Exalted – Mothra Leo, Greater Kaiju Manse

And to continue with the catching up…

Mothra Leo was one of Charles’s little side-projects – a venture into the realms of the human racemind to build a manse on a mental demesne to embody that demesne. Perhaps sadly, there weren’t all that many of the major Kaiju demesnes left – but, for good or ill (and possibly quite intentionally) the Cauldron-Born hadn’t yet gotten around to creating a Kaiju-Manse to embody Mothra Leo – perhaps the single Kaiju most perfectly suited to Charles’s nature.

Charles promptly took the chance to build Mothra Leo to be his own friend – forgetting in his enthusiasm that Leo is rather strongly linked with tiny “Fairies” – also known as Diminutive Raksha – even if they are generally protective of the earth.

Manse Construction Points: 10 (Rank-***** Base) +1 (Can be driven off by the efforts of other Kaiju Manses or major military operations) +3 (Maintenance, normally handled by it’s Guardian Force), +5 (-5 Hearthstone levels) +9 (Integrated Enhancement Artifacts III, acquired by the Raksha Guardian Force via Wyld Questing) = 28

If you don’t use the rule for manse-boosting artifacts you can achieve exactly the same effect by just adding a few more points from geomantic relays of course.

  • Exotic Aspect; Kaiju (Of course; 0). Kaiju Aspected Manses: offer a -1 on the cost of Essence Vents, Exotic Aspect, Living Manse, Mutagenic (affecting the manse only), Immutable, Wyld Revocation, and Integrated Essence Artillery, as well as access to the Wyld Kingdom.
  • Essence Vents (0): These are a necessity for Kaiju manses; when one turns up, there tends to be a sudden surge in belief – which may temporarily boost the effective cult rating. Without some way to discharge the extra power, a Kaiju could explode.
  • Living Manse (0): All Kaiju are, to some extent, living creatures – and so can have mutations. They are, however, still structures; they do not need to eat, drink, or breathe and aren’t vulnerable to things that usually don’t affect structures, such as poison, crippling, disease, and similar effects.
  • Mutagenic (0): All Kaiju are mutated – and usually very highly so. While this ability only works on the manse itself, Kaiju – like other creatures altered by demesnes and manses – can survive unhindered in Creation, no matter how severely mutated they become. (Oadenols Codex, Page 50).
  • Awakened Little God (1): As a Rank-5 Manse, Mothra Leo has “Leo” – an Essence-4 god – for a manse-spirit. Leo, like many manse-spirits, sees the manse it’s embodied in as it’s “body” and provides assistance with spellcasting and piloting.

Leo (Quick God Version): Essence 4, Will 9, 85 Motes, Soak 16B/11L/6A, Health 1x-0, 7x-1, 6x -2, -4. Int 10, Dex 10, Wits 10, Remaining stats all 4. Abilities: Athletics 5, Archery 5, Integrity 5, Presence 5, Martial Arts 5, and Occult 5. Compassion 5, Temperance 2, Conviction 4, Valor 2. Charms 24 – and 15 bonus points to spend. Leo also has Cup, Ring, Sword, and Staff virtues rated at (Corresponding Virtue + 1) thanks to Charles’s Grace Stone, and can take Raksha Charms as if he had Heart 4.

Leo is an expert thaumaturgist, with several charms to enhance such abilities and access to Adenic Thaumaturgy. He’s quite friendly really, and considers anyone who watches Toho Studios Mothra movies to be a worshiper – but it DOES have it’s duty to oppose menaces to earth.

  • Immutable (1): Mothra Leo, and everyone within it, is immune to unwanted shaping effects – allowing it to ignore many attacks and to navigate deep space and even the Wyld without fear.
  • Network Node (1) and Geomantic Nexus (1): While the Great Kaiju rarely rely on external sources of power – why make yourself vulnerable when you have internal options? – it’s always handy to be able to use it.
  • Bound Servant Force (3): Many Kaiju have associated creatures, even if they’re often purely internal. Mothra Leo has an entire crew of Heroic Commoner (quasi-) Raksha. For some reason they’re all kind of tiny though…
  • Indestructible (5): A Greater Kaiju may look like it’s taking damage, but it never really does. It can, however – as noted above – be temporarily driven off by another Greater Kaiju (or, preferably, by a team thereof) or by a sufficiently large and powerful army. They’ll just show up again later though, good as new.
  • The Wyld Kingdom (5):
    • Bilocation: Kaiju are always present (And relatively stationary with respect to other ideas) in their dream-domain, but may manifest in the physical world and wander around there freely.
    • The Wandering Mind: The “inside” of each Kaiju acts as a Chancel, with a rating equal to the manses. The landscape is freely shapeable, which does not hinder the manse’s movements since the Chancels are considered to be in the stationary aspect. This allows Kaiju to have their own internal manse networks, to support immense “crews”, and for those “crews” to be pretty much unaffected by the material Kaiju-aspect of their manse being irradiated, blasted, tossed around or otherwise assaulted. At least one mystic has claimed that all of Creation and it’s associated “local” wyld is, in fact, within “The Great Turtle”, and that the Shinmai simply define it’s outer shell – but most of the rest of Creation are pretty sure that he’s wrong.
    • The Sentai Syndrome; Kaiju function rather like Raksha Behemoths; they use the best powers and abilities of their crew (or awakened spirit) as a base, and the crew may use their charms through it or on it’s behalf.
    • Wyld Radiance: Greater Kaiju “mutations” take effect while they’re being built. When stacking mutations they are considered to have essences of (Rating + 1).
    • Living Weapons: Greater Kaiju artifact weapons require no maintenance, may have unique “special effects”, have a minimum rate of 2, multiply their radius of effect or number of targets (all use the same attack check, a flurry is not required) by the number of levels of Gargantuan the Kaiju has and multiply their ranges similarly.
  • The Wyld Kingdom (5):
    • Raksha within Leo are reconciled with Creation, and are treated like normal creation-born while within it. They may attune to Leo, respire there, and are not subject to calcification or to charms such as Order Restoring Blow.
    • Raksha within Leo will find their bodies supported by essence-flows, much as they are in the Wyld; while they still cannot simply shape themselves back from death, they do double their normal allotment of health levels (if combined with another, similar, effect this can triple their health levels – but that’s the upper limit).
    • Raksha within Leo find that Essence is just easier to manipulate; they get a +12 bonus to their Essence Pool, +1d when it comes to essence roll-offs, and three bonus charms from among those they’d normally be eligible to pick. (They can pick new ones if and when they learn one or more of them normally).
    • Raksha within Leo may choose to invest their lowest health level in him. Thereafter they’re always considered to be within him as well as wherever they physically are. If they’re killed or otherwise destroyed in any fashion that does not destroy Leo as well, they will reform at the manse. There unique method of destruction which will prevent this, but the nature of it is very difficult to discover. Equally unfortunately, if all the health levels above the one transferred are gone, their body will die immediately.
    • Raksha within Leo find it easier to attune and activate Grace Magic; the first five “committed motes” do not come from their essence pool and they reduce the cost of activating onieromancies by 5 motes and 1 glamour.
  • Integrated Utility Artifacts/Essence Artillery (since they’re both the same cost for a Kaiju manse, they can be mixed as desired as long as the total is correct, 3)

