The Paladin and the Hero of Legend

   He has ridden to ten thousand battles, worn a myriad masks, and fallen a thousand times.

   Yet there is always someone to take up the mantle again, to bear the blade, and to ride forth to rescue and defend.

   While the dreams of men endure, the Paladin will go forth.

   The Paladin is an archetypical figure, an inhabitant of the realms of dream and myths, the golden warrior who will return in the hour of need, the unblemished hero.

   Not a suitable figure for harsh reality, with all it’s shades of gray.

   Yet sometimes – in worlds where magic and psychic energies flow, where the gates between the worlds are sometimes ajar – a gate will open.

   A courageous guardian falls to a final blow, a breath of prayer blows between the realms, a noble oath is sworn without counting the cost, a tale is told and believed.

   And the Paladin comes, infusing the fallen with strength, mortal flesh with supernatural power, or simply riding forth to breach boundaries drawn thin.

   He or she will be wrapped in local tales, accoutered with signs and knowledge of the locale – but such things are trivialities.

   What matters is the light at his or her core.

   The Paladin is easily recognizable. He or she is the shiny one, with the luminous aura, the white (and sometimes winged) steed, the sacred mission, the nobility and honor that just won’t quit, and the heart big enough to encompass the entire world. The one that doesn’t know how to surrender or to compromise with evil. The one who will come back again, and again, and again, as long as he or she is needed.

   This is a Champions version of The Paladin, but The Paladin rides in a lot of worlds.

   Unlike most characters, The Paladin’s disadvantages lie at the core of his being – so we’ll start with those:

  • “Accidental Change”: Goes into “Hero Mode” on a 14- whenever evil creatures show up. Common, since he does attract them automatically. -20
  • Dependent Non-Player Characters: All of them. He feels responsible for anyone who asks for his protection, is helpless, or needs help for some reason. -50
  • “Distinctive Features”: Holy Aura, Radiates Goodness. Not concealable, always noticed with a major reaction. -20
  • Hunted: The forces of evil. All of them. Some “As powerful” individual on an 11- (-15), a “More Powerful” group on an 8- (-15) and a 14- Watched (-5) by assorted minor nasties. -35
  • Watched: The Media, Police, and Fan Clubs. Annoying. -5
  • Watched: The Powers Of Light. To give missions. -10
  • Psychological Limitations: Honorable. Noble. Cannot Commit an Evil Act. Compulsively rescues the innocent. Allows no Evil Act to go unchallenged. Gives all of his money to charity. Incredibly pretentious. Bothersomely Self-Righteous. Always keeps his word. Really hates to be tricked. Shall we go on?. -50
  • Physical Limitations: Cannot Lie. -15
  • Listens to orders from the “Powers Of Light”. -15
  • Cannot refuse a holy quest. -10
  • Gets sucked into local heroic myths and then assumes the “appropriate” identity. -10
  • Public Identity: Several times. Always recognized as the legendary hero. Everywhere. -20
  • Reputation (As above. 14-. Extreme. Everywhere. Unknown alien races recognize him on sight. -25
  • True Immortal: Built on net 0 CP. If slain, he will just show up again. Grand Total: . -285

   Basic Attributes: Str 30 (16*), Dex 18 (24), Int 13 (3), Ego 15 (10), Pre 40 (30), Con 23 (211), Body 12 (31), and Com 24 (7).

   Derived Attributes: PD 6 (-), ED 5 (-), Spd 4 (12), Rec 10 (-2), End 46 (-), Stun 40 (1). Net cost of 125

*Visible. Bulging muscles, massive build, etc.

   Multipower; Holy Powers only (-.25), Always On (Yes, he’s continuously surrounded by a softly glowing “halo” of holy light, -.25), Attracts creatures of evil (-.5), Side Effects (Psychological Problems; Honorable, Noble, Goes to the aid of the innocent, etc, etc, etc. +30 points on his psychological limits, see below, -.5). 50 point reserve. 20

