Edward Elric d20 Point Buy

   Yes, it’s Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist. There’s always somebody in the game who wants to duplicate a character – and he’s a fairly good example of how to go about it. Like most starring fantasy-anime characters, however, Edward is outrageously powerful – especially if you let him have the Philosopher’s Stone as listed. It may be only a four-point relic, but coupled with his already-high constitution, and the ability to enhance his constitution even further, it can allow him to affect entire cities on a permanent basis with his alchemical powers. Edward would require special permission from the game master to play though: normally he’d have to be at least level eleven to use a level six innate spell and would have to spend quite a few more points on skills. Of course, it would be entirely fair to rule that he wasn’t at the peak of his power yet, and would have to wait until he reaches the appropriate levels to use his higher-level innate spells. It may fit the source material – where no one blinked an eye at having these outrageously powerful children running about – but it won’t fit into most campaigns.

   As usual, the point-buy system used was Eclipse: The Codex Persona and most of the specialized spells are from The Practical Enchanter. They’re also available as Shareware: Eclipse Here and The Practical Enchanter Here.


Edward Elric

   L4 (L6 after ECL adjustment) Dream Anime Alchemist, Darkweird Campaign

   Dream Entity (+2 ECL): Dex +6, Con +8, Cha +2. (32 CP), Full DR 8/- (12 CP), Unique Returning (Source material must be eliminated, corrupted since this is difficult but well-known, 6 CP), Immunity/Dispel Magic (Uncommon/Minor/Epic, 6 CP), Innate Enchantment (Personal Haste [2000 GP], Mage Armor [1400 GP], Shield [2000 GP], Mending [hair, outfit, etc is always fine in the next scene, 400 GP], Inspiring Word [+1 Morale bonus to Damage, Saves, Checks, and Attacks, 1400], Jump [1400 GP], Fast Healing 1 [Up to 20 HP/Level/Day, 1400], and DR 5/- [Converts damage to Stun, 1400], 6 CP), Acrobatics (3 CP), Luck with 3 Bonus Uses (5 CP), Timeless Body (1), Grant of Aid with Spark of Life and +8 Bonus Uses (12 CP), 2d6 (Effectively 4d6 as above minimum, may use Spell Enhancement on their innate spells only, 6 CP) Mana, and a Unique Power worth 24 CP (12 CP). They also suffer from some automatic Disadvantages: History (they must accept the source material as their personal history) and Well Known (anyone who wants to go through their source material will know a lot of their tricks and quirks) for +6 extra CP.

   All of the abilities in the Dream template are subject to the limitations listed below, and are considered Specialized for half cost:

   >Dream Entities are obvious supernatural beings. They are always easy to recognize, must make will saves (DC 15) if they try to act out of character, and cannot even enter antimagic areas: they’re simply pushed back into dream while within one. They’re ALWAYS based on some bit of popular culture. Their Rite of Chi specialization is to attend a small event or party devoted to them or a large one devoted to their idiom (e.g.: an anime convention for an anime character).

   Unique Ability/Alchemic Mastery: Innate Spell, one each of levels 3-6, each with 4 bonus uses, produces any alchemical effect (L2-5), specialized: requires assorted alchemical components and gestures, half cost (0 CP).

    Level Based Bonuses: L1 Feat (Reflex Training/Reflexive Transmutation action 6/Day), L3 Feat (Melee Block), +1 Con

   Disadvantages: Duties (must appear at conventions, go to rescue of companions, and otherwise obey the restrictions of the series, +2 CP/Level), Blocked (abilities may be expanded over source material, but must remain within theme), Hunted (Nazis, Homunculi), and Recorder. Current Total: 120 CP (L4 Base) + 10 CP (Disadvantages) + 12 CP (Duties) +7 CP (Experience, out of the 24 needed to reach L5. The DarkWeird campaign was awarding CP directly, rather than awarding XP) = 149 CP.

   Basic Attributes: Strength 14/ +2 Dexterity 16 (22)/+6, Constitution 18 (26)/+8,  Intelligence 16/+3, Wisdom 14/+2, Charisma 12 (14)/+2

    Saves: Reflex +2 (+10 Net, 6 CP), Fortitude +0 (+10 Net, 0 CP), Will +2 (+6 Net, 6 CP).

   Warcraft: +3 BAB (18 CP)

   Hit Dice: L1 d20 (Specialized: hit points from this die may only be recovered via magical healing, double effect, 16 CP), L2-4 d6 (6 CP), total hit points 96. Note that he can alchemically enhance his constitution and hit dice to achieve a much higher total.

   Move: 60

   Initiative: +6

   Armor Class 10 (Base) + 6 (Dexterity) + 4 (Mage Armor) + 4 (Shield) = 24

   Proficiencies Simple Weapons (3 CP) and Basic Martial Arts Weapons (3).

   Languages (5) English, Japanese, and Latin

   Usual Weapon

  • Unarmed: +6/+6, 1d10+3. Using a martial art weapon increases the base damage to 1d12.

