Federation Updates

   First up for today, I’ve done a partial update of Marty Tabard, mostly to more clearly define the abilities which work in Core versus those that don’t…


Sessions 16 and 17: The Tokyo Terrors, The Gates of Light

   Back in Tokyo, Ranko came up against both Immigration and Animal Control – and in the midst of the confusion, tried Continue reading

Game Night

   The champions game will be tonight at the UT library as usual, starting at around 7:00-7:30. Hopefully I can get the log of last session up before then.

Martin “Marty” Tabard, Jr.

This is my character, ready to be evaluated and possibly tweaked.

>I’ll be taking a look at it tomorrow: it’s too late at the moment to do more than remove the errant HTML code. In the meantime, it might as well go up<

Martin “Marty” Tabard, Jr.

Capsule Background (full available at GM request)

   Marty hails from Continue reading

Identities and Wealth: Skills of the Quantum Worlds

   While there are many unique skills scattered across the near-infinite realms of the Quantum Manifold, relatively few of them deal with the nature of the realms themselves – or are especially vital to most characters. Here are two of the ones that are: Continue reading

House of Roses Package Deal

   This is a preliminary Package Deal design for the Federation-Apocalypse Campaign: Special Agent for the House of Roses, the deposed British Monarchy of centuries hence. Equipped with enormous wealth, influence, and their own exotic resources, the House offers a very sophisticated package deal indeed – and, since most of the characters have elected to work for the House, here are the details. Continue reading

Federation-Apocalypse Gadgetry II: Small Arms

   While there are hundreds of different types of small arms in common use in the core, here are Continue reading