his superweapon. He’d probably had it done at that mercenary shipyard – which would put him right into touch with the local Varen.

   As for the local version of Master Soung… It seemed like he really WAS a Hedi – and had been one of the few compromise candidates that the various Sith factions all agreed was not a menace. They had no objection to his drugging students who couldn’t handle the training; those were useless to him anyway.

   Remembering why I left the Academy and his apprenticeship, I asked if I could be put in touch with my local counterpart. That got me face to face with a version of myself draped across a chair most uncomfortably with the classic Sith goatee. Seeing me on the screen, he started petting a large white cat and began popping pills. I could already tell I didn’t like him the moment he asked what we wanted. I announced that I was considering giving him information on a bunch of new techniques to counter an annoying holosith should I find that he was less likely to be a galactic menace with said techniques.

   Then began a long question and answer session with my counterpart as we tried to determine what the differences were between me and him. It was clear the fool has been tampering with his genetics and structure in an attempt to better control the Dark Side and enhance himself. That sort of thing can readily turn you into a puddle of goo if you are not careful. That tampering and attitude of self-enhancement also left him with a planet sized ego as he thought himself the greatest thing in the galaxy.

   I swear, I was tempted to go down there and use the Codex to hand him his ass and show him he wasn’t nearly as good as he thought he was. I really hope this isn’t how people actually see me.

   He also reminded me of Valerie, although she kept her ego under better control than this fool. I also have to say I respect her more for the attitude of self-perfection without resorting to such spine bending alterations.

   Heh, now that I think about it, the Varen have done rather well all things considered. Especially in comparison to some of the nutjobs we’ve encountered thus far. As long as you accepted the precept that Falling is inevitable, then they made the best that could be had of the situation. I just refuse to believe that a fall is inevitable and I think our discovery of the Codex reinforces this.

   Sadly, as much as I disliked this Enhanced-Kira (Ekira?) as a person, he still was a fair sight more stable than the vast majority of the holosith out there and was likely to recognize the true value of the Codex. So I finally sent over the files although I could tell Alys was disapproving. Hopefully the Codex and just how much he’s overlooked will humble him a bit, and it may mean a happy reunion for the local family at some point down the line. I also informed him that it was worth noting that Valerie was capable as a hybrid as well and that it might behoove him to make note of this.

   Besides, if all else fails, the grid computers have been updated with his current address thanks to me and he does owe a massive bill for all those collect calls “he” accepted.

   Actually, the Heightened Internal Structure Sith weren’t too bad. They had fallen indeed – to physical vanity and arrogance. There were worst things to do then to spend your time seeking out ways to enhance yourself, boosting yourself even more with the force – and then showing off.

   The man did manage to throughly embarrass Ben, who seemed to roughly correspond with the local Sith Artificer faction. Could you actually fall to curiosity and a love of tinkering?

   Leaving before the first bill collectors arrived, we went to the unnamed Furipede world. We found the place to be a recent battlefield with the vast majority of the Orbs destroyed or disabled and signs of what looked to be a serious construction effort at work on the surface. Landing, the furipedes seemed really surprised to see anyone arriving here, knowing their language, and offering to help. Letting our furipedes talk to them helped facilitate the matter of trust as we explained what was going on. It came down to a simple choice: the furipedes could come with us and see more of their species, or we could assist them in relocating to another world. It looked like the furipedes hadn’t had anyone arrive to offer them another way out – and had decided to go for an all-out fight in a desperate attempt to get out before their sun went nova.

   The furipedes elected to come with us and they were quite welcome. We also managed to loot a good number of the Orbs – damaged, but with a lot of salvageable systems – as an added bonus.

   Alys, meanwhile, was sending off instructions on how to find – and help – the experimenters on that island. It was a minor thing, but it made her feel better. Jacob had a young clone of himself planted on Kashriyk. Various other minor projects were carried out… many of them quite odd.

   Next stop on our journey of looting was Alderaan. Valerie stole the hyperdrive system from me, and I was going to steal it back…. from somewhere else. There was some discussion with the authorities of Alderaan, but explaining ourselves to be Republic agents on a scavenging mission was accepted with some effort. Luckily the asteroid we wanted was not claimed by anyone and it was a simple matter of adding it to the “pile” of junk they now had attached to their asteroid and towing it along.

   Then began the preparations to depart the galaxy and head back to our own. That more or less didn’t involve me as Ben, the technicians, and the furipedes made everything ready for the trip. I spent the time running Force and Codex exercises until Ben finally announced we were ready to go.

   Sigh, we saved two galaxies and I am willing to bet those that know of our existence here are going to be glad to see us go.

   I started the steering technique as the hyperdrive warmed up. I could tell fairly quickly though that something was wrong as our “trajectory” was drifting badly and it was taking more and more effort on my part to correct for it. Ben started swearing behind me about something as did Handell, but my attention was focused purely on keeping us on course. I ended up pushing far harder than I was readily able to maintain as I finally lost the technique and we dropped out into normal space. It took me some time for me to catch my breath again and my powers were out of focus for several minutes.

   Unfortunately, the group had forgotten that hyperdrive coils resonated with each other. The small ones in the various ships – even the Shard of Devastation – were far too small to have much effect on the Ratsoogomoz. The ones in the prototype superweapon at the center of that asteroid – that they hadn’t had time to dig down to and insulate – were not. The resulting wild oscillations in the dimensional hypertunnel field threw Ben’s calculations wildly off.

   When I finally got around to seeing what our status was, I found everyone looking at Shipwreck’s scanner and talking excitedly. It took some explaining for me to understand why.

   We definitely were not in our galaxy or one similar to it, as it was an irregular galaxy filled with stars only a few million years old. There were stars detected that were a hundred billion years old too oddly enough. But the thing that grabbed everyone’s attention was the fact that there was a massive hyperspace field permeating the galaxy like the superweapon designs we had found. That was surprising enough, until it was announced that there were more than one of these fields and that they were spread across the galaxy much like a hyperspace relay grid. That suggested that whoever was building these things was cannibalizing other galaxies to come up with the material for this.

   That was when Shipwreck showed that the starry background only included stars in this galaxy and nothing else.

   Oh hell.

   Scanning the broadcasts going out showed a culture extraordinarily rich, intolerant of dissension, and was showing no signs of a democracy. What indications we got was along the lines of a stratified society.

   Jacob started sounding warnings right after he finished attuning himself to the local galaxy. His assertions that the galaxy had a hungry feeling to it like the Force predator didn’t settle well when Lazlo announced that the spirits of the dead told him a great number of people must be dying to support this somewhere.

   Right about that time, my own power returned and I got goosebumps all over my skin. There was something out there, something really ancient and powerful. Jacob and Lazlo’s own perspectives on the matter only further reinforced my mind on the matter. We needed to get out of here.


   At which point Ben announced that we couldn’t make a controlled jump out of here while we were in the midst of so many powerful hyperspace fields. I was tempted to ask what would happen if we made a jump anyway, but knew I wasn’t going to like that answer. It looks like we are actually going to have to quietly sneak around and gather the information we need without drawing any attention to ourselves.

   I looked at the group around me and sighed. The odds of pulling this one off are not good.


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