   Total Base Costs 58 CP

Other Abilities (79 CP):

  • Mana (12 CP): 2d6, 6d6/25 Points Total

  • Rite of Chi with +2 Bonus Uses (Specialized as above, 4 CP)

  • The Dark Gate [21 CP total]: Sanctum (Specialized: Buried in the depths of Dream [and so difficult to reach], double effect. 6 CP): +48 CP, invested in Harvest of Artifice (Specialized: only usable for Transmutation effects, half cost, total 1600 XP/Month, 6 CP x 2 = 12 CP). Mystic Link/Sanctum x2 with Power Link (9 CP).

  • Transmuting Touch [20 CP total]: Create Item (Specialized & Corrupted: Only as a prerequisite, 2 CP), Harvest of Artifice (Specialized: only for use with Transmutation, 100 XP/Month, 3 CP), Transmutation (Corrupted: Requires Gestures, Specialized: Very conspicuous,. Both increasing effect, produces 6 GP/XP invested, 6 CP), Artificer (75% reduction on creation XP costs specialized for transmutation only, corrupted: requires gestures. 8 CP), and Alchemic Mastery (Specialized: creates power components only usable for Transmutation, 1 CP).

  • Infusion of the Stone [7 CP Total] : Berserker, Odinpower, and Odinmight (12 CP), and Enduring (3 CP). +8 Con, +8 Dex, +4 on the DC of resisting his Alchemy, and -2 AC. Usable for (3 + Con Mod) rounds (L/3, rounded up) times per day. He focuses on alchemical tasks while “berserk”, although this may include fighting alchemical or alchemy-wielding enemies. Specialized: cannot be invoked before the fourth round of any given situation.

  • Martial Arts [Corrupted/Automail, 2 CP]: Is considered Armed in Unarmed combat, inflicts 1d4 base HTH damage.

  • Block/Arcane and Block/Missile (Specialized: either costs two attacks of opportunity, 6 CP total).

  • Adept (Investigate, Martial Arts, Research, and Tumble, 6 CP).

  • Innate Enchantment (An upgrade to his Racial Template): +2000 GP Value (1 CP). Resistance (+1 Resistance Bonus to all saving throws, 1400 GP),

Relic (4 CP):

  • The Philosopher’s Stone [4 CP]: Relic, Specialized in amplifying Innate Spells (half cost). Provides access to the Amplify, Area, Lacing, and Persistent Metamagics (12 CP), Improved Glory (Spontaneously add [+Con Mod] levels of metamagic up to [Con Mod] times per day], 9 CP), and +4 Bonus Uses (Improved Glory. 3 CP).

Skill Points: 42 (Intelligence) + 8 (CP) = 50

   Major Skills: Balance +7, Bluff +3, Climb +3, Computer Use +4, Concentration +9, Craft/Chemical +7, Craft/Pharmaceutical +6, Craft/Structural +5, Decipher Script +7, Demolitions +5, Disable Device +8, Escape Artist +9, Investigate +11, Jump +20, Knowledge/Arcane Lore +8, Knowledge/Earth and Life Sciences +6, Knowledge/History +5, Knowledge/Physical Sciences +6, Knowledge/Streetwise +5, Knowledge/Tactics +5, Knowledge/Technology +6, Martial Arts/Lightning Fist +14, Pilot +7, Repair +6, Research +11, and Tumble +14

Speak Language (native language and [Int Mod] others are free, additional languages cost 1 SP Each): English, Japanese, and Latin (0 SP).

+3 Specialities: Knowledge/Arcane Lore/Alchemy (1 CP).


Martial Art: Lightning Fist

   While this acrobatic style is fairly straightforward at lower skill levels, the highest techniques require a mastery of basic alchemy – the art of disrupting structures with a mere touch.

  • Requires: Improved Unarmed Strike or equivalent point buy.

  • Basic Techniques: Attack 2, Defenses 2, Power 3, Strike, and Synergy/Balance.

  • Advanced/Master Techniques: Breaking, Combat Reflexes, Instant Stand, and Whirlwind Attack.

  • Occult Techniques: Inner Strength, Wrath (“Acid”), Focused Blow, and Touch Strike.

   Known Techniques: Power 3 (1d10), Combat Reflexes, Instant Stand, Wrath and Focused Blow.


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Eclipse: The Codex Persona Review (at bottom)

The Practical Enchanter Review (at bottom)

3 Responses

  1. As per request, here’s the breakdown on how the saving throw and attack modifiers were derived.

    Reflex Save: +2 (purchased) +6 (dexterity) +1 morale (Inspiring Word) +1 resistance (Resistance)

    Fortitude Save: +0 (purchased) +8 (constitution) +1 morale (Inspiring Word) +1 resistance (Resistance)

    Will Save: +2 (purchased) +2 (wisdom) +1 morale (Inspiring Word) +1 resistance (Resistance)

    Unarmed Attack: +3 BAB (purchased) + 2 (strength) +1 morale (Inspiring Word). Damage 1d4 base raised to 1d10 by Martial Arts (1d12 if using a martial weapon that does 1d6 or more – which is virtually all of them), +2 (strength) +1 (Inspiring Word) = 1d10+3. Two attacks are available on a full attack due to his Personal Haste enhancement.

    If it matters, the player was planning to build up Edward’s Resistance ability and saves in general next.

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