Federation-Apocalypse Session Index IV

Theseus fighting the Minotaur by Étienne-Jules...

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Here’s an updated index for the Federation-Apocalpse Session Logs to date, since there are so many that it’s rather hard to keep track of them otherwise.

  1. Session 1: Gathering the group, mission briefing, and setting out.
  2. Session 2: Gating to Greenwald, first Praetorian encounter.
  3. Session 3: Debriefings and Madness Memes.
  4. Session 4: The search for Singular, Into the Underdark.
  5. Session 5: Mind Flayers, Drow, and the Godswar.
  6. Session 6: Shopping with the Drow, Destruction with the Mind Flayers.
  7. Session 7: The Dark Temple and the Negative Realm.
  8. Session 8: The New Imperium and the Tomb Archive.
  9. Session 9: The Moons of Korriban and the Second Silmaril.
  10. Sessions 10-11: The Tomb Guardian and a Break in Baelaria.
  11. Sessions 12-13: Sales Pitches, Singular, the Mirage, and the Mages Guild.
  12. Session 14: The Battletech Wars.
  13. Session 15: Battling Business World and the People of Singular.
  14. Session 16: Trade Negotiations – Singluar and the New Imperium.
  15. Session 17: Business operations on Baelaria.
  16. Session 18: Baelaria, Voidstones, the Mages Guild, and a Holy War.
  17. Session 19: Battle at the Alchemists.
  18. Session 20: Vekxin and Hogwarts.
  19. Session 21: The Crypts of the Baelarian Mages Guild.
  20. Session 22: Assault on Londinium.
  21. Session 23: Beneath Londinium and Into the Guld.
  22. Session 24: The (Mad) Minister of Magic.
  23. Session 25: The Outsider, The Adversary, and Merlin.
  24. Session 26: Aftermath in Londinium and the Crystal Palace.
  25. Session 27: The After-War Party, Minotaurs and Samurai Jack, and Experiments in Core.
  26. Session 28:  Interlude in Core – M and the Military.
  27. Session 29: Not Samurai Jack versus the Minotaurs, the Farmer, and the Bandits.
  28. Session 30: Why not to use nuclear weapons in hand-to hand.
  29. Session 31: Cleaning up – Baelaria, Ealor, and Timeslips.
  30. Session 32: Yoda and the Search for Computer Update Sources.
  31. Session 33: Dragonladies, Mech-Shopping, and Planet Moving.
  32. Session 34: Ryan, Godfire, and Moving Pictsome.
  33. Session 35: Seeking the Rosary of Memory, Moria and the Balrog, Raid Training in Battletech.
  34. Session 36: Recruiting the Balrog of Moria, Into the Underdark, and Stones of Mass Destruction.
  35. Session 36a: Raiding with Child-Soldiers.
  36. Session 37: Return to Ealor, Neodogs, and the Dark City.
  37. Session 38: Leaving the Underdark, Space Battles with Pirates.
  38. Session 39: The Rosary of Memory and Child Protective Services.
  39. Session 40: Counting the Rosary, Jarvain and AA.
  40. Session 41: Guarding the Rosary, the Mind Flayer Archives.
  41. Session 42: The Battling Business World INS, Dating with Dragons, and Singular Investigations.
  42. Session 43: Dragon Dating and the Accounting Department Wars.
  43. Session 44: Into the Linear Realms, Tracing the Madness Memes.
  44. Session 45: It seems there were these two professors…
  45. Session 46: Assault on the FBI.
  46. Session 47: Forging Alliances and Buying Advertising.
  47. Session 48: Tracing Cyborg Assassins.
  48. Session 49: Ambassadors of the Fey.
  49. Session 50: Chaos in Crusader, the Weakening Barriers.
  50. Session 51: Negotiations with the High Lord.
  51. Session 52: The Mad Machine Master.
  52. Session 53: Holographic Warfare.
  53. Session 54: City of the Mind Flayers, Preparations for the Linear Wars.
  54. Session 55: Delving into History. Character Backgrounds.
  55. Session 56: The Birthday Party, Sesame Street, and the Big Bad Wolf.
  56. Session 57: Counterassault on Singular.
  57. Session 58: Singular Gates, Evacuating to Ealor, and Visits Home.
  58. Session 60: Family Matters, Golf, and the Jedi Academy.
  59. A Draconic Interlude Part I: Discipline.
  60. A Draconic Interlude Part II: Coursework.
  61. A Draconic Interlude Part III: Academy.
  62. Marty’s Vacation Interlude (Technically session 59, but listed here to remain in sequence): The Living Galaxies.
  63. Session 61: Napoleonic Werewolf Pirates, Dragon Pets, and Squirrel Unions.
  64. Session 62: The Jedi Academy and the Council of Cardinals.
  65. Session 63: Setting Sail for the Crusader Realms.
  66. Session 64: Battle at the Straits.
  67. Session 65: The Storm at the End of the World, the Death Crusade.
  68. Session 66: The Siege of Jerusalem.
  69. Session 66a: Jarvain’s War.
  70. Session 66b: Interlude; Communications with Computers.
  71. Session 66c: Interlude: Chaos on Ealor.
  72. Session 67a: The Merchant Prince.
  73. Session 67b: Dr Lichstein.
  74. Session 68: The Council of Knights and the Temple Mount.
  75. Session 69: The First Ward War.
  76. Session 70: Preparations for Battle.
  77. Session 71a: Interlude, Runaways on Ealor.
  78. Session 71b: Interlude, Considering Accounting.
  79. Session 72: Affairs in Kadia, Underground Investigations, Priestly Confrontations, Intelligence from Elsewhere, and Tactical Planning.
