Eclipse – Battling Business World

. One of the benefits – and burdens – of the Manifold setting (more information is available over on the d20 tab) we’ve used for the Federation-Umal and Federation-Apocalypse games is that it allows near-complete freedom. Since characters may come from any setting that has ever been imagined – whether or not anyone save the one who originally imagined it has ever heard of it – the players are free to use the Eclipse classless d20 rules (available in print HERE and in a shareware .pdf version HERE) to design their own races, templates, and characters virtually without restraint. Of course, that also makes them responsible for describing the worlds they come from – their histories, their cultures, and the laws of their universe. In fact, since universes try to fit things in consistently, they can also design supplementary backgrounds and abilities – “Identities” – to represent the roles they fall into in different universes.

. The players who don’t feel up to that sort of project can simply use an existing fictional universe – or even a published game background or d20 setting – for their character background and skip the detailed local identities.

. One of the most durable and entertaining settings that a player has come up with so far has been Battling Business World – a world founded on a supposed one-shot animated movie from around 2100 and on the passing fantasies of thousands of frustrated office employees. A world where – since everyone is well aware of the fact that “death” only lasts for a few hours before you come back safe at home, that injuries vanish in minutes or hours at most, and that any collateral damage will also go away in a few hours – everyone feels entirely free to haul out the knives, hammers, and implements of destruction to settle any kind of dispute. Where maltreated equipment fights back. Where one can really get it out of their system.

. That’s the world the Mr Leland has adopted for his own and that Marty the Corporate Raider (rather literally), his assistant Limey the Battle Laptop Computer, and Mr Gelman come from. Their character sheets, updates, the rules and regulations of battling business, and a good deal of other material can be found over on Marty’s player blog. To make it easy to find things there, here are some links:

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    1. Thanks. I really appreciate you taking the time to put all the links together.

      • Oh, you’re welcome. Battling Business World is very good fun – especially when Marty gets into the “this is the Battling Business World version of that organization or historical event…:

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