Zhao Shou Lung

Zhao Shou Lung, The Jade Guardian:

   Zhao was designed for the Tri-Stat/Big Eyes Small Mouth El-Hazaard setting. Secondarily, he was intended to serve as a bit of a unifying element for a setting that really didn’t have a lot of backstory or unity – hence his rather extensive personal timeline.


Basic Statistics:

Body 6 Attack / Defence 10 / 8
Mind 6 Health Points 90
Soul 12 Energy Points 90


Attributes: Level Cost Special Notes :
Aura Of Command 4 4 Actually “Unique Attribute”; Aura Of Persuasion “-4”.
Combat Mastery 2 4 Already included in combat values.
Empower Relic 1 2  
Highly Skilled 3 2 +20 Skill Points.
Relic 5 20 QV “Dragon Gauntlets”.


Skills: Level Cost Att Specialty
Acrobatics I 3 6 Flight
Bonsai Gardening IV 4 12 Mountains
Cooking II 2 12 Gourmet
Military Science I 3 9 Martial Arts Lore
Performing Arts V 5 12 Oratory
Social Sciences III 3 6 History
Stealth I 4 6 Silent Movement
Teaching VI 6 12 Martial Arts
Unarmed Attack II 8 10 Strikes
Wilderness Lore I 2 9 Mountains

Net Costs: Statistics 24, Attributes 32, Contributions -1, Disadvantages -20, Total: 25 out of 40 available.

Disadvantages: Total; 24 points, effecively 20 (See “Unique Defect”).

  • Ancient Master; Always recognized as such unless intentionally disguised… Tends to be asked to undertake assorted quests, deal with random menaces, etc. 2 points.
  • Attack Restriction; Will not harm children / innocents, even if they’re being possessed or manipulated somehow. 1 Point.
  • Cursed; Feels responsible for total strangers. Always makes at least some effort to aid anyone who asks it of him. 2 Points.
  • Grandchildren; These are numerous – he is VERY old – and tend to need to be “indulged”, taught, rescued, etc, every so often. 1 Point.
  • Hunted; Assorted minions of the Death Dragon (Hunting Horrors, Plague Bearers, assorted Demons and Undead). 2 Points.
  • Jade Guardian; Keeper of assorted horrible artifacts, tomes, etc. See “Dojo”, 2 Points.
  • Marked; Runic “Tattoos”, Shao-Lin Dragon and Tiger Emblems, Dragon Circling a Yin-Yang Emblem on forehead, and Vertically-Slit Catlike Eyes. 2 Points.
  • Nemesis; Actually a rival… Several highly skilled martial artists feel that “popping out of the woodwork” to attack him – not too seriously – makes a superb training exercise. 1 Point.
  • Obligations; Goes on mysterious missions for the forces of “destiny” and rarely questions even the oddest situations (IE; Free GM plot hooks). 2 Points.
  • Quirks; Avoids fighting; tries to talk his way out of it or stay on the sidelines – but is very protective of his students. Tries to find a chance to teach in any situation. Puts a great deal of faith in “Belief”. Grows Bonsai Mountains. Mystically Cryptic. 3 Points.
  • Recurring Nightmares; Dreams of the upcoming activities of assorted cosmic horrors and/or the Death Dragon on a fairly regular basis. Most often nothing can be done except to train some more heroes. (More free GM plot hooks). 2 Points.
  • Student Magnet; Attracts many would-be students. The most annoying ones take rejection as a test of their worthiness. 2 Points.
  • Unique Defect; Only gets half points for character defects over +16 points. 2 Points.

   The lower levels of Shou’s “Dojo” take many forms – but are never very far away. Sadly, this property cannot be effectively exploited; the essence travels, extraneous beings and/or items do not. They include; The Chambers Of Testing (These permit the absurd martial arts training exercises, tests of skill – and insane settings for duels – found in all the “best” wild martial arts tales, but offer no actual benefits), a Vault full of insanely dangerous books and artifacts (Nothing in the vault is of any use UNLESS a GM decides otherwise, but it does attract lunatic villains and provide a source for plot devices. Characters may also go looking for devices that “should” be in the vault – or have been stolen therefrom), The Dragon Gate (A black “mirror” filled with mists and glimpses of eldritch horrors. A gateway to the realm of the Death Dragon, and a possible source of portents), a Television (Lets the characters make pop culture references and watch soap operas. Occasionally brings messages from higher powers), and a fireplace with a wok and a pot.


The Dragon Gauntlets:


Relic V, 100 Relic Points, 50 Energy Points, 40 “Health” (See “Mystic Bond”).