  80. Session 73: Into the Garden of Eden.
  81. Session 74a: The Council of War and Death.
  82. Session 74b: Ward War II and the Silmarils.
  83. Session 75a: Interlude, Rescue Mission in the New Imperium.
  84. Session 75b: Interlude, Escape from Coruscant.
  85. Session 76: Battles in Jerusalem.
  86. Session 76b: Thawbans Relic Accounting, Investigation of Kevin.
  87. Session 77: Memories of the Fallen. Recruiting Death.
  88. Session 78: Death and the Trickster.
  89. Session 79: Gelman and the Squirrels.
  90. Session 80a: Gelman and the Balrog.
  91. Session 80b: Gelman and the Manifold.
  92. Session 80c: Gelman in Kadia.
  93. Session 81: Abigail and the Class-4 Weapon.
  94. Session 82: Artists and Otters.
  95. Session 83a: Corrigan and the Balrog.
  96. Session 83b: The Balrog at the Disco.
  97. Session 84a: The Dark Side of Magic Squirrel Land.
  98. Session 84b: Abigail’s Investigations.
  99. Session 85a: Neodog Rescues in the Linear Realms.
  100. Session 85b: Revenge of the Evil Doctor.
  101. Session 85c: Catching up on Events Elsewhere.
  102. Session 86a: Bad Contracts.
  103. Session 86b: Working Around the Terms.
  104. Session 86c: Slave-Trading Regulations. Lightening the Darkness.
  105. Session 86d: Marty’s Mid-Life Crisis.
  106. Session 87a: Small Cults.
  107. Session 87b: Child Custody and the Drow.
  108. Session 87c: Coming to terms with Concubines.
  109. Session 88: Reconciliations.
  110. Session 89a: Gelman joins the operations department.
  111. Session 89b: Discussions with the Darkness.
  112. Session 90a: Reminiscence of Apocalypse.
  113. Session 90b: Return to Core.
  114. Session 91a: Dragonworld Investigations.
  115. Session 91b: The Bronze Alliance.
  116. Session 92a: On Many Fronts: Reports from Multiverse.
  117. Session 92b: Action Conference – Where to Intervene?
  118. Session 92c: Car Wars – Battling Business Style!
  119. Session 93a: Against Entropy – Operation Midnight Gardener.
  120. Session 93b: Continuing Destruction, Car Wars II.
  121. Session 93c: Car Wars III and Thrall Visitation Rights.
  122. Session 94a: Visitations and the Lawyers of the Rings.
  123. Session 94b: The Witch-King of Lawyers and Singular Debriefings.
  124. Session 95a: The Winter King Part I, into Crusader.
  125. Session 95b: Mystic China – The Winter Maiden.
  126. Session 96a: Recruiting King Arthur, Trading with Necropolis.
  127. Session 96b: The Children of Ealor and the Lost Fleet.
  128. Session 97a: Salvage Operations and Holes in the Cosmos.
  129. Session 97b: Negotiating for Repairs.
  130. Session 98: The Hoslin and the Tomb.
  131. Session 99: Adventures in Necropolis.
  132. Session 99 Interlude A: Abigail and the Dragons.
  133. Session 99 Interlude B: Abigail and Kevin.
  134. Session 100: The Siege of Gethrid.
  135. Session 101a: The Krul-Vampire Treaty of Gethrid.
  136. Session 101b: Hoxin, Guide to Necrosis.
  137. Session 102a: Events Elsewhere and the City of the Damned.
  138. Session 102b: Ruth runs amuk.
  139. Session 103a: Dr Brenner Expanding.
  140. Session 103b: Dr Brenner in the Manifold.
  141. Session 104a: Ruthless Ruth Investigates.
  142. Session 104b: Father and Daughter Conflicts.
  143. Session 105: The City of Necropolis.
  144. Session 106a: Pyramids and Neodolphins.
  145. Session 106b: Gelman, Abigail, and Meeting Kadia.
  146. Session 107: Ramira, Kelsaru, and System Security.
  147. Session 108a: Escape from Necrosis, The Jesus Realm.
  148. Session 108b: Jenkins versus Jenkins, Todd’s Escape.
  149. Session 108c: Lord ZERO versus the Squirrels.
  150. Session 110: The Rescue of Sir Quincy.
  151. Session 111: Working with Werewolves, the Persona Chip.
  152. Session 112, Midnight Gardener, Capturing Vekxin.
  153. Session 113a: Interrogating Vekxin, Introducing “God”.
  154. Session 113b: Heading for Inversion, with Xellos.
  155. Session 114a: Thrall Missions – Todd’s Pathbooks.
  156. Session 114b: Thrall Missions – Lord ZERO and Jenkins versus BBW.
  157. Session 115: En route to Inversion – the Wookie World.
  158. Session 116a: Kevin, Marty, and the Rats of NIMH.
