Character Artwork

   Hello, people. I hope you all have fun tonight while I try to wrench five pages of enlightening commentary out of “animal-related puns and tangents in Plutarch’s Life of Themistokles“.

   In what’s probably related news, I am going to be doing a group picture of all the current L5R people: that means Okari, Kochige, Shigure, Alex, and Michio (or whatever the hell his name is :p ). So, questions:

   1) What are the Fox Clan’s colors? Scorpion? Dragon is green and gold, right?

   2) Does Shigure normally wear armor? Would his player like to post some kind of description or reference picture or how much does it matter to you? (I’ve seen the one on the character sheet, but I don’t *have* it available, and it’s up to you how much you want me to hold to that, if your mental image differs much.)

   3) See above questions, regarding Ko.

   4) Do the Scorpion Clan masks look like anything specific?

   5) What are Okari and Bland Scorpion Dude’s family names, for certain? (Does Shigure have one?)

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