Mothra Leo… has a wild and wonderful array of powers in the source material, including energy rays, personal transformations, binding effects, laying magical seals, force fields, regrowing forests, healing, space travel, invisibility, armoring himself, spraying electro-shock webs, dividing into many smaller versions of himself, manipulating the earth, ritualistically building up more powerful attacks, releasing poisons, slashing through targets with razor sharp wings, transmuting enemies into crystal, reflecting attacks, providing life support, lightspeed or FTL flight, and time travel. The manse-based version has Adenic Thaumaturgy and some boosters for it, which provides a similar range of powers – if not the time travel.

  • The Cabalistic Tree Of Life (*****): The energies of the Tree Of Life affect Mothra Leo and everyone within him, enhancing Thaumaturgy to an incredible degree. Everyone within Mothra Leo gains a +2 bonus to each mental attribute, a +10 bonus to Occult, a -2 the Target Number for Occult, reduces the base cost of using Thaumaturgy to 2 Motes, may ignore the need for ordinary (resource *** or less) material components for their thaumaturgy, and reduce the base time their thaumaturgy requires by one level.
  • Heavy Implosion Blow (*****): This has a variety of special effects, but they’re all basically a big energy-blast.
  • When Mothra Leo has enough geomantic relay points available he provides a mote pool of 125 motes (5) for his residents to draw on (although it’s shared between EVERYONE, so its only in extreme emergencies) and additional sets of artifact-weapons.


  • Changing Coloration (1) Yes, Mothra Leo is multicolored and very pretty.
  • Cheetah’s Pace (+6 movement, 4)
  • Elemental Rejuvenation (Regains essence and wound levels while in the air, Air, 6)
  • Enhanced Sense x5 (+2 dice on all awareness checks, 5)
  • Fog (Cloud) Sense (Sees through clouds, 1)
  • Gargantuan (variant; provides no bonus health levels; those are converted to base movement. +4 Str, +4 Sta, +10 movement per level, six levels, 36)
  • Supernatural Quickness (+6 movement, 6)
  • Third (Well Thousand) Chakra Eye (+2 Awareness, Sees Spirits, 2)
  • Wings x5 (Flight at x10 base speed, 6).

Mothra Leo thus has a normal movement rate of (Dex + 76) – generally a minimum of 86 – and a flight speed of 860. That’s roughly 180 / 1800 MPH. Movement boosting charms will affect this normally; Leo often uses Landscape Travel to quadruple it (achieving Mach 13 in flight).

Actually doing effective battle with a Kaiju Manse is a lengthy project. Sure, you can unleash your mighty weapons, and super-charms, and so on – and destroy Tokyo while you’re at it – but it will just appear again in a sequel. If you actually want to defeat one permanently, you’ll need to fight indirectly. You could go in for psychomantic sabotage; all you need to do is to destroy or weaken the human race sufficiently or to institute a cultural countercurrent. Simple inattention won’t be enough though; a manse stabilizes it’s own demesne – so simply trying to make humanity forget it won’t work. You need to actively put out books, movies, and other productions that undermine it – and hope that it hasn’t become self-contained and independent of external psychomancy.

If it has gotten that far you’ll need to engage it in battle long enough to find a way into it’s internal realm, get in, defeat it’s crew and internal guardians, and either take it over or find it’s “vital organs” – the internal manses that add to it’s power and insulate it from external power losses – and destroy them and THEN get rid of it with psychomantic sabotage.

Yes, that’s kind of awkward. It’s often easier to just find a way to get it into a conversation and persuade it to go away or help out rather than making a mess.

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