Force Field V 20 The Dragon’s Scales: 75 Point force field.
  IV 1 Breath Of Puruza: 45 Points. Provides Life-Support/-1.
  IV 1 Ward Of C’hi: 45 Points. Blocks Incorporeal/-1, can be Projected/-1 (Usable on others within “short” range), Uses Energy/+1. Often used to contain spirits and such.
  IV 1 The Hand Of Buddha: 60 Points, Projected/-1, Multiple/-1 (Up to Soul/2 targets), Uses Energy/+1, and Individual Only/+1.
Healing I 4 The Rejuvenating Manuel:
Illusions III 15 The Veil Of Maya: L1) Illusory Guise (5 Energy to invoke) and Alter Clothing. L2) Simple Veil (Stationary Illusions. These must be fairly simple, have a 2m maximum radius, and cost 5 Energy to use) and Produce Minor Items. L3) Suggestion (5 Energy to use) and the Art Of Invisibility (This is “Blending” not true invisibility. It’s useful for sneaking but not really much use in a fight).
“Sensors” VI 6 Eyes Of The Dragon: Unconscious/-1, Penetrating/-1, Life and Life-Related Energy Analysis/-1, and “Scientific”/-1. Range of 20 KM.
Recharge I 5 C’hi Gung Prayer:
Sp. Attack VI 18 Fist Of The Dragon: Muscle-Powered/-1 and Contact Only/+2. 70+Str Damage (Maximum). The basic “Iron Fist” technique.
  V 1 Lotus Flower Garden: Incapacitating/-3, Area Effect/-1 (15m radius), Personal Immunity/-1, Short Range/+1, Costs Energy/+1, No Damage/+1. Victims must make a “+1” Soul roll or go to sleep for 2-12 minutes. Costs 5 energy.
  V 1 Demon Quelling Hand: “Soul Attack”/-5, Drains Soul/-1, and is Incurable/-2. Contact/+2, Inaccurate/+3, Uses Energy/+1. 5 Energy. 30 Damage and -3 Soul.
  V 1 The Scarf Of Iron: Flexible/-1, Muscle Powered and Ranged/-3, Manipulative/-1, “Feedback”/+3 (Creates an energy-construct which can be attacked and disrupted. Such attacks feed back against him), and Short Range/+1. 40+Str Damage.
  V 1 Breath Of The Dragon: Spreading/-2, Uses Energy/+1. 5 Energy, 40 Damage, +2 Defense, may affect up to 8 grouped targets.
  V 1 The Inner Illumination: Controlled Area/-2, Flare/-1, and Stun/-1. Limited Shots/+1, Uses Energy/+1. 5 Energy, 30 Damage and Body roll at +3 to avoid temporary blindness.
  V 1 The Godfire Palm: Area/-2 Uses Energy/+1. 5 Energy, 40 Damage, affects up to a 30m Radius.
Superstrength IV 12 Heart Of The Dragon: Max press 50 tons, +40 HTH damage.
TK (Air) X 10 Master Of The Storm: Maximum 100 Tons. Costs 1 Energy/Turn/Level. Most “Telekinetic” attacks are via lightning.
Flight I 4 Wings Of The Dragon: Class I. Maximum 75 KPH and may hover.
Mystic Bond III 6 Heart Of The Dragon: L1) Remote Control (Costs 5 Energy) and Health Pool. L2) Recreation (Requires 60 energy and either a great deal of time and deep meditation or extreme stress and GM connivance). Lifebond (+2 “Empower Relic”, only with this device). L3) Temporary Shapeshift (Draconic. -2 Defense, +1 “Extra Attack”, +1 bonus for attackers (Is a big target), and Energy Pool. Very impressive but no net change in points) and The Inner Fire (Burns away toxins, diseases, etcetera. 5 Energy).
Limitations     Power Signature; Use of abilities beyond certain levels (Force Field L3 (-1), TK L3 (-1), Illusions L2/-2, Special Attacks L2/-2, Superstrength L2/-2, and Mystic Bond L2/-2. Total -10) radiates a unique power signature. This tends to attract various entities and enemies, gives away his location to anyone sufficiently sensitive and leaves distinctive “traces”. (Restrains a total of 36 points worth of powers. See Disadvantages for reasons why he wishes to avoid being too detectable).

   The Dragon Gauntlets are actually purely psionic constructs; it would take him a great deal of time and energy to recreate them – and if somebody else got a hold of them it could get really weird – but they’re a lot more “personalized” then most “Relics” are.

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