Character Artwork

Smoke by Greenling   Here’s an image for our latest Legend of the Five Rings character – Smoke Balamada, a Senpet Heka Mage. How this will work out after the characters return to Rokugan is an open question.


12 Responses

  1. Whenever I hjear the character’s name, I keep thinking “Smokey and the Balamada,” like a Bedouin version of the Western.

  2. Like most questions regarding the characters, I suspect it will not be answered to the satisfaction of most of Rokugan. I suppose we’ll see what excuses come up.

    (Besides, realistically, it was that or “Phoenix Bushi #25 suddenly gains a personality and free will, and by the way he has magic powers because I think straight warriors are boring”. Awkward time to fail a roll, that was.)

  3. Hmm… Smokey Balamada sounds kinda like a salmon dish. Smoked salmon, pickle relish, sour cream. Yum.

    I’m going to tease you about the name for as long as I can drag it out. :)

  4. I hope the remains of those hams roll out of the sekrit undead caves and stalk you all the way back to Rokugan, looking for revenge. :3

  5. Of course the hams are chasing me. Smokey Balamda is already tailing after.

  6. You will wake up in the middle of the night with a single, ice-cold, half-eaten ham laying on your chest.

    It will stare deep into your eyes through the rough holes ripped in its glistening, salt-cured hide, and pierce your very soul.

  7. Yes it will. Obviously the ham wants to be eaten. So I will much on the smoked ham with sour cream and pickle relish on crackers.

  8. In other news, I was curious if you were interested in working up a version of my wolf emblem. The one I made was ripped and altered from an old White Wolf design, and paul wanted something not derivative.

  9. I’m a mite booked right now, but if you don’t mind going in the queue, I can get to it sometime before Christmas.

  10. It’s nothing important, honest. Just comething for us to wave around.

  11. Hmmm… The style struck me as an interesting sort of work. It looked as if it was done with a brush, and that would probably be the reason why it got my interest.

  12. […] senpet Heka Mage. How this will work out after the characters return to Rokugan is an open question. AbresaxAbresax _was_ the Fist of the Scarab for the Senpet, a militaristic empire &gt on … […]

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