Today it’s the founder of The Shadow Alliance or “Shadowguard” – a modest association of young, and rather low-powered, metahumans operating out of East Sussex. The group was originally written up for the old Marvel Super Heroes rules – also known as the FASERIP System – but they should be easy enough to convert to pretty much any other system.

Voltaire: Minor Hero

   Fighting 6 (Typical), Agility 10 (Good), Strength 6 (Typical), Endurance 30 (Remarkable), Reason 30 (Remarkable), Intuition 10 (Good), and Psyche 10 (Good).

   Health 52, Karma 50, Resources 20 (Excellent), and Popularity 3 (12 with hackers and computer games devotees)

   Height 5’10, Weight 145 Lb, Dark Brown Hair, Grey Eyes. Apparent and Real Age: 16.

  • Real Name: Alexandre Dumaine
  • Occupation: Student, computer hacker, games designer, freelance programmer, entrepreneur
  • Identity: Secret
  • Legal Status: Citizen of France with no criminal record, still a minor, CEO of Dumaine Inc.
  • Other Aliases: Keisando (on the hacker net)
  • Birthplace: Amiens, France
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Known Relatives: Andre Dumaine father)
  • Group Affiliation: The Shadow Alliance
  • Base Of Operations: England, East Sussex Fusion Research Center
  • Ethnic Origin: Celtic gaul
  • Religion: Roman Catholic
  • Education: Continuing advanced work, supplemented by computer tapping ability.
  • Source Of Income: Program royalties, consulting fees, currently employed as consultant by EFC.
  • Talents: Computers +2 CS, Electromagnetic Targeting and Control +2 CS, Electronics and Neurology, and Business/Finance.

Known Powers:

   Electron Manipulation: Voltaire can perceive and manipulate electrons and electrical fields with remarkable (30) ability, modified as shown below.

  • Energy pattern perception operates at +1 rank (40 In)
  • Linking to and manipulating circuits and computer systems. Operates at +0 ranks (30 Rm)
  • Bioelectric healing/disruption operates at -1 rank (20 Ex)
  • Electrical generation (Hurling lightning, powering things, etc) operates at -2 ranks (10 Gd)
  • Electrostatic “telekinesis” Operates at -3 ranks (6 Typ)

   Body Armor: Voltaire unconsciously maintains an free electron shield, giving him remarkable (30) “Armor” versus energy attacks. Unfortunately, this is three ranks less effective against physical attacks (6, Typ).

   Logic Overlay: Extensive computer contact has given Voltaire’s mind computerlike abilities. He may absorb, and retain as desired, one database or expert program (equal to a talent) per reason rank he has (Currently 6). The same mental discipline gives him excellent resistance to mental attack. This defense increases to shift-x (150) when his mind is linked to an active computer system. Attempting to contact his mind under such circumstances will stun the mind-reader for 1 to 10 rounds due to binary shock unless a red psyche FEAT roll is made. Voltaire automatically converts the input to comprehensible analogies, most mindreaders have no such ability.

   Capsule History: Voltaire’s powers developed gradually, each aspect emerging as his strength increased. The ability to perceive neural and electrical energy patterns appeared around age 10 and led to an early interest in those areas. His comfortably middle-class parents were somewhat startled to discover their sons superhuman powers, but were happy that his talents were relatively “quiet” and nonviolent. Following their advice, he kept them secret. Finding that he could interact with computers directly, he obtained a personal computer at age 12. By 13, he’d begun selling games, by 14, major programs. At 15 he incorporated himself, and at 16, by sealed bid, landed a contract to provide software and systems integration for the East Sussex research center of the European Fusion Consortium. The project manager was somewhat startled when they actually met.

   Once there, he encountered Whisper and detected the influence of her subliminal talent on his computer-like mind. His interest piqued, he became acquainted. At her suggestion he searched the UK computer net for information on other young paranormals – a search which led him to some rather ominous governmental policies. Understandably upset, he still managed to lift a lot of data before the security programs locked him out.

   Consulting Whisper, he decided to contact other young paranormals, in hopes of setting up a counter-organization – and began cautiously recruiting.

   Playing Notes: Voltaire has one special trick, sending a few milliamps of current through someone’s brain induces violent convulsions similar to epilepsy. He uses this tactic reluctantly as the victims own strength can cause severe internal injuries, particularly if he’s stronger then normal. It also sometimes makes Superhuman victims more dangerous then normally.


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