  159. Session 116b: The Rats of NIMH and the Yellowstone Supervolcano.
  160. Session 117a:  Reports from the Manifold, Child Kidnappings.
  161. Session 117b:  Thrall Missions – Child Rescue Operations.
  162. Session 118a: Arrival in Inversion.
  163. Session 118b: Inversion, Breaking and Entering 101.
  164. Session 119: Plumbers, Loonies, and The People of Inversion.
  165. Session 120: The Lend-Lease Program, History of Inversion and “God”.
  166. Session 121: Heading for Berlin, Hijackings, and The Grand Tour.
  167. Session 123: Prison Break in Inversion.
  168. Session 123a: Negotiations in Kadia, Planning the Assault on Inversion.
  169. Session 123b: Consulting the Church, the Infiltration of Inversion.
  170. Session 125: Catalysis, The Transformation of Inversion, Neanderthals.
  171. Session 126a: Jenkins Vrs ZERO, Holly Vrs Kadia.
  172. Session 126b: Gelman and the Rabbi.
  173. Session 127: Jenkins and the Numbers Vrs Mr Leland and Opossums. NIMH and the Authorities.
  174. Session 128: Grenwald for the Neanderthals and Reforming “God”.
  175. Session 129: M, Multi-Identities, the Silmarils, and Morgoth.
  176. Session 130: The Silmaril Wars, Opening Salvos.
  177. Session 131: The Silmaril Wars, the Vala and the New Imperium.
  178. Session 132: Recruiting in Heaven, Empowering the Forgelight.
  179. Session 133: The New Imperium and the Hellstorm War.
  180. Session 134a: Martin in Kadia, Ryan’s Investigations.
  181. Session 134b: Project Midnight Gardener goes public.
  182. Session 134c: The Once and Future Dr. Brenner – Prophet.
  183. Session 135: Boarding the Hellstorm.
  184. Session 136: Marty Vrs Revan.
  185. Session 137a: Falling Back to the Forgelight.
  186. Session 137b: The Imperial Debriefing.
  187. Session 138a: Martin Senior – Arrival in Kadia.
  188. Session 138b: Martin’s Casino, Jenkin’s War, and Limey’s Rebellion.
  189. Session 138c: Marty’s Younger Siblings.
  190. Session 138d: Disciplining Limey; quotations from the Book of Threats.
  191. Session 139a: The Council of the Traditions.
  192. Session 139b: Policy Review, Todd, Limey, and the Number Lords.
  193. Session 140a: The Core Investigation, Gathering of Experts.
  194. Session 140b: Preliminary Interviews; Gelman and the Harem.
  195. Session 140c: The Visiting of Family; interview with Temerin.
  196. Session 140d: Thrall Assignment Policies and the Investigation Report.
  197. Session 141: Child Protective Services, Puffin Wars, and Vacationing with the Anthropomorphous.
  198. Session 142/Realm of Ciarkian Discussion Part I: The world and its inhabitants.
  199. Realm of Ciarkian Part II The local population and their monetary system.
  200. Realm of Ciarkian Part III The city of Cyrweld, its ward, and its economy.
  201. Realm of Ciarkian Part IV: The guilds and knightly orders of Cyrweld.
  202. Session 143a: Ruth, cultists, and the Linear Realms.
  203. Session 143b: Ruth, the NeoDogs, and Ensoulment.
  204. Session 144: Kevin and Marty versus the Port Authority.
  205. Session 145: Of Sailing Ships, and Sealing Wax, and Platapi, and Kings.
  206. Session 146: Assassins and Bets at the Theater.
  207. Session 148a: Dispatches from the Core.
  208. Session 148b: Dispatches from the Core, Part II.
  209. Session 149a: Interrogating the Assassin.
  210. Session 149b: The Markets of Cyrweld.
  211. Session 150: Metals, Muggers, and House Wars.
  212. Session 151: Taking 8 1/2 Tails to Heavenly Healing.
  213. Session 152: 8 /12 Tails in the Houses of Healing.
  214. Session 153a: The Dragon Emperor Investigates.
  215. Session 153b: The Dragon Emperors Menu Defeats Kevin.
  216. Session 154: Conley versus the Delusions of Heaven.
  217. Session 155: The World of Tea and Duels of Magic.
  218. Session 156:The Carnival of Cats.
  219. Session 157: Conley versus Rabbits and Panthers.
  220. Session 158: Parental Concerns and Parrot Parties.
  221. Session 159: Marty Investigates, Marty Versus the Dragon Emperor
  222. Session 160: Kevin versus the Ouratha, Marty versus Parrot Matrons.
  223. Session 161: The return of Raphael.
  224. Session 162:

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