Legend of the Five Rings: Session Titles

   Just for record-keeping purposes, here’s a list of the session titles for the last 77 sessions of the Hinode Monogatari Legend of the Five Rings campaign. The session logs are crosslinked for easier reference, but the first series – up through the Vortex of Time Series – all take you to the compiled pre-blog session logs. There doesn’t seem to be a way to link to a specific portion of another page, so you’ll just have to scroll down for those.  The same goes for most of the individual sessions even in the later series, since the logs are generally done for several sessions per shot. The current XP total is approaching 600, with about another 150 for allies, favors, nemuranai, background lore skills, and similar acquired-in-play advantages. I’m probably going to be locking it in there: That’s already implausibly high for a character that no one has ever heard of before – and if you can’t build a satisfactory character with 600 extra XP to play with, you probably never will be able to.

The Demon Winter:

  • From Hell’s Cold Heart I Stab At Thee
  • On Tour with the Fortune of Vacations. 

Masques of Darkness Series:

  • Twilight Shadows
  • The Paths of the Dead
  • Coda: Prairie, Sky, Mountain, Forest

Nightfall Series:

  • Adrift Upon the River of Gold
  • Shadow of a Dark God
  • The Roots of Mountains
  • Citadel of Honor’s Twilight
  • The Tao of the Heart


  • Spilled Blood and Still Waters

The March of the Crab Series:

  • Standing At the Gates of Madness
  • Another Battle at the Wall
  • The Lemmings March

Undercurrents Series:

  • The Mad Cat Boat Race
  • A Courtly Eruption
  • A Dagger of Words.

Vortex of Time Series:

Firestorm Series:

  • Embers in the Darkness
  • A Heart of Flames
  • The Passing of the Torch
  • The Sword which is No-Sword
  • Words Like Mist
  • Shadows in the Wainscotting.

The Phoenix Debates:

  • The Phoenix Debates
  • Waters in the Desert
  • A Blade for the Darkness

The Naga Rising:

  • The Borderlands of Twilight
  • Mist upon Tablets of Emerald
  • The Drunkards Walk
  • Rationally Recruiting Retreating Ronin Refugees
  • The Spiral Gates
  • The War of Golems

The Rise of Fu Leng Sequence:

  • The Serpentine Way
  • Walkers In The Twilight
  • Voices from the Darkness

The Clan Wars Series:

  • The Empress and the Cuddly Demon Ninja
  • Walking Between the Raindrops
  • A Darkness Rising
  • The Prophet of Merenea
  • Fishing with Ninsei and Gardening With Teruoko
  • Shigure, This is your life!

Rise of Fu Leng/The Bloodsword Legacy:

The Clan War/Shifting Alliances:

  • Champion of Love
  • Shadow of the Black Cat
  • Sumo Slammer Sledding
  • The Gates of Blood
  • World of Warcraft
  • Tongues of the Dead
  • Nightmares and Weddings
  • The Phoenix Nexus
  • Worlds Beyond
  • Generals of Chaos
  • Wandering In The Darkness
  • The Strength of Stones

The Clan War/Planar War:

  • The Powers Of The Earth
  • A Dark Mirror
  • Adrift Upon A River Of Stars
  • Into The Ivory Kingdoms
  • Against the Asuras (Session Log Pending)

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