Federation-Apocalypse Gadgetry II: Small Arms

   While there are hundreds of different types of small arms in common use in the core, here are a few of the more popular ones. Others can be generated as desired using the small arms rules. Of course, quite a few of the more powerful variants are restricted as military weapons. It’s also worth noting that the game master will usually disallow attempts to improve the effects of weapons that cannot critical, or which inflict damage via radius-effect explosions, via martial arts.

   Plasma Pistol: One-Handed Small Arm, Increased Damage II, Enlarged Magazine I. 2 lb, 50 Shots, 2d10 damage, Crit 20/x2, 40′ range increment, can be used as a tool.

   The Plasma Pistol is one of the most common core small arms, thanks to its utility as a fire starter, heat source, welding tool, and intimidation device: few ordinary creatures are willing to face blasts of superheated flame.

   Machine Pistol: One-Handed Small Arm, Enlarged Magazine II, Selective Fire. 3.2 lb, 100 shots, 2d6 damage, Crit 20/x2, 40′ range increment, selective fire.

   Simple, reliable, and surprisingly effective despite its light slug, the machine pistol has been in regular use for centuries, and is likely to continue in use for many more.

   Assault Carbine: Two-Handed Small Arm, Enlarged Magazine I, Selective Fire, and Increased Critical I: 8 lb, 50 Shots, 2d8 damage, Crit 18-20/x2, range increment 80′, selective fire.

   Another venerable design. The Heavy version is commonly known as a Machine Gun, and does a base of 2d10 damage instead of 2d8.

   Active-Guidance Gyroc Sniping Rifle: Two-Handed Small Arm, Explosive I, Improved Accuracy II (Smartlink): 6 Lb, 25 Shots, 4d8 damage, Crit 20/x2, Range Increment 80′, +4 bonus to hit.

   The tiny guided missiles fired by this deadly weapon are designed to penetrate and detonate, inflicting massive damage on most targets.

   Mini-Grenade Launcher: One-Handed Slugthrower Small Arm, Decreased Magazine (5 Shots), Cannot Critical, Improved Damage II, Explosive III: 2.5 lb, 5 Shots, 4d10 damage in a 10′ radius, 40′ range increment.

   Versions of this weapon are often fitted to Assault Carbines or Gyroc Sniping Rifles as secondary weapons. In this case, simply add up the weights.

   Heavy Missile Launcher: Heavy Gyroc Small Arm, Reduced Magazine, No Criticals, Increased Damage II, Explosive III. 24 lb, 5 Shots, 5d20 damage in a 10′ Radius, 120′ Range Increment.

   Even the heavy missile launcher is fairly ineffective against Orb and Starship shields: very little in the way of technological weapons that it’s safe for an unshielded human to be within a mile of is. On the other hand, even the toughest lesser targets would be wise to treat it with respect.


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