Notable Corporations

   Corporations fall into three major catagories as far as superheroes are concerned; backers and creators of heros and villians, those possessing things that villans and villanous groups want to steal, and those which are meddling in things that will produce trouble beyond their control. Which catagory, or catagories, the corporations listed below fall into will not be given here.

  • British Ironworks; Still a major producer of refined metal and industrial machinery after 214 years, British Ironworks is about as “stable” as any corporation in existence, if only because it owns a substantial interest in numerous spin-off corporations.
  • Egiun Corporation; AKA “SuperConglomoMegaCorp” (At least according to a long series of speeches by Senator Thompson), now has enough interests and subcorporations to occupy an army of accountants indefinitely. It continues to enjoy considerable popular support despite it’s privately-held organization thanks to it’s liberal socal policies, tendency to buy out or lease, rather then fight, groups which develop something it wants, and high-quality products.
  • Merias Holding Corporation; Organized during the 1890’s in response to the new antitrust laws in the US and Great Britian, Merias continues to fulfill it’s basic function; owning things. The majority of it’s stock – and considerable income and influence – is privately held.
  • Toleris Energy Systems; A spin-off of Egiun, Toleris holds the primary patents on the current generation of fusion-power systems.
  • Ratatosk Enterprises; A recent spinoff from Toleris, Egiun, and Epsilon Weapons Systems using fusion- energy systems to power laser-launch facilities, thus providing low-cost orbital access. Formerly a spaceplane producer but phasing that line out.
  • Anderson Pharmaceuticals; Cybrenetics and Bio-engineering – genetic or otherwise – have been a major focus of Anderson’s research since WWII, and have led to quite a few problems. Despite the numerous failures, the occasional successes have resulted in substantial profits.
  • Megatalos; A major software producer, with a variety of broadly-used applications. Megatalos is very active in copyright protection.
  • Huntsman Industries; Producer of specialized security systems, high-technology weaponry/armor systems, and vehicles.
  • Ashimabaru, AKA; Demon-Slayers Incorporated; One of the best producers of “classical” magical weapons still in around, although there are some indications that they’re selling off old assets, and are attempting to “modernize”.
  • Helix Corporation; Genetic engineering specialists – and one of the few organizations capable of producing designer creatures and viable clones.
  • Watchtower; Having launched their own series of survellience satellites to compliment ORA;CLE Incorporated (Opinions, Research, and Advice by Computer-Linked Experts) and their public news-correleation service, Watchtower Inc offers investigation and research services of remarkable quality.
  • Icarus Aerospace; A leader in flight systems and orbital manufacturing, I.A. also produces some very expensive personal flight suits and armor, as well as a line of military helicopters. Thanks to the support of the company president, they’re also one of the very few corporations that still has a research program on “giant robot vehicles” running – albeit with no real sign of success.
  • Transky Bio-Research; Controlled exclusively by the Tran family, Transky exists to facilitate exotic medical treatments, deal with aliens, and support superheroes. Founded in 1964 during the Arrhenius Invasion, TrBio has firmly established itself in what is – admittedly – a niche market.
  • Pangea Inc; A supplier of “green” technology and designer of Arcologies, Pangea is heavily into both technological and magical research. Run by Richard Islen, it’s corporate character tends to reflect his own eccentricities. Pangea supports some very odd causes for a corporation – notably the Ancient Ways and Mystic Heritage groups.
  • Zhanjen Corp; A japanese megaconglomerate, and noted for sponsoring various “hero teams”. They do, however, make a point of getting a good look at any weird technologies their sponsored heroes turn up.  -Zhanjen Corp was first mentioned in the “Allies” sourcebook for champions.
  • Keltic Lore Inc; A major supplier of magical trinkets, supplies, grimoires, and so on.
  • Pickman Periodicals; A publisher of unusual, and sometimes dangerous, magazines, including such oddities as Villany Unbound (A magazine for fans of supervillians), Practical Runecraft, and many other “niche” magazines.  -Villany Unbound was first mentioned in a Champions sourcebook.
  • Corona Industries; A major supplier of high-quality electronics, sensor systems and computer components, and – thanks to a recent merger with Pan-European Chemicals – industrial and research chemicals.
  • Anaku Enterprises; A massively diversified and high-powered conglomerate, Anaku produces a wide variety of electronic and electrical devices for the international market. Their advanced sensor systems are especially notable.
  • Centurian International; The top supplier of security services in the world, Centurian runs a high-end business in power-armor guards, weapons sales, and sensor systems – along with a low-end business in personal security weaponry. Founded shortly after the Arrhenius Invasion the company has become used to a booming business. They’ve recently made quite a splash introducing a cheap two-shot, disposable, “entanglement” pistol as a “home security” weapon. Given that solvent sales are restricted to law-enformcement organizations only, this has proven surprisingly effective.
  • The Traveller’s Association; Founded shortly after the arrival of the Lanarists on earth, the Association is dedicated to mankind’s expansion, to providing assistance to peaceful aliens, and to the general development of space travel. Unlike most of the other corporations on this list, the Traveller’s Association is nonprofit.
  • Henderson Financial Services; Principally notable as one of the few “banks” which supplies known superbeings and aliases with services.

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