Eclipse d20 – Village Hero, Maylindarin Vrilinassyr

   To humans, the elves seem flighty and mysterious – constructing no permanent holdings, drifting as lightly from place to place as a flock of exotic birds, creatures of gossamer and magic.

   To the elves of course, walls of earth and towers of stone seem little more enduring than the cloth and woven branches of their tents and trees. To live within the cycles of the land, one must travel with those cycles – a decade or two here, and then moving on in a circuit of their lands that may take many human generations to complete.

   There is attraction both ways. To an elf, the solid permanence of a human settlement, with it’s crown of bustling activity, is alien and exciting. They are crowded with children, where elven children are rare. To a human, the transient serenity of an elven settlement, it’s polished grace, and the timeless rhythms that speak of centuries of practice are equally wonderful.

   Where the two meet, there are always consequences.

   Humans are far more fertile than elves – and elves value children. Still, a half-elven child always brings pain to the elven parent, who will see their half-elven child grow old and die. As troublesomely, such a youngster will swiftly outgrow the elven companions of his or her childhood. Many such children settle in human villages as they approach adulthood, finding companions among those whose lives are lived at a similar tempo – or, sadly, enemies amongst the humans who regard every outsider with suspicion and resentment.

   Many – already outsiders – become wanderers or adventurers, moving between the lands of elves and men as the mood strikes and the winds blow.

   Personally, Maylindarin is more strongly attuned to the forces of nature than many of the elves themselves, and already commands a bit of the power of the natural world. The player has noted that the group already has two characters – Raymund and Nagindeyu – who have set themselves up in opposition to (presumed) undead and mystic evils, and (since they’ll such the rest of the group into that anyway) decides to join the bandwagon. Ergo, Maylindarin has senses numerous minor disturbances of the natural order, and feels that he has a duty to the spirits of nature to help deal with such threats.

  • Package Deal:
    • Cultist. At least by human standards – and they do make up the vast majority of the local population – Maylindarin’s attunement to the powers of nature puts him firmly in the “Cultist” category. Given that the Cultist package deal will represent his personal talents quite well enough, we’ll give him that one – tweaking a bit of the discription to represent a half-elven viewpoint though. This provides 2d6 Mana (Specialized and Corrupted, only usable for Spirit Magic, detectable by other priests as a reserve of unnatural and inhuman power, 4 CP), Rite of Chi with +2 Bonus Uses (Specialized and Corrupted, only to restore the Mana Reserve for his Spirit Magic, requires a brief and obvious ritual in honor of the nature spirits, 3 CP), Skill Emphasis in Spirit Rune Mastery and Spirit Rune Casting, Corrupted/the user is regarded as a social outcast and troublemaker (4 CP), and a +3 Speciality in Knowledge/Religion/The Secrets of the Nature Spirits (1 CP).
  • Low-Level Adventurer Template:
    • +(12 + 2x Con Mod) HP. These are added to the 3 + Con Mod base for level zero – which will become (Purchased Die + Con Mod) at level one.
    • Talents: Animal Influence and “Elven Grace” (a renamed standard talent, reducing the Armor Check Penalty of any armor he wears by two and increase the maximum dexterity bonus it allows by one).
    • Skill Modifiers: -3 on all Unskilled Skill Checks, +3 Listen, Search, Spot, Knowledge/Nature, and Survival.
  • Race: Half-Elf. Provides
    • Immunity/Sleep Effects (Uncommon/Minor/Major, 3 CP)
    • Resist/+2 on Saves versus Enchantment Spells and Effects (3 CP)
    • Occult Sense/Low-Light Vision (6 CP)
    • +1 each to Listen, Search, and Spot (3 CP)
    • +2 on Diplomacy and Gather Information (4 CP)
    • Privilege: Treated as Elves wherever this is advantageous (3 CP)
    • Speaks Elven (1 CP)
  • Total Character Points: 24 Base for L0 +3 for the Outcast Disadvantage (not too unexpectedly, in a setting full of isolated small villages, there’s a good deal of prejudice against individuals with blatantly nonhuman blood) = 27.

   Purchased Abilities:

  • Militia Training: Proficiency with Light Armor, Shields, and All Simple Weapons (9 CP) plus a Specialized version of Legionary (only usable with other people with Militia Training, 3 CP).
    • Maylindarin has only trained a little with the human-style militia, but his childhood was at least twice as long as a humans – and he learned a lot of the same things before moving into a human village. Besides, the player was intending to buy all of that except the Legionary bit anyway, and gave in to the other players desire to add a fourth militia-trained character to the mix. He’ll have to finish up the proficiencies he wants fairly soon though; otherwise they’ll get more expensive.
  • Resist/Reflex +1 (3 CP).
  • Upgrade Proficiencies to include Bows (3 CP).
  • Mindspeech with Beastspeech and Sense Sharing, Specialized in Animals and Nature Spirits Only (7 CP).
    • The game master will want to consider that one carefully before saying “yes”. That’s a powerful scouting ability, even given the inhuman perspective and sensory limitations of many animals (they don’t necessarily see much like humans, or hear in the same frequencies – which can be quite confusing). On the other hand, it will be a great way to let the characters plan effectively, which will be especially vital in a low-level campaign. That’s probably reason enough to allow it.
  • +2 Skill Points (2 CP). Oops. That’s going to be a problem. Without the human bonuses, Maylindarin is going to be strapped for skill points. In fact, at this point, starting with a reasonable skill selection is going to be more important than +1 on Reflex Saves, so the player decides to drop that for the moment and go to +5 SP for 5 CP. That save bonus can readily be added after an adventure or two – and the Legionary ability will definitely help make up for it in most fights.

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