Shadowrun: Media Contacts

   Warren Harcourt/”Scoop” (Investigative Reporter); While a bit scruffy in person, Warren always manages to make a truly professional showing on camera. His acquaintances usually assume that it has something to do with image editing software. In person, Warren tends to be a bit of an egomaniac, considers himself a divine gift to the opposite sex – and never knows when to let go of a story. On the other hand, he’s a master at getting people to give him information – often by implying that it will somehow undercut whoever- or whatever- it is they dislike (There’s always SOMETHING they dislike). Warren usually works with a camera drone: that way he can control exactly what it focuses on. He may or may not have relevant cyberware, but he certainly does have micro-recorders and micro-cameras galore. Warren has done a few good deeds, if only by accident, but he certainly delights in scandal too.

   Christina Maxwell (Sketch Artist); This 12-year-old human seems to have the “Second Sight” or something like it. She tends to sketch people passing by, street scenes, landscapes, and dreams (in roughly that order) – and her sketches often contain curious clues, or are unexpectedly revealing and insightful. Fortunately, she knows better than to show most of the ominous ones to anyone she doesn’t know very well – and, in these days of microcamcorders and camera cybereyes, few people are looking out for old-fashioned sketch artists any longer. Personally, she tends to be a bit shy, almost always has a satchel with her books and art supplies, and will usually be found either reading or sketching.

   John T. Calbot (Media Producer); The owner, and operator, of “Dybbuk Simsense Productions”, Mr Calbot is actually more of a freelancer – news, documentaries, travelogues, scandal, or anything else he can get some film of, and sell. He does tend to try and promote “good causes” a bit, or at least not to do any damage. He does have one major quirk; he’s a serious amateur astronomer, and keeps trying to produce a special with something new and EXCITING to say about items such as asteroids or the moons of Saturn.

   Madman Jim (Pirate Broadcaster); Jim, perhaps unfortunately, knows the TRUTH. And he’s quite determined to get it out there – to the point of running his own little trid broadcast station. Illegally. Usually out of a van. Fortunately for Jim, he’s pretty good at disguising his feeds, and knows better than to ever appear personally in his productions. He’s actually cracked quite a few notable stories – or at least broadcast things that powerful people REALLY wanted covered up – but you have to wade through his endless ravings to find the real gems. Personally, Jim is a bit of a cleanliness fanatic, which makes his cluttered workspace – and tendency to drape himself in bits of electronic gear while “working” – all the odder. Fortunately for him, he also seems to be very very good with electronics, computers, and diversionary measures.


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