The Chronicles Of Heavenly Artifice CXIV – Interlude, With Voices

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Oh yes, we have plans…

Charles was considering… fixing Yu-Shan had just jumped in priority a LOT. Well up past taking a trip into an abyssal shard – no matter how interesting that seemed likely to be. That, of course, bumped up the preparatory projects quite a bit… About the only other thing that needed to be done in at all quickly was “check on the Morgans” – and he could do THAT in between finishing up the various preparation projects…

So he had to finish up the last couple of major elemental manses for energy-balancing, talk that overseer into waiting a bit, stock up on all the “holy” and anti-undead stuff, and possibly set Lytek up with a pocket dimension – and then he could get going! That shouldn’t take all that long!

Oh yes! The person who’d provided the handbook on Project Stanewald had asked for his opinion on it – and it was only right to return the favor; it WAS awfully important information – and they had been kind enough to inform him that he really needed to look.

Not that it had taken much looking to figure out the “leads straight to disaster” and “may well lead to a total power failure to the loom” portions of things.

It wasn’t long before the Goddess he’d given the Chancel to came by the Orrery, in disguise, and gave him a contact link – which he took to the Perfect Privacy Manse to get his contact hooked up there…

(Charles) “Uhm… This is actually quite worrisome! I don’t know if you’re familiar with these plans… but it’s actually an attempt to use destructive geomantic feedback to dissipate the energies of the deep geomancy of Yu-Shan and impose the secondary, modern, pattern on it! The result will be.. massive geomantic flares and eruptions in locations like THIS (and THIS and THIS and THIS and…), power failures, manses detonating, and – even if they succeed – an underlying geomantic tension that will gradually build towards catastrophe! And I don’t think that the people doing it realize that!”

(Voice) “Hrm. Good is not the word to use here… fortunate that someone else sees the problems, perhaps?”

(Charles) Ah, I take it that you noticed awhile back and found that no one would listen?

(Voice) “I… I’m afraid so. It was as if I was speaking to a brick wall. That isn’t even the worst of it. What do those zones marked with the blue circles (the Tender’s bunkers) mean to you?”

(Charles) “Well… they’re a sort of combination of control centers and refuges tied into the deep geomancy that keeps Yu-Shan stable in Elsewhere… sort of classified really!”

(Voice) “If you and I are thinking the same way…” (A long pause there.) “This Manse protects data both ways, correct?”

(Charles) “Naturally! If you wish, you can leave memories and information in it, and it will only be present in your mind when you access it by coming here or using a remote link. Since any form of mental influence will distort your mental patterns, and prevent you from keying to the memories in the manse, it provides a perfect defense against divulging secrets – or at least against being forced to do so!”

(Voice) “Very well then! I hate taking risks like this, based on assumptions, but I’m desperate. I’m sending another report to your location in Aden. I’m actually not supposed to be speaking with you. That portion of Project Stanewald is on the highest tiers of factional security – but I saw problems many decades ago, and who better to consult than you?”

Charles took a look.

It was a slim report on the effects it would have on the Tenders, typed up and with all traces of who might have written it removed. The effects… were not good.

That was to be expected really! The tenders… were pouring in power to stabilize the interface and prevent problems. Combined with what Charles already knew about them… As Charles had already suspected, Stanewald would destroy them and undermine the entire system – resulting in disaster eventually, just as it would have if the Celestial Lions ever HAD succeeded in getting rid of them. When they were in their pods… all their Essence was committed to the geomancy.

Sadly, Charles was – very gradually – becoming experienced enough to believe that whatever the most catastrophic speculation he could come up with was, it was probably right.

(Voice) “Well… that is what I was afraid of about the Tenders.”

(Charles) “I’m REALLY going to have to speed up that project!”

(Voice) “What project?”

(Charles) “Fixing Yu-Shan! It needed it badly anyway, and this makes it really urgent!”

(Voice) “As if it weren’t facing disasters from infiltrators and the Bureaucracy’s inertia already… what do you intend to do?”

(Charles) “Add more power – I estimate about six times the Age of Glory level – repair the manses, and use them to split it into five different aspects!”

(Voice) “Really… what sorts of aspects?”

(Charles) “Well… one for modern gods, one for mortals, one for the tenders, one for the baseline geomancy, and one for Chaos! Because you need the chaos substrate to optimize the geomantic energy supplies!”

(Voice, after a long pause) “Is it bad that geomantic detonation, subversion, or sabotage are the only ways I could see that plan going wrong? I’m assuming you have some way of enhancing the speed. Otherwise, the authorities would intervene.”

(Charles) “Oh yes! It should go pretty quickly once it starts!”

(Voice, after another long pause) “Do you need any help with that?”

(Charles) “Hm… I’ll let you know! As soon as I get the artifacts and things built… I should have a better idea quite soon!”

(Voice) “Well, contact me through this place when you do. You seem to understand the severity of the situation, and at least you’re willing to consider alternate options.”

(Charles) “OK! I’ll let you know when I’m getting the details set up!”

(Voice) “And… thank you. It’s reassuring to know I’m not going mad, even if my worst fears have been confirmed.”

(Charles) “Oh I don’t think you are! And I’m glad you told me; otherwise this would be getting a much lower priority!”

(Voice) “Sometimes I do wonder… at any rate, I have much to think about for the future. Perhaps after this, we can meet again.”

(Charles) “I’ll look forward to it!”

Gaah! If anything Charles had gotten even MORE naive and obliging! He… didn’t even seem to be thinking about just WHO would have had access to the plans for Stanewald! Was the boy… thinking that he was just a god associated with the Bronze Faction who had somehow had access? Or was it just that he – perhaps even more disturbingly – simply did not CARE who he might be as long as he was providing information that was at least partially accurate? And was that because of naivety, raw power, (over-?)confidence, or casual opportunism?

Could he really somehow… simply mean well for everyone in creation? Would… he even OBJECT to their major aims? He was ALREADY planning to infuse an aspect of Yu-Shan with a massive dose of Wyld Energies! He had always tapped into wyld energies – and been friends with Raksha – and now… he seemed to be using even more chaos in his plans. He was, after all, changing things on a massive scale.

(Voice) “Well, be careful. I must be going before I’m discovered speaking with you.”

(Charles) “OK! Have a nice time!”

The Voice disconnected – one more mostly leaving behind mysteries.

And Charles dreamed… of Galaxies so full of life in drifting dyson spheres of eternal life – and star-sustaining manses that they glowed green and infrared, other frequencies absorbed. Of the great song of creation echoed by a near-infinite multitude. Of that which was damaged… mended and grown strong.

Oh wait! There was one more preparation to make! A lot of movies and books and things reflected unconscious perceptions of stuff that was really out there! AND he had a lot of manse-bound aspects! He could do some research in preparation for his trip… by having THOSE selves review all the stuff in the Sci-Fi section of his libraries!

And yes, some sessions are just short…

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