Champions, The Red Scarf, Martial Artist (147 CP)

The Red Scarf’s roles allow him to add up to sixty points worth of attributes, abilities, and skills to his basic suite of abilities – although each role takes time to build and is subject to game-master approval:

The Red Scarf’s third prepared role’ is as a (fairly basic) superheroic martial artist, embodying the quicksilver speed and grace of the fey and the powers of the air. Perhaps unsurprisingly, while this is The Red Scarf’s simplest role (at least in terms of the abilities it provides), it’s also his most powerful combat form; few things are more useful in combat than enhanced reflexes, the ability to deflect or evade attacks, rapid movement, and being able to inflict more damage on opponents.

Of course, the Martial Artist role is weak on ranged attacks – but The Red Scarf has a few ranged and movement options to help cover that weakness even without the martial artist role.

The Martial Artist Package:

Attributes: +10 Con (20) and +10 Dex (30).

60 Added Skills
(20) +2 Overall Levels
40 Martial Arts
(4) Fast Strike (OCV +2, DCV +0)
(5) Choke Hold (OCV -2, DCV +0, NND Grab)
(3) Martial Throw (OCV +0, DCV +1)
(4) Martial Dodge (OCV –, DCV +5)
(24) +6 DC for Martial Attacks


37 Added Powers End
(20) Missile Deflection Vrs All Ranged Attacks.  
(6) Deflection (Force Field, 5 PD/5 ED, Activation 12- (-¾) 1
(5) Mental Defense  
(6) Running +3″ 2

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