Material for Today

   First up for today we have Raven’s Character Sheet – complete with his (hopefully unique) Avatar of the Wyld Magic Template. Raven’s been floating around since first edition, and his third edition conversion wasn’t particularly satisfying: he’d been a grey elven Druid/Thief and his revised 3’rd edition abilities just didn’t match up with his old ones very well. Fortunately, with the Eclipse: The Codex Persona 3.5 rules, that’s correctable: now he can backstab people, cast spells, and otherwise act pretty much the way he used to without having a bunch of new abilities that he never had before.

   For secondary materials, I’m crosslinking to the Battling Business Regulations and Marty’s Updated Character Sheet and Personal History and Contacts over on one of the the player blogs. Hopefully there will be some more material up later today.


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