  • U/1/45) Manifest Weapon (Usually a sword or lance. On rare occasions an axe or other melee weapon): HKA 2D6, 1/2 End (+.25), Restrainable (-.25) and does not affect the pure or innocent (+.25).
  • U/1/37) Might: Hand Attack, +10D6, half end (+.25), and restrainable (-.25).
  • U/1/30) Manifest Weapon (Usually a bow – but it will vary with the local myths): RKA 1D6+1, 1/2 End (+.25), Restrainable (-.25), and it does not affect the pure or innocent (+.25).
  • U/1/30) Ask and Ye Shall Receive: 1D6 Major Transform (Transform Earth/Air/Water to any “normal” foodstuff or supplies (+.25)), Cumulative (+.25), and 0 End (+.5).
  • U/1/45) Exorcism: 1D6 Major Transform, To “pure” and “uncorrupted” (and resistant to more problems), NND (+1), 0 End (+.5), and Cumulative (+.5). No Range (-.5). As a note, this expels spirits, toxins, drugs, and so on, as well as curing various crippling injuries and such thru the laying on of hands.
  • U/1/45) Creation: 1D6 Major Elemental Transform (To any element/compound, +.25), Cumulative (+.5), half end cost (+.25), and Continuous (+1). This does require both dramatic gestures and posturing though. (-.25)
  • U/2/50) Bless The Guardians: +2 Overall Levels (20 points), Usable By Self and 8 Others (+1), At Range (+.5) with 6x 1-Minute Charges (-).
  • U/1/50) Holy Word: Energy Blast 2D6, NND (Vrs being pure, innocent, or “worthy”, +1), Radius (+1), Autofire x5 (+1), 4x Extended Radius (80″ Maximum – depending on how loudly he shouts, +1). 15 charges (Three times per day actually, -), Invocation (-.25), No Range (-.5) – and will not work in vacuum or a silence field (-.25).
  • U/2/50) Ward The Innocent: Force Wall, 10 PD and 10 ED, 6x 1-minute charges (-).
  • U/1/50) Summon Bestial Companion: Summon any (+.25) 50 point mythic beast. Creatures to be summoned must be bought as “Followers” (-2).
  • U/2/50) Armor Of Light: Force Field, 10 PD, 10 ED, 0 End Cost (+.5), Hardened (+.25), Difficult To Dispel (+.25), and Uncontrolled (+.5). This manifests itself as a suit of armor, and it can be shut down by taking it off of him.
  • U/1/37) The Healing Touch: (6D6 “Standard” Healing, 1/2 End (+.25), only once per day per recipient (-.5).
  • U/1/50) Healing Aura: 2D6 “Aid” to EVERYTHING which is below the starting value (+2), 0 End Cost (+.5), 16″ Radius (+1.5), Only to starting value (-.5), Requires a full turn to expand to full radius (-.5).
  • U/2/49) Know The Darkness: “Sense” (Detect) “Evil”, Sense, +4 To Roll, and Targeting. 3x 1-day charges per day (+.5).
  • U/1/50) Divine Guidance: Mystic Global Danger Sense 21- (50 points). Doesn’t provide personal warnings (IE: The character will sense massive threats and such – not individual attacks or ambushes, -1), gets “No Conscious Control” (Kicks in when it wants to, -2), 7 charges per day (-.5).
  • U/2/50) Aura Of Righteousness: +50 Presence.
  • M/4/50) Aura Of Purity: 1D6 “Minor” Transform – to “pure”, “holy”, and “wholesome”. Cumulative (+.5), Radius (+1), 0 End Cost (+.5), Affects Desolids (+.5) – and 6x Extended Radius (256″ maximum). This also cleans things up and otherwise makes things nicer. The exact radius depends on how just much of his multipower is currently being used for other things.
  • U/1/45) Prayer Of Strength: Aid, +6D6 to any single physical attribute or ability (+.25), fades at 5/minute (+.25). Self Only (-.5), Cannot be used to heal damage; all points added fade away whether or not the attribute or ability is below it’s usual level (-1), and 12 Charges (-.25).
  • U/1/50) Summon Spirit Of Light: “Summon” Any (+.25) one 50-point “Spirit Of Light”. Spirits are immaterial, but may manifest when needed. “Guardian Angels” hang around children and other innocents, providing guidance and protection. “Ministering Angels” manifest as skilled humans, to bring guidance and assistance to those who are suffering and in need. “Heralds” inspire people, carry messages, and deliver news. “Guiding Spirits” can provide instruction, teach the ignorant, and assist those (Fairly rare) individuals who create new things in the arts and sciences. There are more potent spirits of light, such as the Angels Of Wrath and Vengeance, Angels Of Creation, and Archangels, but they’re much harder to summon. This does require a full phase (-.5), of 0 DCV Concentration (-.5).
  • U/1/50) Banishment: Extra-Dimensional Movement (20 points, to “Home”), Usable Versus Others (+1), at Range (+.5). Requires one full phase (-.5), dramatic gestures (-.25), and a loud command of banishment (“Invocation”, -.25) to use. Will not work vrs the GM’s archvillians, archdemons, dark gods, and major powers of the darkness without a successful Str vrs Str check (-.25), does not work on anything native to this dimension at all (Limit as required by “Usable Vrs Others”, -).
  • U/1/45) Flame Strike: Energy Blast, 6D6 Holy Flame, 1 Hex Area Effect (+.5), 12 Charges (-.25).
  • U/1/20) True Seeing: N-Ray Vision (20 Points), only to see the “spiritual essence” of things (Living beings always have one, illusions are seen through and inanimate objects – unless truly blessed or enchanted – generally do not).

   The Armor Of Light (Linked To Force Field, -.5):

  • +5 PD and ED Armor. 10 Points.
  • +5 Power Defence. 3 Points.
  • +8 Ego Defence. 3 Points.
  • Lack Of Weakness, -5. 3 Points.
  • +3″ Running, 1/2 End Cost (+.25). 5 Points.

   Minor Powers:

  • Life Support; Immune to Disease, Aging, and Toxins. 9 Points.
  • Regeneration 1/Turn, acts on an 8-. 3 Points.

   Skills, Perks, And Talents:

  • Perks: Diplomatic Immunity (Not really, but who could persecute the Paladin?). 5 Points.
  • Followers; 4x 50 Points each; Steed, Hawk, and Hounds. 20 Points.
  • Skills: Oratory (3, 17-), High Society (3, 17-), and Riding (3, 14-). 12
  • 4x Levels With Multipower . 20 Points.
  • Talents: Bump Of Direction (3), Combat Sense (3, 12-), Immunity (Temptation/Corruption, 3). 9 Points.

   The Eternal Champion: 10 Point Power Pool. 10 Points.

   Control Cost: Only powers and skills “appropriate” to current heroic role’ (EG; King Arthur) as determined by the GM (“No conscious control”, -2), Independent (He draws these abilities from local myths. No local heroic myths = no extra abilities. -2), Requires five minutes to fall into a role (“Delayed activation” but is usable continuously thereafter. -1). In effect, the character has up to 60 “Floating” points worth of skills and powers which the GM can assign to suit himself and the plot.

   Total Point Cost. 285

   Yes, that’s right; this version of The Paladin is built on zero points – which is why he gets to come back all the time. The Paladin will not hesitate to sacrifice himself in a noble cause. That’s what he’s for…

   Of course, this also means that the true Paladin is a figure out of myth, an eternal and unique champion… If he’s gotten involved, either you’re in a blatant superhero world or things are probably fairly serious.

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